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Lack of Discipline





Skirt? h&m, old
Sweater? h&m, old
Flats? Cole Haan, consignment
Purse? vintage Roots, thrifted
Ring? gifted

This skirt may be my favourite item from h&m. It's actually really good quality with the softest silk/cotton blend and plenty of fabric. And it was on super sale, just how I roll. I did a lazy man's re-touching job on the skirt because it's a little wrinkled and one of the best parts of the skirt are the sharp pleats. It would have been wiser to iron it beforehand instead of using Picassa afterwards and I did make an honest effort but I was met with this...


Kyle is just so cute I couldn't kick him off the ironing board. He certainly deserves to be kicked off because he doesn't love me as much as I love him. I love him so much, but he just tolerates me and is instead, ridiculously affectionate with Matt. If I am eating dairy products he is all up in my grill, whoring himself out for the milk left over after my cereal is done but other than that, he always chooses Matt. You know the Whiskas commercial? That's Matt and Kyle... going on picnics together while I stay at home with a broken heart. But, instead of kicking him off, I let him sleep and I tried to iron my skirt around him. Which is really as useless as it sounds and so I went out in a creased skirt...


And apparently I can't limit myself when it comes to pictures of my cats. I took this shot without zooming in. Kyle takes his sleep very seriously and didn't mind the camera in his face. Maybe he was tired... I think he only got 21 hours of sleep the day before. Poor guy...

Who Won What

Thanks to everyone who entered the Spellbound headband giveaway! Some of you peeps had some great answers, I was giggling to myself behind the computer (or as the teenagers would say, I was lol-ing... oh no, I can't believe I just wrote lol on my blog...). The winner is Lovers, Saints & Sailors and she plans to wear it to the office as a proud statement that her love for florals knows no boundaries. I like that. I could easily see the peony headband being worn to a wedding or a garden party but there is no reason why your co-workers shouldn't see something so special as well.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors, please email me! I hope you send a picture of yourself at work in the headband or better yet, get your boss to pose with you for extra points!









My ego is hoping that you really missed me... I didn't disappear, I just flew to Montreal for the weekend to visit a university friend. I set a new record one night this weekend when I actually got 7 hours of sleep. I've gone to Montreal 3 times and I don't think I've ever had more than 5 hours of sleep a night. I'm not Martha Stewart, I like a good night's rest... though resting seems like a waste when there is such a beautiful city to explore and I'm accompanied by my friend who is Montreal's Most Enthusiastic Unofficial Tour Guide.

I have to say that I was once again disappointed with my packing skills. Maybe it's the pressure from the girls of Academichic who seem to be able to pack for a European holiday in a fanny pack, but I just can't seem to pare down my luggage. I do try to take some layers to accommodate for fluctuating temperatures but most of my over packing is based on 'what ifs?'. What if I meet the Queen? I should bring my book on etiquette. What if there is a Shiny Things Convention? I should bring a vintage sequin top. What if I get to roll VIP? I should bring my hair extensions.

I did bring a few dresses and some heels because I really wanted to show Montreal how friggen classy I can be. But then we spent all weekend rushing around the city, walking everywhere. I literally wore the same sandals everyday from late morning brunch to early morning dancing. When you are at home it is a lot easier to plan transportation and know when are appropriate times for tripping around in heels and dresses. I think the lesson to learn is to go low key for touristy vacations and leave the crazy stacked sandals and silk dresses at home... but what if I get invited to a charity gala?

p.s. I will announce the winner from the giveaway on my next post... I'm a little behind...:(


Field of Dreams





Skirt? Alfred Sung, thrifted
Silk tee? Thrifted
Bucket bag? Thrifted
Sunglasses? Steffi Graf, vintage and gifted
Shoes? Derek Lam, Holt Renfrew Last Call
Necklace? Made by the wonderful Briannelee

