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Now and Then


Dress? Thrifted Hat? Ophelie hats Sandals? DvF Clutch? Thrifted

I wore pretty much this exact outfit about 3 years ago here. The classic wool dress, the eye-catching hat completed by some black accessories... You know, it's fun to shake it up and try new trends but if it's good, it's just good. And that's how I feel about this outfit; it's good.

And if you have been following me for over three years now (thank you muchly...), I don't want you to think I am recycling content. I've spent the last three years making changes. I've worked hard at growing those few extra inches of my hair (no joke, painfully slow... that is 3 years worth of growth), I've since mastered a fairly decent cat-eye and I've upgraded to using coloured walls for blog backgrounds as often as I can. But let's be honest, the extra hair length, cat eyes and purple walls aren't needed with this hat. Because if it's good, it's just good.


Changed Minds (+ giveaway)


Bathing suit? c/o Albion Fit (here, use the code myedit20 to get $20 off any order over $50!) 
Hat? Joe Fresh Pictures? Julie Bear

I didn't think I was a ruffles and ruching kind of girl. And then this bathing suit happened and it turns out I might be into ruffles and ruching after all. I changed my mind.
It happens, changing your mind... It's really just part of life. I used to hate hot sauce and now I like drowning my dinner in copious amounts of Frank's. I'm even getting into horseradish... My friends used to all hate minivans and now they sheepishly show up to the party in their Grand Caravan with dual automatic doors. Actually, maybe the first time was sheepish, after that they owned their choice. Apparently mini vans are just so handy...;)

When Albion Fit offered to send me something from their site which carries women's fitness and swimwear, I checked out the workout clothing but pretty quickly got stuck in their bathing suit section. I thought about this striped one piece with a sash and loved this yellow retro style bikini but ultimately chose the Midnight Dip bathing suit above. I took a chance on those ruffles and that ruching and I love it. It's great quality, really flattering and kinda feels fancy for a day at the beach. 
And we all know that I will take every opportunity to get fancy... 


Best part is that you can enter to win a $100 US gift certificate to get yourself something fancy (or fit) from Albion Fit. You just need to be a resident of US or Canada and not have won anything from Albion Fit in the last 6 months. 

To enter:
1. Leave a comment with your favourite item from Albion Fit.
2. Like Albion Fit on Facebook. Leave a comment and tell me you did just that...
3. Pin an item from Albion Fit to one of your boards. Leave a comment with a link to the pin.

Yes, indeed, there are three ways to get an entry. Please leave a separate comment for each entry. 
Contest ends July 2, 2013. 

And if you don't win or can't even wait to see if you will win, you can use the code 'myedit20' to get $20 off any purchase over $50. 
Sweet loving right? 

***Giveaway closed***


Beach Reads


I like how in my last post, I act as if I am above using props as a fashion blogger because I am just so real... yo.  And then in the very next post (this one...) I am reading a Chatelaine from 1969*, a Time magazine from 1968 and a Hamilton mag from... 2013. Because that is a really realistic reading stack for a beach day. What can I say, my interests are varied... 

Check back tomorrow for a full post with a beauty of a vintage-inspired bathing suit, shot in some magical golden light by my lady Julie. Oh... and a giveaway!!!
No props though, I read enough to last me for a year.

*This particular July issue of Chatelaine urged women not to make the following fashion mistakes for the approaching autumn season; no cropped pants, no pointed pumps with stilletto heels and no patterned tights. Those items are like, so 1968... Funny how those same items are still making the 'in' and 'out' lists in 2013...


Red Delicious


Shorts? Thrifted Silk shirt? Thrifted Sandals? Asos Bag? Russell Gibbs (bought at White Elephant
Hat? h&m Watch? c/o Daniel Wellington (here) Canada bracelet? Gift from Merl... in Chicago

We took these pictures in the back yard before I went out to get some stuff done...

*Back yard side note... I was wrong, Matt. As much as I do believe that there are other house projects that need to be prioritized, it is really nice to no longer have a backyard full of construction junk. It is now graded and full of luscious, fresh sod and the neighbours are all duly impressed. I am too...

