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Once Upon a Time...

....I saw a guy at my church with really blue eyes and big dimples and I decided we should date. Five years later, we got married. True story.

We do.

Awwww... haha, Matt's shadow is like The Hulk.

Randomly stopped by my work to get a shot with 'my' truck. Nerdy but I kinda like it.

The bridesmaids with their unintentionally matching dresses. More on that here.

Had to include this picture because nephew, 'A', would not stop wailing in the picture. So, we cropped in on us and the tearful child (sorry, 'L', you got cut buddy... you needed to cry for the picture) and made this our thank-you card. We wrote across the picture 'Hope you had a better time than 'A''. Some people did not see this writing and wondered why we sent out a thank-you card with a crying child.... Our sense of humour is so advanced...

Told you he had dimples.

P.S. Thanks to Linda for suggesting a wedding pic post. I've been working and in sweats these last days, so the timing is great...
P.P.S. I don't know why the picture quality is low, our printed pics look fine and I'm tooo tiiirred to figure it out now.
P.P.P.S. Linda's getting married in 4 days!!!!


Talking Tough




Jersey jumperish dress? Fcuk, Winners
Jacket? Zara
Boots? Gap
Knee-highs? Primark

Beaded bangle? Primark
Earrings? Won from

I wore this to my night class last week and a college girl gave me HUGE cut-eye! There were two ways to handle the situation, the not-so-mature way or the mature way.

The not-so-mature way would have been to tell her about my huge landscaping arms that were carefully concealed in a stylish leather bomber, proceed to making fun of her outfit and then tell her that it's not my fault that her boyfriend thinks I'm hot. You do not want to engage in a verbal warfare with me, I always get the last word and I cross the line and you don't want to get in a physical warfare with me because I will sit on you.

HOWEVER, I will be 26 in two short weeks and I'm trying to become a lady my mama would be proud of. So, I imagined that the cut-eye was this girl's way of saying I looked nice and I continued on my merry way to class.

I thought the whole look was a little tougher than I normally dress (though I clearly talk smack), so I used some lighter accessories to keep it sweeter. I won these earrings from Briannelee (my luck is changing, I won something...) and I love how delicate yet very wearable they are and how they don't make my ears hurt. If you haven't checked out her blog on the information super highway, please do so. She's not your typical, daily outfit kind of fashion blogger but she always thrifts and finds the most amazing accessories and knick knacks. I suspect the foundations in her home are very strong to support all the lovely things she takes home. Thanks Brianne, you're super!


Country Chic

fair m&y

Every year Matt and I go to the fair. One of our first dates was the fair and we've gone back every year since. So, maybe I'm a little too old to take home a ginormous stuffed toy and I don't really like rides (what are the safety standards at fairs anyways...) but I do love my funnel cake and the derby. Besides, it's the one romantic tradition that Matt and I adhere to every year and I kinda like that.
The fair is at a new location this year, so it's different and it takes some getting used to, but it was still fun, with good food and family and seeing way too many people I knew (OK, I feel like a b!tch but sometimes I see people I knew from highschool or the like and pretend I don't to avoid the awkward 'So, how's it going? what are you doing with your life' conversation...I'm horrible). One of our friends was in the derby too and while it didn't go so well for him, we cheered like he was a winner.

Some pics...

fair funnel cake
Hmmm...funnel cake, ie. deep-fried fantastico.
p.s. cool ring eh? From the lovely parents...

fair girl
Matt took pictures of this car in the derby because it had a girl driver and that's cool. Mel B. would be proud... girl power!

fair smoke
Um, yeah... the environment called.

fair outfit
A little outfit shot with a doomed car...
Jeans? Zara
Boots? Gap
Slouched over-the-knee socks? Gap
Plaid button-up? Simon's in Quebec
Soooo soft faux fur vest? thrifted
Scarf? Zara
Purse? Zara

P.S. thanks for all the tips and encouragement for my sequin leggings. I have thrown out the reciept and will debut them soon. Just figured that maybe the fair was not the best place...


What was I Thinking?


Do you ever buy an item of clothing and then wake up the next morning, look at it and laugh? Kinda like Coyote Ugly but with clothes...?

Um, yeah. I bought sequin leggings. And I bought a hairband made of fake hair. Maybe nothing crazy for others but not my regular...

The headband I'm excited to wear. As long as my rootage is dyed within the same range, the braid will make it look like I put effort in when I didn't. I'm just not the fake hair/extension girl. Ok, fine. Truth be told, all I wanted in highschool was one of those clip-on ponytails but thank goodness, I was broke and could not afford such luxury.

