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The Talize Update

I kicked ass and took names again at Talize last night for the big 50% off sale. I thought it would be super picked over but I guess not everyone is looking for silk workout wear. That's right, the jacket above is silk and brand new. How lux is that? Sweat once and the jacket is ruined. I know the jacket is brand new because there are no wear marks at all. It's pale yellow and made of the softest silk so I have to choose my times wisely to wear it. I give it three wears before it's stained beyond hope, oh well, what a lovely three wears it'll be.

And I also got this lovely crochet vest, I love how it is longer in the front. And I got, and I got... I could go on, I was a glutton but it all only came to $37! No one shops like this dutch kid...

While I was trying the stuff on for a friend, we kept talking about how 'this would look great with denim shorts.' So now the search for the perfect shorts... It's handy to shorten faithful but worn jeans but you have to make sure the leg isn't too tight. It's bad enough having muffin tops above your shorts but it sucks when you sit down and you get muffin tops on your legs too. It's like a Tim Hortons bakery around here.


Linda said...

I have a very similar crochet BCBG vest...remember when we went shopping at Vaughan Mills and I whined all the way through Holts last call, and bought this at BCBG?

Unknown said...


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