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Dress? Vintage (from my own shop, oops) Shoes? Aldo (old) Clutch? Vintage Pics? ADarlingandADear

I think not posting in three weeks is called Slacker Blogging. I prefer to call it Blogging When You Feel Like It because after you've been blogging for many years the idea that you can just blog when you want to is quite novel and freeing.
To be honest, I've had some busy and stressful weeks and my writing really suffers when I'm stressed. Not like I'm writing high brow literature here but I like to write something a little more compelling than 'this is my new dress'.

Anyways, this is my new dress.

Yeah, I went there...

I stole the dress from the shop for a wedding we had a few weekends ago. I'm surprised it even made it into the shop; sequins, long sleeves... it's kinda my thing. No one bought it in two months it was hanging up and so, predictably, I just took it home with me where it belonged all along.
This 70's dress was originally a maxi dress but I thought hemming it to just below the knee would add some elegance. Because sometimes I need that little bit of elegance to hide the hot mess I am (I feel like I am?) inside...