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Almost Spring

Jacket? Patrizia Pepe
Fur Scarf? Vintage and gifted
Jeans? Paige
Boots? Kenneth Cole

Love this jacket... I suppose I could have gotten a clearer shot of it to show the perfect detailing but I wear this jacket to death, so I'm sure you'll see it again. I bought it at Winners (of course) for a ridiculously great price during third year University. When I bought it we were working on jackets in construction class and its perfect construction and general fabulousness was a constant reminder of how I would never measure up to the Italian standard. Jackets are technically way harder then dresses. Fortunately my shopping skills definitely measure up. Hence the jacket.

Sunglasses? Thrifted
Silver rings? Gifted
Spring? Almost!

To pop or not to pop? I am popping my jacket collar to keep me warm, but if you are a boy, if you are wearing a striped button-up shirt, and if you are in a club, you should NEVER pop your collar. Ever.


Kees said...

Thank you....popped button-up shirts just aren't cool....

Danielle said...

I love that jacket and the scarf!! I also LOVE your header by the way! very fab :)

myedit said...

F4F- Thanks! Super nerdy but I'm proud to have my first comment from a fellow fashion blogger! You may have just made my day!

Linda said...

HA! I got it working.
I remember this jacket, every time you wore it someone asked you where you got it.. "Excuse me, where did you get your ja.."
"Winners! She got it at winners, we have 5 minutes to get to class and we are still at Queen and John....step aside please"

Linda said...

BTW, the header pic is delicious...