We are taking pictures and Matt asks if I have the apple* as a prop. Because blog life has integrated itself so far into our lives that an apple can't possibly be a snack but is probably a prop for the William Tell themed high fashion shoot we have going on in our freshly sodded back yard... Or maybe we are re-enacting Snow White in a fashion blogger kinda way.
But most likely it's just the snack I grabbed as I ran out of the house. And then started to eat while we were taking pictures.
Matt may be on to something though; look for apples to take the place of giant Starbucks cups on fashion blogs everywhere. Or to add that needed 'pop of colour'. Apples aren't just nutrients any more. But we already knew that from fairy tales...

*worst part is that I was really excited for that apple and it was really disappointing. Why you let me down red delicious?




 Pants? Philip Lim Tee? Gap (similar here or higher end 3/4 sleeve hereHeels? Aldo (here
Cuffs? Vintage, auction Clutch? Thrifted Sunglasses? Moschino (tortoiseshell  here) Earrings? Bebe

Yesterday, I had one of those frustrating days where I stared at my closet, threw up my hands and declared 'I have nothiiiing to wear!'. And it's a lie, I have a closet, a really large closet, full of options but I indulged in a little self pity and allowed myself to have a moment where I was convinced that nothing could possibly look right or fit... On the outside my tantrum probably looked like a five year old child who couldn't have the blue freezie. Which is ridiculous, if you know me, you know I believe everybody needs to man up and take the orange freezie when it is their turn. You can't have blue all the time...
Not sure how I segued this blog post into freezie talk, but I did. What I am saying is that I was whining and on the outside it's annoying but in that moment I wanted to stamp my feet and throw a tantrum worthy of a reality show.
You might think I succumbed to the feeling of having nothing to wear and raised a white flag in my track pants and a tee. But these track pants are pure luxurious wool and the tee has sequins. So it's like giving up but in an elegant way. I'm sure I can wear a dress again tomorrow. Tantrums can't last forever. That's what every Mom with a screaming child on the supermarket floor knows...


Dress? Vintage, thrifted Shoes? Aldo (here or nude here) Belt and purse? Thrifted

This dress gets a lot of compliments and a lot of questions. It seems that the dress needs a story to it because quite a few people asked me about its history. I might have to make something up about its background because it isn't interesting like this story and all I can say is that I found the hand sewn dress (I believe...) at Talize a few years back.
I did notice in Lucky mag this winter that Marc Jacobs had a dress in a remarkably similar pattern. Now I am not saying that Mr. Jacobs copied me but you know, some credit for my thrifted inspiration would have been nice. He's likely busy though... I'll let it slide this time.
Despite the fact that this is one of my favourite dresses, it's tricky to wear. It's hard to describe why it is tricky exactly, maybe it's a little too sweet and I want things to be slightly tougher? It just hangs in my closet and I berate myself for not taking it out more. I even added it to a board this winter on my Go Chic or Go Home account along with some inspiration pictures, in order to remind myself to wear it more. The board actually worked for most of the items I posted on there, I was inspired to give a few neglected treasures some outside time but this dress just stayed in the closet. It turns out, all the dress needs are some bare legs and my favourite new heels.
Then again, I think bare legs and great shoes solve almost every style dilemma. If it wasn't for the ketchup chips and the maple syrup, I would be a Florida resident by now.


Work (it) Out

Sweater? Nike  (similar here, maybe even better) Skirt? c/o Jacob (here) Shoes? Ralph Lauren (here
Bracelets? Salamander one is from my Oma, the big one from a random boutique
Sunglasses? Betsey Johnson (similar here)

I found this leather-sleeved sweatshirt at a huge discount when I was looking for some work out clothes at Winners. I thought it was an accident that had some leather end up between the neon spandex selections. But it is actually work out gear and the leather is washable. Huh. Interesting. I was obviously not the only one confused because the sweater stuck around for a while and got a couple red stickers until I found it for $25... 
I'm all for having fun work out gear... if I have bright pink shoes or silly shirt I'm more inclined to put them on and head out to do some stairs. At least that is what I tell myself. I've never thought of sweating it out in a leather sleeved sweatshirt though. I wonder who wears leather shirts to work out? Probably the daughter of the lady who owned the 80's silk work out jacket I thrifted a few years ago... I want to meet these people. If you are wearing silk and leather to work on your fitness, I could totally get along with you. You probably tease and curl your hair and then bring a glass (bottle? Stay hydrated...) of wine with you to the treadmill.

