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The Job Search


Tee? c/o Skip 'n Whistle (here, great quality for a tee, size up though!) Skirt? h&m (old) 
Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (here) Hat? h&m Sandals? Asos (similar or fancier) Purse? Thrifted

It was muggy and hot for most of the weekend and when even the inside of the house got sweaty, we did the only reasonable thing and went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. The minute we walked in, the smell just reminded me of my first big girl job when I spent a summer perfecting the DQ loopy on ice cream cones and coming home everyday smelling like... well, dairy. There were probably 100 fast food restaurants between my parents place and the Dairy Queen I ended up working at (and an hour and a half bus ride...), but it was hard getting a job as a teenager... Something about every job needing someone with experience and this being my first real job?
Those were the good old days... scanning the classified ads in the newspaper every day hoping to find a job, any job, to pay for university. I think my best story ever (yes, not just my best job searching story but probably just overall best story...) was the time I responded to an ad looking for 'salespeople'. I passed the interview (I think we all did...) and spent a day getting trained for my new potential career as a 'salesperson'.

I kid you not, we sold teddy bears and other novelty items out of the trunk of a car while keeping an eye out for police because this company didn't have a permit for the selling of said junk in the trunk of that car. Though I never got paid for my day of training, there are so many crazy stories that came out of the day, that I feel like I came out even in the exchange. Any time there is a lull in conversation, I can easily bust out any number of good stories from that day.

'Have I told you about the time I got training on how to sell $2 coin purses to old men in dive bars?'

True story.


Asher said...

So cute! Love that skirt!

Kelly said...

Bahahaha! Oh man, don't we all love those ads for salespeople. You never know what you're in for, and it sounds like you were in for a grand time! ;)
Love the outfit!

Laura HH said...

I almost bought a cat shirt for you last week! Unfortunately there were two, one in adult size and one in toddler size. Danni won out.

Jenn said...

I responded to one of those saleperson ads too, and went to the training. It turned out to be selling knives door-to-door. This was not ideal for a 16-year-old and luckily I wasn't too dumb to realize it!

Not to be creepy, but my absolute favorite outfit of yours also involved a cat tee and a skirt. It works on you!

Anonymous said...

I made myself a cone today in a restaurant and commented to my DH that I was NOT DQ ready!

Sophie said...

Love the simple outfit of a tee and a skirt! Especially cat tees!

Sian Thomas said...

I really love the shape of your skirt and the tee is so cute :D Oh, the perils of finding a job! That definitely sounds like an interesting training day :D

Life's a shoe said...

great outfit, I love your skirt and necklace!

Anonymous said...

I also like your DQ story: "Peanuts." "Crushed or whole?" "Peanuts!" :) -- A

myedit said...

A- Bahaha... I totally forgot that story...

Ladies in Navy said...

love your skirt and good luck on the job search
kw ladies in navy

Unknown said...

That tee shirt is so damn cute and is perfect for you, styled so lovely with the skirt and Merl necklace. I love that you worked for some sketchy company selling teddy bears out of a trunk hahahaha and DQ was always my DREAM job as a teen because I thought it would so wonderful to be around ice cream all day and eat treats.

Ashley Elizabeth said...

bahaha - teddy bears out of a truck? You should pitch that idea to Bravo. You look adorable in that hat!

Jennifer said...

Super cute skirt - perfect amount of flare!

xo Jennifer

Gwen said...

Haha, I had a job like that straight out of college - only there was no car, we had to lug a suitcase AND a gym bag with wheels along with us all day and try to sell shitty merchandise to people in shops and pubs. I lasted a whole week.

Anyways, you look super cute in this getup! I love the Merl necklace on you - did you pick it yourself, or did she decide that was the right one for you? My sister-in-law's name is Lena, so I wanna buy the Lena necklace for her as a wedding gift!

jentine said...

Gwen- Thanks for the comment. I can't believe you lasted a week with a suitcase full of shitty crap... Haha. Brutal.
I chose the necklace to wear from Merl's stash when she visited and when she left, she left it behind for me:) So sweet eh?

Ally @ Fever Thrift said...

Sorry for comment 2 but I just had to respond to this post. I did the same type thing through college- had a ton of temp jobs. One of them was a 12 hr shift SEVEN days a week printing out bumper stickers. Another job I wrote about here ( where I got to put socks on an old man.

As always, your outfit's great :)

Applewood Road said...

that skirt is amazing! digging your blog :)
- Kelsey @ Time Stand Still

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