I quite like the unconventional mix in this outfit. This lace skirt has to have been a holiday party staple or a part of some mother-of-the-bride ensemble but somehow it works as a summer skirt. Having an empty baseball field, some golden light and a patient husband made taking pictures fun as well...
I'm surprised that I even set foot on a baseball field, especially after a baseball field nearly killed my new found teenage confidence years ago. Our family used to always go to the same cottage every year and there was a camp nearby that hosted kid and adult games nightly. This was the highlight of my summer as there were always cute boys around... I used to have to play tee ball but the one summer I came back with contacts (because glasses back then were not all nerdy chic like now...), a training bra and I was finally old enough to play baseball with the grown-ups. I thought that was going to be the year boys were going to notice me... and they did. Especially when I stood at the plate and resolutely swung at every pitch that came my way and missed each time. And because camp is all about the experience and not about winning, they didn't let me strike out but patiently continued to pitch to me until I hit that ball. The kind thing would have been to strike me out and let me seek comfort in the arms of my mother and some penny candies. I think it took me 8 pitches and a few balls for me to get my first hit and it probably took 3 solid days for my brothers to stop teasing me. That summer I learned that baseball was not in my future. And that boys thought I was cute, even if I couldn't hit the ball.



Summer Loving






Dress? Splendid, Winners
Sandals? Marc Fisher, Winners
Belt? Thrifted
Hat? Thrifted
Bag? thrifted
Earrings? Antique and gifted

When I wear this hat I feel instantly hungry. It always reminds me of Samantha checking out the neighbour in SATC1 and shovelling back guacamole in an attempt to stay faithful... Hmmm, I love guacamole and I haven't had it in a long time... Note to self: ask my assistant to buy some guacamole, better yet, ask assistant to make some from the finest local and organic ingredients (gotta be on trend in the kitchen and in the closet...). Secondary note to self: ask Matt if there is actually room in the budget for an assistant. Cause that would be great...
And this is at least the 47th time we have appeared on security cameras while we take pictures for the blog. It doesn't really bother me, I know the tapes aren't often reviewed and if they are, I always wave at the cameras to be polite. Though part of me is mentally preparing myself for the day some police knock on the door and I am forced explain that we're the ones taking outfit picture behind random buildings, not the ones spray painting naked male body parts on the walls...



Pretty Things- A Giveaway

Peonies are one of my favourite plants. They have such consistent blooms and they are so darn pretty and huge and if you don't like them, you must be a scrooge. That's why I thought it was fitting when Miriam from Spellbound offered to do a giveaway on this blog, out of all the beautiful designs she makes, she chose the Secret Garden headband. Aren't you lucky? You have a chance to win this (Click here for more detail pictures of the ribbon wrapped headband with two lovely peonies)...

spellbound detail

As usual, the rules are pretty simple
1. You have to be a person (one entry per person).
2. Leave a comment and say how you would wear the Secret Garden headband.
3. Be creative. Would you wear it to a wedding to upstage the bride (you minx...) or wear it with your best friends; your pajamas, the couch and wine, watching Bridget Jones?...

I would wear the headband like so... Mixing the pretty from the headband with the more utilitarian vibe of the dress... and of course add a pop of pattern.


(Ok, so it appears I have lots of time on my hands to sketch... not true. I was doing that thing called procrastinating. I have some online safety courses that I HAVE to do but watching So You Think You Can Dance and sketching was a more appealing option. The thing with procrastinating is that it doesn't change the eventual outcome, I still have to do those courses. So, I should stop blogging now and let you enter away while I learn all about turning vehicles off while gassing up...)

Thank-you Miriam for hosting this giveaway!!!

No, you do not need to sketch your entry..
A winner will be drawn on Wednesday June 23, 2010.


