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The Day Before Cheap Candy


Dress? Vintage Scassi, Antique Avenue Jacket? Costa Blanca (leather here or faux here)Boots? Aldo
 Clutch and bracelet? Thrifted

And just like that, it's Halloween. I'm going to say it... time flies.
I wish I could impress you all with some crazy, clever costume but we are typically very lazy in our Halloween celebrations. We went to a Halloween party this weekend and things were kinda last minute (how I roll...) so I filled up a Tim Hortons travel mug and put on the viking helmet I just had lying around in the attic. No big deal.


Honestly we more celebrate the Day-after-Halloween, than Halloween itself. Obviously, this is 100% due to discounted candy. Every year I tell myself that this is the year that I won't get stomach pains off excessive Reese's and every year... it happens again. It's like an awesome but painful tradition. And even when I avoid buying the candy, Matt will proudly come home with the post Halloween loot. He lets me know he loves me with cheap, mini Wonderbars and those molasses candies in orange wrappers.
I know almost everyone hates those chewy candies but I just love them... myself and the grandmothers in the world...


Tour Guide


Pants? Maison Scotch Shirt? Joe Fresh (bleached and sequined) Jacket? Ralph Lauren, thrifted 
Boots? Joe Fresh (similar here) Chest smushing hug? c/o me

I had hoped to take some out-of-town friends out for a hike along the Hamilton escarpment this weekend, but the weather wasn't looking fantastic and we went for a tour of Dundurn castle instead. Earlier this year, I went on this same tour with my dad, so I was pretty much thinking I didn't have to listen because I'm already an expert. Turns out I learned a lot of new information this time around too. However, with two tours under my belt, I do think I now officially know everything and I will be offering unauthorized, off-hours guided tours at a discounted price. We'll tour around the outside of the locked building at night and I will show you Iphone pictures of the inside rooms and tell you interesting historical facts.
I think this idea has potential...


The most interesting thing I learned this time was that ladies went swimming in giant flannel (yes, flannel!) dresses in the summer. They would also hire a coach to park along the water and block others from seeing them as the frolicked in flannel. I think that's messed up... If I'm going to the beach, I want everyone to see me in my tattoo style Ed Hardy bathing suit...

*Thanks to Pauly from photo280 for taking some outfit snaps after the tour. I  do think the first picture needs some hound dogs photoshopped in... 


Shine On

I found a good way to ignore reality and escape your problems.
Sew sparkly crap unto your stuff.


I've been admiring this shirt from Maison Scotch for a while now... So, I decided to do my own thing and bleach out a Joe Fresh shirt and sew on some sequins instead. I have the one side left to embellish but it will be done this weekend. Mark my words. Because the sooner this shirt enters my rotation of wardrobe basics, the better.
Yeah, it's taken a couple hours... But there is something oddly relaxing about hand beading. I don't knit or crochet but I imagine the feeling is a little similar?


There are many other ways I could have spent those hours besides sewing on sequins but, my mind is calmer and my shirt is sparklier. Win. Win.

Have a wonderful weekend! May it be sparkly and bright.


Leggings vs. Pants


Blazer? Thrifted (similar here) Pants? h&m Shirt? Vanilia (similar here) Purse? Liz Claibourne, thrifted
Boots? Winners Watch? c/o Daniel Wellington (here) Bracelet? My Oma's

These pants got a resounding thumbs up when I posted a quick snap shot of them on Instagram. And we all know we should be basing wardrobe (ie. life) decisions off of the number of 'likes' something gets on a social media outlet. 
I admit the inspiration behind the slightly wacky pants are these leggings worn by a child under two years old.  Yeah, I saw a picture of Nat's son Huck wearing those funky leggings a few months ago and I guess the image stuck. Just to be clear though, while I was inspired by leggings, these are legitimate pants. They have a zipper and back pockets. Those are my standards. If you ever see me in leggings (and I am not watching TV surrounded by dirty dishes), you know something is wrong. Maybe I need a hug... or a Diet Coke. 