But sequin leggings? That's sooo out of my comfort zone. Maybe I bought them because Sasha looks so cute in the ad campaign...

h&m ad

Either way, I challenge you to look through my archives and you will find nary a legging. I think I've worn them out 1.45 times (.45 for a friend's casual bbq down the street, does not count as a full wear). I admire Erin from Work With What You've Got, she always works what she's got in leggings and looks dynamite but I just can't seem to take the plunge myself. Well, until now. We all know I love sequins, so I guess I'm going all out. I was a little stumped on how to actually style them up for daily wear and on my body type (avoiding emphasis on the thighs...), but yesterday I spent some time playing my favourite game, Dress-up in Jentine's Closet, and I have a few ideas.

But I'm very open to suggestions, in fact, I need them...lovely readers?...and while you're at it, what's your closet's Coyote Ugly?

PS. Go to Linda's blog and hassle her because she bought the leggings too and is going to return them. Friends don't let friends return anything sequin.


Up to Par

We had a golf tournament at work today and I was thinking I could do a golf outfit post. You know, shake it up a bit, show my athletic side. Besides, I was rocking some awesome earrings I won from briannelee and it would have been nice to debut them. Unfortunately, it rained and we were soaking wet before we teed off the second hole. It rained on and off all day and by the end of eighteen holes, I was exhausted, drenched and my feets were dyed black from my flats. Not too pretty.
Two highlights of the day included me teeing off and having a wormburner (?) that landed two metres from the hole and I hit my co-worker (technically even one of my supervisors...) in the face with a club. You see, he was being kinda and holding the umbrella over me and I did not see him (really!) and I followed through on my shot (which I missed), hit the umbrella and grazed the side of his cheek. It's funny now, but I'm so glad he's ok. Beside the one good tee-off, I am really terrible at golf. It often takes me 5 swings to even hit the ball, no wonder I'm so tired...
So, no golf outfit post but here's what I wore yesterday.



Skirt? To The Limit (?), thrifted
Shirt? ABS, final Winners sales... super cheap.
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners
Bag? Zara
Earrings? h&m
Shoes? Steve Madden, DSW

I've been looking for a heavy lace skirt like this for a while and my thrifting came through. It's a little big, so I hiked it with a belt but the best part is that it fits comfortably over the bust and can be worn as a dress too. A black turtle neck, some tights and a belt to cinch and this skirt becomes my new favourite dress! Good times!


Pregnant Pause

Ugh, I just got hit by the tired train (and yes, Amy I blame you :)). How come when you have time and energy, there is nothing to blog about and when you can't get near a computer and your bed is calling you, you have a plethora of posts lined up? As my mom would say, such is the life...
It's getting a bit chillier and it felt right to bust out 'Jentine's uniform' again. When I can't get inspired or I need something casual, I will always reach for brown boots and jeans. Thankfully, I've thrifted quite a few pairs of sweet brown boots, so hopefully this outfit combination won't get too boring for you, as we head for the colder months.

saddlebag front
saddlebag closeup

Jeans? borrowed
Shirt? handmade, thrifted
Belts? Fossil and Roots, thrifted
Boots? Charles David, thrifted
Bag? Zara
Cuff? birch bark, self made
The chipped nailpolish is purely from landscaping, it's not some sort of Avril Lavigne angst thing.

I found two belts that are of similar style and size and I wrapped them both around my waist and I linked them to the opposite belt. I though this was pretty clever or perhaps I'm just easy to amuse...
I wrote about the these saddle bag jeans that I borrowed from a pregnant friend here. She just had a baby girl a few weeks ago and she's putting away the marsupial pouch maternity pants, already fitting into her pre-pregnancy turkey eating pants and it well on the way to skinny jeans again. I thought I'd sneak in one last little wear before they are returned. So, when she's ready for her skinny jeans, her skinny jeans are ready for her. I kinda touched on it in my last post but I couldn't help feeling guilty about borrowing jeans from a pregnant lady. I feel a little like the person who puts their handbag on the seat beside them on the bus and lets the sweet old lady stand. My closet is already bursting, do I really need to borrow from the pregnant ones? Well, it's done now. I didn't wear them too much ( I promise) but they were fun to wear and the girl I borrowed from knows my closet doors are always open for her. Thanks buddy!

ps. Just a little shout-out to my readers and commenters (spell check says that's not a word...). As always, thanks for wasting time at My Edit and thanks for making my time so easy to waste at your blogs... xo










Dress? DKNY, s/s 09 sample, consignment store in Montreal
Shoes? Derek Lam, Holt's LC
Leather purse? vintage
Flowers? h&m
Clip-on (!) earrings? thrifted at Eva B. in Montreal
Bracelets? crazy lady at The Ex.