Sensationally Sequined Again





Sequin Tee? Thrifted
Cut-offs? AE, Winners
Boots? Gap
Belt? Thrifted

I'm so spoiled with thrift shopping around here that when I had to pay $8 for this shirt, I nearly threw a fit. It's funny, when there is an end of season sale at Gap, the low prices start to melt my brain and I end up coming home with stuff I don't really need or want but the single digit on the price tag lures me in. Yet when a Goodwill charges $8 for a silk beaded shirt, I feel like I'm being ripped off.
It didn't help that I honestly found this shirt on the 50% off rack so I was mentally prepared to pay $4. But the lady at the cash told me the shirt wasn't supposed to be on the rack and you could tell she thought I was one of those sneaky people who slipped the shirt into the sale section in order to rip off a charity organization. Not true, my mother raised me slightly better than that... I wanted the shirt; the colour was so pretty but I already have a lot of thrifted sequin sensations (examples here, here, here and here) so I had to take a moment and wrestle the 'Do You Really Need That?' demon. In the moment where I had to decide whether this shirt was worth temporarily switching to No Name Diet Cola for, the sales lady imparted her wisdom and told me that 'these shirts are selling at the mall for $100.' Ok, sold. If these are selling at The Mall, then I need one...
And I am glad I splurged the $8 for it... after all, in my enchanted life there is no such thing as too many sequins, dresses or cats.








Dress? Marchesa Notte, thrifted
Trench? Club Monaco, thrifted
Shoes? Dumond
Bracelets? Assembled from vintage pieces and bought from the crazy lady at The Ex.

I went to a rather fancy wedding shower this weekend. It was a bit of a surprise to be invited(!) but it's nice to support a friend and it's also nice to have an excuse to really dress up (granted I don't always need a reason...). I wanted to wear the Marchesa Notte dress I thrifted few weeks ago so it got a quick, temporary alteration to take in the side seams and it was ready for its debut. One minute before we leave for the party I start stressing that the dress may be a touch short for this particular event. As I only knew a grand total of two people at the shower there was no way to gage what the crowd would be like. I didn't want to be 'that girl with the short dress' but I was also really excited to wear my find of the month. It was a little late for doubts though... Thankfully, the third girl I saw at the party was wearing a dress shorter and much tighter than mine. I could have hugged her but that may have been awkward as she wasn't one of the two people I knew.
When I have some time (2013 maybe?), I hope to do a proper fix up of the taking in the side seams and I will release the hem to give myself a bit more length. This dress is immaculately finished (as expected, judging by their price points...) so if I'm going to alter it, it needs to be done right. None of this 'oops! I kinda screwed up... thankfully there is nothing that sequins, duct tape and staples can't fix' business...


(Please take a moment and either a) wonder at my risktaking in heels or b) make a Tom Cruise couch jumping joke...)


What's in a Name?






Jeans? Gap Outlet (not the pair I usually rave about... these are even more comfortable!)
Long sleeve tee? Old Navy
Shoes? Frye, Winners
Purse? Thrifted
Silk Scarf? Thrifted
Bangle? Primark

When I wear pants this tight my mom always asks if I'm wearing jeggings. I think she does it as a gentle rebuke for going out in public in something so snug but also as a reminder that she is still hip with the kids. When she asked me this time, I tried to explain to her that no, these pants are not jeggings, rather they are the product of track pants tricking jeans into having a baby. I think I lost her there... She's never watched soap operas, so the whole 'tricking' someone into having your baby is unfamiliar territory (I'm OK with the analogy as I watched Days of Our Lives religiously during the summer before Gr. 9...).
However you define these pants, I really like them. I wore them all day working from home (when I actually do wear track pants...the shame...), then I lint rolled the cloud of cat hair off them, threw on some unique accessories and called it fabulous.
So, what did we learn today?
Jentine's mama does not like tight pants. But Jentine does...


