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Favourite Things


Blazer? Vintage, gift from Jessie Skirt? Joe Fresh Boots? Winners Shirt? F21
Collar? From a friend's grandmother Purse? Thrifted

If I were Oprah and this was a Favourite Things episode, I would gift everyone with a red blazer. Because it wasn't until Jessie sent this blazer to me, that I realized that a red blazer had been what was missing in my closet all this time. They just work with so many outfits and are just so freaking cheery! 

And while we're on the topic, let's indulge and discuss what other items would make my Favourite Things list.

-Frank's Hot Sauce because I do, indeed, put that sh*t on everything.
-Bath and Body Works candles in 'Winter' because guests won't notice dirty dishes stacked like a perilous Jenga tower when your house smells so wintery delicious. 
-President's Choice Spicy Black Bean soup with pickles and cheddar cheese. Don't hate until you try it. 
-My $6.50 knock off Crocs that I wear around the house. I used to be ashamed but now I embrace them. Literally. I hug my faux Crocs.
-Diet Coke because it's Diet Coke. 
-My Felco pruning shears because they are my landscaping best friends.
-Bacon because that is the only thing I can use to convince my little brother to eat my cooking. Which is unfair because I am actually turning out to be a decent cook... 

Yup, that would be my list. A little random but I feel like it's a fair representation of what things I value in my life. Oprah gave out cars but I would hand out red blazers, bacon, hot sauce and candles... I obviously put more thought into this than she ever did. 


Els said...

Felco 2's are indeed amazing.
I don't use scissors anymore...

Author said...

I LOVE that fur! Sign me up for your big blazer/bacon/hotsauce/candle giveaway because I am so there.

Belle de Couture said...

Agreed! A red blazer is a MUST for any gal's closet! You've styled yours very well! I styled mine on the blog once w/ a fur collar as well -- so chic, isn't it?


A Fine Balance said...

I'd also add a collar for favourite things...yours is stunning : )

and franks hot Sauce is a staple. Glad its not just me who loves it so much!

The Merchant Project said...

Yummy yummy fur and red blazer! Love it ! Xo - Catherine

eelsay said...

lol love the fav list yes Frank's HS is the bomb :) love the look makes crazy for fall!


D said...

Blazers, bacon, hot sauce and candles? We seem to have similar values.

Leah said...

That red blazer with the fur is amazing. Jessie has great taste, and so do you. I need to find friends that give me coats like that.

The Suburb Experiment said...

Franks! My coworkers used to make fun of me because I'd pull the gigantic, costco-sized bottle out of my purse and put it on everything. Have you tried it on popcorn? YUM.

Tanya said...

Here's to faux crocs! The best slippers ever.

I love your fur :)

Heather K. said...

You're such a trip! But I'm gonna have to try that soup. Surprisingly I was sitting here thinking, "hmm, that sounds interesting."

I won't judge you.


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Well geez, now I'll be wondering what kind of pickles to put on the soup. Great post. I've been on the lookout for a red blazer since I gave away my cashmere one. Foolish, I know, but it really was too big. Beyond boyfriend too big. {Sigh}

Unknown said...

I love this and I say that everytime for most of your outfits in the blog and I mean it! You outdo yourself everytime!

Daisy said...

Yeay for bacon!!! And that red blazer! I love this outfit, and you look so comfortable as well.

Please may I? said...

Love, love, love the fur!

X x

Anonymous said...

That jacket is utterly stunning. I've never dared to buy a red jacket.

Jennifer said...

And now I need a red blazer ;)

xo Jennifer

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

OMG Jentine, I would jump out of my chair and scream my head off if I were in your Favourite Things audience! The blazer is really beautiful, and I especially love the second photo.

JennaStevie said...

A red blazer would be the perfect thing for any wardrobe! I think I am going to be on the hunt for one now.
And I totally put franks red on everything, everything should be spicy!

Anja said...

red blazers really make all the difference! and couldn't agree more to those BABW candles. They just smell so amazing!!

A Heart and Soul Story Blog

Rebekah Johnson said...

A red blazer would be the perfect thing for any wardrobe! I think I am going to be on the hunt for one now. And I totally put franks red on everything, everything should be spicy! xJennaD