This Week I Thrifted


What? Leather, two-tone shoulder bag.
Where? Talize
How much? $12.99

Why? I've been to the thrift store 3 times in the last 2+ months. That is quite reserved for me. I've been making an honest effort since just before I wrote my shopaholics post to curb the shopping (sidenote: I should write an update post on that, eh?). However, each of the 3 times that I have been in the thrift store, I have been very successful. This success leads me to have major discussions with myself as I debate whether I 'need' all the things I find. The answer is always yes. Yes, I need that olive jumpsuit because it is $5 and awesome. Yes, I need that giant gold over coat thingy (technical terms are failing me) because it is shiny and fabulous. My ability to say no at the mall has increased manifold since that post, but obviously, I am still weak in the thrift store.
All that to say that I bought this leather purse at the thrift store and I am quite pleased with the find. Some of my day-to-day purses are getting a little ratty and this one will fit nicely into the daily rotation. It's big enough to fit my rather bulky wallet, plus a handful of necessary lipgloss and snacks and keys and... you know, other purse junk. It's the kind of heavy leather that will only look better with age. And best of all, because of the two-tone, it will go with both black or brown leather boots! The options are blowing my mind... I need to sit down.





Pants? Winners (similar and high end) Shirt? Gap, thrifted Jacket? c/o Jacob (here
Necklace? c/o RueBelle (here) Clutch? Thrifted Sunglasses? Thrifted

I might have told this story before. It's bound to happen when you have a blog for a few years and have some boundaries over what you will spill... I either recycle a story here and there, or I start lying. Recycling is the more responsible option.
Anyways, when I was 5, my parents bought me a fuzzy teddy bear sweater and I thought it was the best thing ever. But it was way too big and I had to wait to grow into it. I would take it out every month and try it on to see if it would fit yet. And one night, one glorious night, the sweater did fit. I was so excited that night with the sweater folded up at the foot of my bed to be worn the following day, that I hardly slept. 
That is a little how I felt about this outfit. Except there were no fuzzy teddy bears involved. And I did sleep the night before. And I didn't have to wait about a year to grow into it. But, I was embarrassingly excited to wear this... 


She Thrifted


Meet Kristin from Doll Parade. Kristin thrifted that blouse. Kristin is also Canadian. High five.

I love the print and the oversized collar of the blouse and the way she mixed the print with the polka dot dress. Kristin is a trendy gal but she always works the trends to fit in with her own style, instead of looking like a trend explosion. She has a knack for putting a little touch of vintage in a thoroughly modern outfit.

So yeah, I like Kristin's style and her country but I also like that when I butchered a word in a blog post, she sent a quick little private message on Twitter to let me know. Someone who has your back when spellcheck lets you down, is a good person indeed...


Favourite Things


Blazer? Vintage, gift from Jessie Skirt? Joe Fresh Boots? Winners Shirt? F21
Collar? From a friend's grandmother Purse? Thrifted

If I were Oprah and this was a Favourite Things episode, I would gift everyone with a red blazer. Because it wasn't until Jessie sent this blazer to me, that I realized that a red blazer had been what was missing in my closet all this time. They just work with so many outfits and are just so freaking cheery! 

And while we're on the topic, let's indulge and discuss what other items would make my Favourite Things list.

-Frank's Hot Sauce because I do, indeed, put that sh*t on everything.
-Bath and Body Works candles in 'Winter' because guests won't notice dirty dishes stacked like a perilous Jenga tower when your house smells so wintery delicious. 
-President's Choice Spicy Black Bean soup with pickles and cheddar cheese. Don't hate until you try it. 
-My $6.50 knock off Crocs that I wear around the house. I used to be ashamed but now I embrace them. Literally. I hug my faux Crocs.
-Diet Coke because it's Diet Coke. 
-My Felco pruning shears because they are my landscaping best friends.
-Bacon because that is the only thing I can use to convince my little brother to eat my cooking. Which is unfair because I am actually turning out to be a decent cook... 

Yup, that would be my list. A little random but I feel like it's a fair representation of what things I value in my life. Oprah gave out cars but I would hand out red blazers, bacon, hot sauce and candles... I obviously put more thought into this than she ever did. 