Like I said, my kind of people...


(Not) At the Races


Silk dress? Ann Taylor, thrifted Hat? Joe Fresh Shoes? DvF Clutch? h&m 
Bracelets? Thrifted and random boutique

I've never been to the horse races but I imagine this is what one could wear. Because big hats and polka dots seem race appropriate. Also because a certain Pretty Woman wore polka dots and a big hat to the races. I used The Google and it showed me that my outfit is pretty much a complete rip-off of what Julia Roberts wore back in 1990. It was unintentional... I could not have possibly purposely copied her look; after all I never pinned it first...;) 
And because it's Friday, I will save you the speech on how this is an example of how a good dress doesn't go out of style and how polka dots are not a trend but a classic. You can thank me with candy and/or original photographs form the 1950's of kittens wearing sombreros. Oh wait, someone very kind actually already sent me some of those pics... They are awesome. I'll have to post them still sometime because kittens in sombreros (in the 50's!) are not to be missed... 

Have a most wonderful weekend!!!


As Seen on TV

So... the other day...
I was at Talize.

I know, so far, this story is just so crazy and unexpected.
I found a dress on the racks, giggled and for my own amusement, I threw it in the buggy to try it on. It was an Infinite Dress and I totally remember watching those infomercials (I can't find it online but here is a helpful and rather amusing clip from the VHS that came along with your purchase of the Infinite Dress) and wondering how the dresses even work. I put it in my buggy to solve the 'how does this thing work' mystery in the change room and ended up walking out of the change room with a new respect for all things sold on TV. This thing is kinda flattering...


The fabric is what makes this dress work. It holds and manipulates very well without slipping and stretching out. And yes, it's a synthetic fabric and there are so many bad ways to wear the Infinite Dress but for all its gimmickiness (not a word but you understand...), it works. So now, thanks to the thrift store, I own 'that infomercial dress'. Judging by the label, it came from the late 90's, probably right around the time I was originally watching those infomercials... and daytime soaps.  
Infinite Dress, you sold me. What else on the As Seen On TV have I been wrong about? The ear wax cleaner? Or the... ahem... pocket hose?  

*Many more ways to wear this dress, after all, it is Infinite... But I got tired of posing after 4 ways. Life's hard...
*Big thanks to Talize for the gift card. 


The Job Search


Tee? c/o Skip 'n Whistle (here, great quality for a tee, size up though!) Skirt? h&m (old) 
Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (here) Hat? h&m Sandals? Asos (similar or fancier) Purse? Thrifted

It was muggy and hot for most of the weekend and when even the inside of the house got sweaty, we did the only reasonable thing and went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. The minute we walked in, the smell just reminded me of my first big girl job when I spent a summer perfecting the DQ loopy on ice cream cones and coming home everyday smelling like... well, dairy. There were probably 100 fast food restaurants between my parents place and the Dairy Queen I ended up working at (and an hour and a half bus ride...), but it was hard getting a job as a teenager... Something about every job needing someone with experience and this being my first real job?
Those were the good old days... scanning the classified ads in the newspaper every day hoping to find a job, any job, to pay for university. I think my best story ever (yes, not just my best job searching story but probably just overall best story...) was the time I responded to an ad looking for 'salespeople'. I passed the interview (I think we all did...) and spent a day getting trained for my new potential career as a 'salesperson'.

I kid you not, we sold teddy bears and other novelty items out of the trunk of a car while keeping an eye out for police because this company didn't have a permit for the selling of said junk in the trunk of that car. Though I never got paid for my day of training, there are so many crazy stories that came out of the day, that I feel like I came out even in the exchange. Any time there is a lull in conversation, I can easily bust out any number of good stories from that day.

'Have I told you about the time I got training on how to sell $2 coin purses to old men in dive bars?'

True story.