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(Not) At the Races


Silk dress? Ann Taylor, thrifted Hat? Joe Fresh Shoes? DvF Clutch? h&m 
Bracelets? Thrifted and random boutique

I've never been to the horse races but I imagine this is what one could wear. Because big hats and polka dots seem race appropriate. Also because a certain Pretty Woman wore polka dots and a big hat to the races. I used The Google and it showed me that my outfit is pretty much a complete rip-off of what Julia Roberts wore back in 1990. It was unintentional... I could not have possibly purposely copied her look; after all I never pinned it first...;) 
And because it's Friday, I will save you the speech on how this is an example of how a good dress doesn't go out of style and how polka dots are not a trend but a classic. You can thank me with candy and/or original photographs form the 1950's of kittens wearing sombreros. Oh wait, someone very kind actually already sent me some of those pics... They are awesome. I'll have to post them still sometime because kittens in sombreros (in the 50's!) are not to be missed... 

Have a most wonderful weekend!!!


lauren said...

Because of Pretty Woman I am totally obsessed with these dresses and have collected one in nearly ever color there is except, EXCEPT the color she wears in the movie, that tan with white polka dots - I will never give up my search!

Sydney said...

As usual you look fabulous. Love it!

Kitty Frank, Realtor said...

I've been to the KY Derby two times in recent years. Mobs of people and you don't actually buy a place to sit (unless you pay alot more) so we stand down in the paddocks all day and watch the big screen, the movie stars and can nearly touch the horses as they go by. The part I was shocked by was that after the main event race....the women come down from the seating areas very drunk and stumble through the trash in their fine heels, dresses and hats. Someone should take photos of that! Not a pretty site I tell ya!

Ladies in Navy said...

super chic dress!
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous said...

Floppy hats + polka dots = perfection. Love all of it.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Ha Ha! First thing I thought when I opened your post was Pretty Woman. Corny as it sounds, I actually quite liked that movie. Every gal loves a good fairy tale I guess.

Sue xo

Leah said...

You look amazing. That hat and the polka dots... dreamy.

Lucy said...

That's a really great dress! The cut and fabric are divine--you look gorgeous!

Anja said...

wow, I adore this look. And pretty woman came to my mind instantly as well. Definitely one of my recent favourites on you. You still inspire me daily with your thrift finds and I definitely buy more things in the thrift store since reading your blog.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that dress is just so perfect! And it is so similar to the Pretty Woman outfit - just perfect!


Jennifer said...

You're pulling it off just as well as Julia Roberts did!

xo Jennifer