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Scarf? h&m (this one on sale by Scotch and Soda is better) Top? Vintage Bag? Thrifted 
Boots? Holt Renfrew (similar flat here , faux suede here and gorgeous Stuart Weitzman's here
Jacket? Costa Blanca Necklaces? Clyde's ReBirth

Saying you haven't been blogging because it's been too cold is a little like saying the dog ate your homework... But really, it has been so cold. There is a scale of  'oh it's a little nippy' to 'what is even happening to my face I've been outside for 23 seconds' and we are at the latter part of the scale. The shop is cold too and I had to take the space heater home because our laundry lines froze (good times...) so my shop girl style is pretty much this...


Even though we are moving to the bigger and warmer shop this week, I still cracked and bought a replacement space heater for the shop because retail is bad enough in February without frost bite.

The deep freeze took a two day pause this weekend though and you would think when the temperature goes to a half reasonable place, that I would be out wearing some crazy dress or flashing some ankle, but not this time. I found an amazing vintage trapeze top at a flea market for $2 recently and it is basically all I want to wear. It's so basic and drapey and wonderful and when you wash it, it stays the same shape... Kind of a big deal because there isn't much that is more annoying than throwing your new top in the wash and it coming out with some crazy twisted side seam.

I feel like they tried to make twisted side seams a thing in 2001 but we're too smart to fall for that nonsense right?.


Animal Print X3

Coat? Vintage (similar here) Blouse? Joe Fresh (here) Pants? Trina Turk (pricey but similar here)  
Shoes? Guess, thrifted Glasses? Warby Parker (Duckworth here)

Snakeskin shoes, leopard blouse and dalmation jacket... I feel like this print mix would have been my jam in the third year I was blogging. 

And then of course, when I mention third year blogging, I have to go back and giggle over my archives. I think back then I wrote a little more freely without being so conscious of what I put on the Internet. Sometimes I miss that 'freedom'; not that I don't have that freedom now, I'm just more aware of what I want to keep private. 
I think I dressed more freely a few years back too. I used to post three times a week (I'm so sorry Matt that I asked you to take so many pictures... you were/are a champ) and I wanted to try every trend and wear all the things. I've refined my style more now and that's a good thing. 

I like how I'm talking about how 'refined' my style is on a post where I am wearing three animal prints and pink pants. So self aware I am... 

(I used the word 'I' 22 times in this post...eek)



It's been a while since I posted (on the blog, on my Instagram I'm pretty consistent...). Last time I posted I thought I was just getting over the flu but it ended up sticking around for a while longer and taking down every member from my Dutch family that was staying with us at the time. Even Matt, the One With the Strong Immune System, was out for about 36 hours. Now that everyone is better we can look back and laugh at how pathetic we were as an entire household for that week...
And then, just as I finally felt a little more back in the game, we flew down for a vacation to Jamaica. Clearly when we booked the trip, I had no idea I would be signing a new lease on a new space in January (and opening it Feb 26th... come on out 7-10 pm. if you are in the area!)... And I did feel super guilty about leaving... for about 17 hours and then I got over it and decided to just have fun.

And fun it was.

jam22 jam3

Info: Sunglasses (Rayban here)//Vintage 90's floral suit//Hamilton sweater (Russell Gibbs here)//Floral dress? Vintage

There was a group of 6 of us that went together and as much as I love little getaways with Matt, I think all inclusives are way better with a group. It's kinda hard to put into words exactly how amazing this getaway was... Jamaica is a beautiful country, the weather is just the right temperature to hang outside all day without feeling like you might actually hate the sun and the people are so kind and welcoming. The resort was both relaxing and high energy. Not sure that makes sense... But I have never danced so much in a week and I have never written so few to-do lists. As a chronic list maker, this was a beautiful thing.
It also helped that my friends are pretty awesome. And by pretty awesome I mean, really awesome. When you are with fun people, you can make any time a good time. Quote that, reference me...

Info: Vintage floral skirt// AA crop top (here) Bathing suit top with mesh insert? VS (sold out but similar here and here)

I left Jamaica with a tan that's already fading and a sand burn on my foot from a spectacular volleyball dive I made.
In return I left a few things in Jamaica. I gave my baseball cap to one of our new friends down there because apparently Blue Jays hats are a hot commodity... who knew? I also lost a favourite bracelet when I did a little cliff jumping (Me? Heights? What!). And I left my favourite bathing suit drying on the inside door handle of the bathroom! I loved my Triangl top mix and matched with my super favourite high-waisted Victoria's Secret bottoms (size up, it's a really sturdy material)...:( I guess I either need to re-order the bathing suit or... just go back to Jamaica.

*no doubt I missed spectacularly actually. My volleyball skills are all just good intentions.