Friends Who Draw

Some people have asked what happened to my blogging buddy/university sidekick Linda and her Struggles of a Creative Mind blog... Linda is doing well! Her and her blog just decided to call it quits; it was a mutual decision and both parties remain amicable. They split the assets with the blog keeping her time well wasted and Linda keeping her sanity. I totally understand Linda's reasons for quitting her blog but I do miss it. Last year we were constantly together as I was in her wedding party and there was a lot to do but this year, our big girl schedules and an annoying stretch of traffic congested highway have kept us separated for far too long. Her blog was an excellent way to keep up to date with her life and exchange witty remarks. Boo...
Linda is still doing Misketch however and she surprised me with an illustration from this post. Because that's what good friends do... they send pretty sketches in times of need. You don't do that? You should start...


Linda asked me to share 5 random, deep secrets about myself for this post. I don't think I have that many good secrets and if I did, it would probably take vodka, not illustrations to get them out of me. But I can do random... here goes...

#1. I can't set timers or alarms to 'regular' numbers. My alarm goes at 6:07 and I always set the oven at odd temps too... Perhaps why my baking is usually a fail?
#2. I don't really like cereal but lately I can't get enough of Vector. I had it every day for dinner when Matt was away on business.
#3. I will pet your dog or cat before I pay any attention to your baby... sorry, kinda terrible for that...
#4. I would like to be on The Bachelor. Mostly to see if I can say 'We had a connection...' to the camera with a straight face.
#5. I've been trying to grow my hair out for a year... and if I look at pictures from last year to now, it seems it is only a bit longer. Soooo slowwwww....

Now it's your turn... what makes you so random?


The Short-Long; A Mullet Skirt





Skirt? Handmade, thrifted
Tee? Target
Belt? Roots, thrifted
Sandals? Marc Fisher, Winners
Necklace? h&m
Sunglasses? F21

Tucking section of this skirt up into my waistband came out of function rather than fashion. I was trying to hurry to get some sewing done before a fitting and was sweating unsettling amounts, so I hauled my skirt up and out of the way. Wisely, it stayed out up later as I painted my toenails as well. At some point, I passed a mirror and stopped to make some kissy faces and repeat some positive affirmations only to discover that I quite liked the effect of the draping. And so, it stayed tucked in all day...
I wore it to Buskerfest and I was a little worried that people might mistaken me in my dramatic skirt as a performer or as a seller of incense. But the performers did foolish tricks on ladders and I stayed with my feet squarely on the ground....


And for the first time ever a very sweet reader recognized me. If I'm going to be a big deal, I am going to have to learn to handle that a bit better... My friends will verify that I turned a lovely shade of red. I haven't blushed that badly since I slapped the wrong brother on the butt. True story, my sister-in-law is the forgiving sort...


Back in Blue






Kopa, thrifted
Shirt? Signature, Winners
Shoes? French Connection
Leather Bomber? Costa Blanca (I never shop there but $50!...)
Necklace? Antique store
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners

We're getting personal on this blog again... It's natural for some daily life details and general feelings to slip out but in general, I do want my blog to be a place to get dressed and talk smack. So simple, right? But it isn't always so simple.
Yes, last week sucked but if we're going to be honest (as one should always be, unless a friend asks 'is she prettier than me?') this whole spring has been really overwhelming and crazy for a plethora of reasons. I hate that I haven't had as much time to blog or even to enjoy blogging. It's made me start pondering the same question that has been bothering philosophers for centuries... why am I fashion blogging? It is so much work and energy and I'm not raking in pennies, products or perks... People I haven't seen in AGES can google me and find this... me in all my superficial glory. Why do I do this?
And then this morning I reached in the closet for my blue plaid shirt and the meaning of life came to me... ok, maybe not the meaning of life. But it did give me some clarity on why I love style blogging. If I wasn't wasting our mutual time (you by reading, me by posing and writing) with MyEdit, I would probably just be watching more reality tv to escape the pressures of life. AND I would be wearing this plaid shirt with jeans, sometimes skinny jeans, sometimes distressed jeans, sometimes with heels and sometimes with a nice pair of sandals but I would never have worn it like this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this...