Gifts Given


Blazer? Vintage Milli's, gift Silk shirt? Thrifted Jeans? Citizens of Humanity Boots? Ash

I've mentioned it before, but people like to give me stuff. Clothes, housewares, sewing supplies... just stuff. I would, of course, like to imagine this is because I am such a worthy recipient, but I think the truth is that I am seen as a dumping ground for the unusual.
It's flattering that people think I can make good use of the most random items. Or that people think of me when something weird passes through their hands. Honestly, sometimes I can't do anything with what I have been given and I will pass it on and donate it.
I still haven't quite figured out what to do with the wicker basket full of shoulder pads and pink zippers... But I knew exactly what to do with the silk blend vintage Milli's blazer that I received. The beading, the (triangular!) shoulder pads and the cut have the blazer on the edge of old school but when paired with some good denim and a studded boot, all is modern again.
With pieces like this finding their way into my closet, I will gladly continue to accept whatever crazy comes my way...


Birthday Revelry

On Saturday it was my birthday. I turned 29. Things got wild.


Meh. That's a lie. I'm still feeling a little off, so while it was a busy weekend, it never crossed over into wild territory. The weekend included family, friends, hiking, shopping for sequins, margaritas and best of all, a singing cat card from Matt. I've already talked up that card on Facebook and Instagram (myeditblog to follow along with my biggest social media addiction and to see the card...) but it made my day when Matt brought it to me in bed on Saturday morning. I used to wish that Matt would write me birthday cards full of flowery prose extolling his great love for me. Now I realize him standing in the stationary aisle picking out the perfect card prior to my birthday is better than any mushy sentences he could write inside a card.

Oh ya and that champagne that I got so carried away with? It was used to make birthday mimosas on Saturday morning. My lady friend Julie and I shot our first Thrift and Sip YouTube video that morning!!! Yeah, I'm pretty excited (three exclamation marks worth of excitement to be exact...) and you should be too... Can't wait to get it up online; it will be a glorious waste of time!



Sweater Weather


Sweater? IB Diffusion, thrifted Shirt? Vanilia (similar here) Boots? c/o La Canadienne (here)
Leggings? Mark and James, Winners

I actually checked the weather network before we went up to Port Stanley this last weekend. I was a little shocked to see that the temperature was going to dip to almost freezing. Last year on Thanksgiving it was still so warm... Turns out 'but last year!' is not the best way to judge the temperature for this year.
So I gave in and wore my new lined boots, wool leggings and the biggest sweater of life. The boots were comfy, cosy and cute (alliteration much?). The leggings could have the potential to be my favourite things ever but they bag out badly after some wear. I start the day with fitted lace pants and end the day with lace track pants. Which, now that I write it out, kinda sounds ideal...
And the sweater? It definitely is one of my favourite things ever. I just thrifted it and when I saw that it was going to be cold, I handwashed it immediately. One day I need to make a youtube video of me washing this sweater in the tub. A month ago I was wrestling one of the cats in the bath but even without claws, I think this sweater might be harder to handle. It weighs so much! And then, even after the handwashing trick I learned, the sweater still took almost 3 days to dry. Worth the effort, though I probably won't ever wash it again. You have been warned...


Giving Thanks


 Sweater? Thrifted (similar mustard or peach) Pants? Joe Fresh (high end denim version here) Boots? Winners

Almost every Thanksgiving weekend, we go away somewhere with Matt's family. It's a fun tradition. Matt has a big family. There are a lot of adults. There are a lot of kids. When we are all in the same room for a meal, it's just an explosion of noise... and sometimes food too. 
Dinners with my family are a totally different experience. It's probably foolish to characterize a family with just one word, because there would be a desire to add an asterisk and an explanation for everything, but in general, I could call my family reserved. Let's just say, I grew up eating pizza with a knife and fork...
For our big Thanksgiving meal this weekend, my parents got invited to join in the celebrations with Matt's family. And they sat at the giant table (with room for about 35 people) and felt right at home in the middle of madness. Because that's what it's like with Matt's family. As long as you can handle the volume, they make you feel like you belong. 
And so I'm thankful for family. My reserved family. Matt's boisterous family. And how I'm blessed to be a part of both of them.