I have to give Matt credit. Eight years ago when he asked me out (and I said no at first because it was my last night with my bestie before college...) and three years ago when he said 'I Do', I don't think he ever committed to outfit posts. He was anticipating health and sickness and wealth and poverty but he wasn't counting on fashion blogging. That man has the patience of a saint...

'I know we're running late honey, but can we just stop at an abandoned building/a graffiti wall/a meadow along the way to take some outfit pictures?'
'What's up with my face in this picture? Please take some more?'

He's a project manager at a machine shop and he thinks his greatest creative moment was painting the tonneau cover to match the truck and yet, with a little help from some great light and a vine-covered fence, he takes some great pictures. I admit it, I love these pictures.
And I love the guy who took the pictures... xo


She Does Love Me


Even though her lingerie shower was decorated pink and red, Linda loved me enough to send me this... She's got a little side business going on where she makes illustrations from your photos (perfect for blog headers...incidentally) called Misketch.
The best part is that she can do it to your request, just send in the picture and she'll make you look like a million bucks. This was a surprise (she's got skills, the sequin jacket looks awesome!!!) but when she makes me my next one, I'm going to request that my thighs don't touch and my chest is ... you know, slightly larger. Haha, I'm joking, I promise! But if that's what you want, she'll do it...
Thanks Lin! You're a star!
Check her out!

No More Showers!

yen shower2

Skirt? Target
Tee? Mossimo, Target
Shoes? Maxstudio, Winners
Bracelets? crazy lady at The Ex

It was Linda's bachlorette/lingerie shower last weekend and we snuck away from our hotel room for a second to do some outfit pics. I had a bad case of the giggles (can you tell?) so Linda reminded me of something that made me sad and than I got serious and began to WORK. IT. OUT. What a good friend!


I got this skirt from Target early in the spring and it's hung in my closet with tags on ever since. Now it's September and seeing summer clothes with tags on, makes me feel guilty for being such a hoarder. So, I'm trying to squish all these summer outfits into these last glorious days. I dig this skirt, I hope the warmth sticks around long enough for one more wear. The drape in the back gives the illusion of me having a lot of junk in the trunk. That's ok, I like big butts and I cannot lie.

I have to admit I'm glad this party is done. Everything worked out really well and it was tons of fun but as I've said before, I'm so over throwing showers. As a career bridesmaid (Linda's eloquent wording) and with soooo many of my friends bringing forth the future generation, I have done my share. I'm off on sabbatical.
At least I know that everyone really appreciates the work I do. When Linda found out that the party colours were pink and red, she thought it was a joke and told me she hates pink and red. Poor baby. She had a pink and red shower and she liked it.

P.S. Even with Matt voting for himself and getting family members to vote for him, I still won the photo contest from Paris. Funny thing is, I kinda like his more now... (My pic was #1).


Looking Good in Your Grandmother's Curtains




oma closeup

Dress? handmade, thrifted
Purse? Zara
Shoes? Derek Lam
Earrings? gifted
Sunglasses? vintage Steffi Graf, gifted

Hard to believe but I didn't really shop that much (by my standards) in Europe. Ok, I scoured and scored at the sale racks of several Zara's in London, but in Paris I refused to pay full price at any Zara and my credit card refused to pay full price at Dior. Apparently ,the sale season in Paris is July, so next time someone gets married in Europe, July would be great. Thanks.

The day I got home, I immediately went to Talize to soothe the shopping bug. Between Winners, Talize and Holt's LC I can always find something. I love travelling, but I've got shopping around here down to an exact science.

I got this handmade dress and it had to be worn immediately. I love the drape under the arm and the 'petal' effect of the skirt. I know the dress can easily be made more current by shortening it but that sounds like too much effort right now. So, I updated it with a studded bag and stacked heels. Besides, the length is rather ladylike and I'm faking it until I make it.

And I love how I recently talked about my annoyance at the crazy influx of studded items and then I go and wear a HUGE studded purse. Let me explain. I got this purse nearly two years ago (ahead of both the nude and studded trend because I'm a genius or because it's leather, pretty, very large and it was a decent price, whatever...) in Amsterdam. Before I even got home, I had already lost three studs and it has taken me that long to find studs that were similar enough to pass. Hence, I feel like because I got the bag before 'Stud Overkill 2009', it is exempted from my stud moratorium. Or I should just admit that I am a flake and I am making poor excuses. It seems studs are like Lays chips, because you can't have just one....


