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Coat? Vintage, thrifted (beautiful similar one on etsy here and this pink one is great too) Pants? Joe Fresh 
Shoes? Guess, thrifted (very similar here) Purse? Thrifted

I thrifted this 50's or 60's (yes, those decades are so different on paper but there is still so much overlap and they still confuse me...) textured wool coat about 4 or 5 years ago. I was a little intimidated to wear something so oversized but I recognized that it was a great vintage piece and I couldn't leave it behind...

Sidenote: I probably go on about this quite often but if you love something, stop being afraid to wear it. I wasted years not wearing cool stuff because I was nervous and that's just dumb. As long as you can move and you wear things in the appropriate situation, the worst thing that can happen is an occasional side eye... And the best that can happen is that you feel fabulous and get compliments... Tangent over.

So, the coat hung in my closet for years and I thought I might as well consign it because it wasn't getting any wear. Happily, one of those great giant plastic buttons broke so I didn't consign it. I say happily because the coat was meant to stay in my closet and now I love wearing. It just took me a little while to grow the fashion bravery to wear it. 

*I always double check before I pose in front of graffiti because of the possibility of unsavoury words or pictures... This time we have a savoury word included. Who graffiti's the word perogi? Somebody awesome, that's who... 


Temper, Temper


Cape? Vintage, thrifted Jeans? J. Brand Lovestory (here) Sweater? Joseph, thrifted 
Shoes? Zara (very similar here) Bag? Vintage goodness from my Mama

I love a good cape. The armhole placement on this vintage gem is just right so I don't even get my arms and purse tangled up as I go about my life (you know how that happens with capes...). Besides the fact that capes automatically make you a superhero, they also allow you to walk away from a conversation with a big flounce. 
Not that I often have need to walk away with a flounce...
Except maybe last week when I dropped a 50's prom dress off at the tailor for a new zipper. I was excitedly talking about how much I loved the dress and my friend, the tailor, was admiring the handiwork on the rather intricate skirt when another customer laughed at the dress and said she would not even pay $50 for it. I literally felt the blood rush to my face in anger and then I might have said something about how she didn't even care that her clothes were made by children in Bangladesh. 
Now, she was totally rude for bursting my bubble and making fun of a dress that I was clearly enamoured with. That said, I should have chilled out and not let myself go to cheap shots. I do think it is important for people to realize where their clothes are coming from but I just reduced an entire subject that deserves conversation and consideration into a one liner. And while I am more conscious than I used to be, it's not like I never shop fast fashion... There is so much to discuss concerning the garment production industry and I handled it like a snarky hypocrite...

So, what did we learn from this moment? First of all, that not every one appreciates a great vintage dress. Secondly, I should not complain because that lady is going to be the one who donates all her mother's vintage dresses one day because she thinks they are junk. And finally, I need to flounce away instead of getting petty... Let that be my motto, 'flounce it out!'...


Festive Upgrade


Dress? Vintage, Netty Vintage (very similar on Etsy here) Shoes? Guess, thrifted (similar here)
Clutch? Vintage? Wool coat? Thrifted

Some dresses are just a pleasure to wear. And this dress? It ranks right up there...
I have spent a lot of time in the last while wearing either steel toes or crocs, track pants and hoody sweaters and since we had a wedding this weekend and I was more than happy to paint my nails and get all fancy. I'm used to living my life between steel toes and stilettos (my old blog tagline I think? ha...) but right now I am ditching my steel toes after work and switching to crocs to get the shop ready. Most of my free time is spent in saggy track pants from 2008, so one could say that this vintage red velvet number is a bit of an upgrade. 

I don't know what is the best part of the dress; the silhouette, the full circle skirt, the pockets or its cheery hue. It is borderline festive, but I can embrace the fact that I am a bearded date away from being a chic Mrs. Claus... 'tis the season after all. 


Out of The Rut


Skirt? Vintage Vest? Vintage rework, Modify your Closet Clutch? h&m Boots? Nine West (on sale here)

I noticed I've been wearing a lot of black outfits on my blog in the last while, so I told myself to add a little colour to my life. Which is why the last two posts have been all black outfits with one really loud and colourful piece..
Ooooh, wait, I just noticed I wasn't including my clutch, it's not basic black either! With two colourful and patterned pieces I would say I am busting out of my rut! Not that there is anything wrong with a chic monochromatic outfit, it's just an easy look to fall into especially when it gets to be colder outside. But considering it's not even mid November and we still have to go through the annual 'the snow looks so magical' to 'I hate snow so much' emotional cycle, it's a little early to sink into the winter uniform quite yet. 


Blanket Styling


Jacket? Vintage Pants? Joe Fresh (can't find them online and they are quite awesome)
  Pumps? Ralph Lauren (hereHat? Vintage Purse and belt? Thrifted

When I first saw this plaid knit goodness, I thought it was a blanket. Then I picked it up and judged it by the size and assumed it was a poncho. I saw that there was a split in the middle with an edge stitch and thought maybe this was a botched attempt at fixing a ripped poncho. This really makes no sense when I think about it but that is what flitted through my brain for a second there.
Finally I realized it was a sort of shawl and put it on properly. To give it some shape, I first looped the belt around the front and let the back free but then I thought if I looped the belt around the back of the shawl, it would look like a jacket from the back. I was really impressed with my own ingenuity. Until a few hours later when I noticed there was a button and a loop on the back pieces and I was wearing it exactly how it was meant to be worn. I am not such a trailblazer after all...
Other things I am not?


... on my phone or hailing a cab;)


Crunch Time

Turns out day light savings time and starting a little store mean there are few opportunities for outfit pictures. So here is a half crappy picture of my go-to fall outfit. This was before I decided to open a store in a month. I was probably day drinking and knitting kitten hair mittens...

Dress? French Connection Boots? Steve Madden (here)

Matt said to me the other day that he was impressed at how I was handling the stress. Which made my life because I am trying to be very active in not allowing myself to morph into stressed Yen. Especially because stressed Yen takes it out on Matt and he is being supportive and awesome. Go Matt. 
I won't lie, there is a lot going on and I do feel frazzled and nervous. But when I feel overwhelmed, I either step outside, eat something or repeat to myself  'Calm Down, you are not that special!'. Because it's true. I'm not the only one to take a little chance and follow a dream. Big things are happening all around and flooring choices are important but should not be all consuming. Besides I have so many people who are helping and who have my back. I cannot tell you how many people have offered to help me paint.
With all the painting offers I am thinking of starting a painting company. Might be more lucrative than a vintage shop. But a lot less fun to Instagram...




Dress? Vintage, thrifted Belt and clutch? Thrifted Shoes? Nine West (here)

As requested, here is the vintage jacket from last month worn as a dress. Your wish is my command. 

And as this is the first post since Halloween, I need to stick to tradition and share both my costume and chocolate consumption. 
Costume first...
I was a cat. Some black clothes, a pair of ears and painted on whiskers and I was transformed into my favourite animal. I know, I really used up all my creative energy on that. Please hold the applause.

And my chocolate consumption? Zero! Yeah, you better clap for that. That has never happened before. I will admit that I was at my niece's house today and she gave me the fruit snacks from her haul and I ate all of them. I'm sure they were pure sugar but they had the word 'natural'on the wrapper so I feel OK about it. And my niece didn't like them so they must be healthy...