Special Occasion Wear

wedding outfit 1

wedding outfit 2

wedding outfit 6

Skirt? ?, Milli's
Scoop neck? C'est Moi, Winners
Shoes? Nine West, Winners
Clutch? my Oma's
Earrings? antique, gifted

I bought this skirt a while ago at Milli's. Milli's is pretty much a fashion mecca in Hamilton, let me rephrase, THE fashion mecca. Imagine Moschino and Sonia Rykiel in Hamilton... I can't afford to shop there, it's for the upper echelon of society and since I am (proudly) a super-clearance, bottom-feeder kind of shopper, I usually just leave little nose prints on their amazing window displays. But they had a tent sale this summer and I figured I should go. I'm glad I did, I found this amazing skirt for $50, down from $1500. The best part is that Milli herself (she's a legend...) helped me. I have to say, their service is impeccable. My $50 purchase is a tiny drop in their revenue but yet, they treated me like I was their best customer.

wedding outfit4

I was a little afraid to wear it for my brother's wedding in Holland. The Dutch tend to stray on the side of casual and I didn't want to be overdressed. Usually Overdressed is my middle name (my parents thought it was a little awkward as a first name, hence it's the middle...) but I was going to see lots of people I hadn't seen in a while and I wanted to make a good impression. But I love sequins and this is me and if having glitter from my navel to past my toes makes me a bad person, so be it.
Besides, I was saving this skirt for a special occasion, and I can't think of a more special occasion then my brother marrying his lovely bride. Honestly, it was such a lovely day! Congrats K & E! We love you! Visit often!

wedding street
wedding court
wedding thanks


Paris Round-up

I complained about London being expensive, then I went to Paris...
But it was magnificent!

I am a snobby tourist. I refuse to take stupid pictures of every tourist attraction just to prove I've been there. I'd rather buy the post card. But the first day that we arrived in Paris, the sky and lighting were so perfect that I couldn't stop taking pictures. I am no photographer but I do feel pride when I look at these. Yes, I know, pride is evil.

paris arc day
paris arc eve
paris arc night

paris tower bw
I like how this on turned out too. This was taken while we were relaxing (ie. eating nutella crepes) by a fountain in front of the the tower.

paris statue1
paris statue2
Unwittingly, Matt and I took pictures of the exact same thing. First I thought my picture was better, now, I'm not so sure. Please end our misery and tell us, which is better? The winner gets bragging rights and the loser has kitty litter duty... it's important.

paris egypt
I took this picture for Linda because she used to be all into Egyptian stuff. Paris has Egyptian fountains, Greek pillars, Gothic-style churches... as long as it was extravagant, it was built.

paris flowers
Flowers, you are so pretty!

paris tourist matt
We wanted to make sure everyone knew we were tourists, so Matt wore a backpack...

paris buns of steel1
paris buns of steel2
Cindy Crawford, eat your heart out. These are the real buns of steel.

paris merry
Side-saddle like a lady.

paris macaroons
Everyone was right, the macaroons were delicious.

paris hotel
Our hotel was a little lacking... I wasn't expecting anything fancy but a toilet seat that was taped together isn't cool. There were more things...but the location was great and the ladies really did do a good job keeping it clean. So, as long as it's safe and clean, I guess we were ok. The only channel that was English was sports, so I caught up on tennis and tried to finish a beer. I couldn't. I'll know I'm a real grown-up when I start to enjoy the taste of beer.


paris grunge

Plaid shirt? Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Jeans? Seven, Winners
Tee? Zara
Boots? Gap
Purse? Elliot Lucca, Winners
Cuff? Goodwill auction

paris outfit dress
Maxi dress? Lida Baday, thrifted
Belt? thrifted
Sweater? Zara
Bag? Roots, thrifted
I bought a sweater because I was frozen, and I kinda liked how it worked out. An accidental lesson in layering.

paris outfit zara
Jeans? Zara (the only deal I got in Paris, seven euros...)
Sweater? Zara
Sandals? Indian import store?
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners
Necklace? h&m
Cuff? My mama's
Um, is that my tummy showing? I'm scandalous.

paris outfit scarf
Sandals, belt and jeans? as before
Striped tank? Tevrow and Chase, Winners
Denim jacket? Zara
Bag? Roots, thrifted
Scarf? h&m

I brought along quite a few dresses (even Matt's favourite one) but while it wasn't nasty outside, it was simply too cold to explore the city in the dresses I had. Since they don't award merit points for wearing a backless dress on a gusty, cool day, I went for comfort...