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Corduroy pants? Joe Fresh (similar here) Jacket? Zara Boots? Winners Coat? Thrifted
Hat? Biltmore, Holt's Last Call  Collar? Friend's grandmother (amazing faux version here
Watch? c/o Daniel Wellington Pictures? Thanks Lish 

I vaguely remember the days when I wasn't addicted to social media. When I was so unfamiliar with the internet that I thought that the most popular girl at summer camp was conceited for having an email address with the word 'hotmail' in it.  Like, was she calling herself hot? 
It took me about 4 years to get an email address, 2 years to join Facebook, 1 year to join twitter and 6 months to join Instagram. This past weekend Vine (like Instagram but for short videos, follow me at myeditblog if you wish) came out and I broke down within 12 hours. I'm a little embarrassed actually. I'm the girl who didn't even have a cell phone until less than 3 years ago and now I'm spamming the world with cat videos. 
It's OK though, I guess. Because what the world really needs is more videos of cats. I've heard there is a shortage.


Insanity at the Thrift Store. A.K.A. 50% off Days

(Just might be my best 50% off find. Silk, leopard print wrap dress that will always look current.)

50% off days at the thrift store?
I feel like I should love them and I certainly appreciate them, but I much prefer a quiet Tuesday night with the thrift store almost all to myself. I know I say this all the time, but I get a lot of thinking done as I browse through the racks searching for the next find.
That said, prices keep creeping up at the thrift store and when a whole store is 50% off, it's certainly worth taking the time to go. You need to be prepared though because as the younguns say 'that sh*t cray'. On half off days, I've followed people to the cash to snag their carts. I've changed in the aisles. I've stood patiently behind a guy buying an entire shopping cart heaping with shoes.
I figured I should put together a post with some tips on how to handle the 50% days. I deleted the tip where I suggest that the ends justify the means and you may use your shopping cart to take out potential competition. That's because I love you Mom...

1. Dress accordingly.
Chances are the thrift store will be busy and you might not get a chance at a change room. And if you do, you want to rush (yes, note to self: this is not a time to instagram or facebook my options...) because there is a line-up behind you that has no time for you to agonize over that cat sweater. In case you don't want to wait for a change room,  always wear a fitted tank underneath so that you can try on tops in front of any mirror that might be available. I usually wear my tight, comfy, stretch jeans that easily fit under most skirts and dresses, making change rooms a luxury, not a necessity  A cross-body bag to leave you with free hands is also a good idea.
2. Time it right.
The best time to hit up the 50% off sales is at 7 a.m.. I know, that's early and ridiculous. But it's usually not so busy at that time and the store hasn't been picked over yet. All the possibilities lie before you! I have been known to do a quick thrift run before work. Priorities. I get it though, 7 a.m. won't work for everyone. Just try to avoid the 5 p.m. rush. It is madness because everyone is stopping by on the way home from work.
3. Have a plan.
On 50% off days, I don't have the time, the patience and the energy to do the full sweep of the thrift store. It doesn't hurt to make a little mental or actual (in your fancy moleskin) note with some items you are on the look out for. Always check the sections you have the most luck with (for me that is dresses and skirts) and then look for specific needs and trends you are wanting to try out.
4. Check the most expensive sections.
The showcase, the leather goods and the coats and jackets are great on a regular day but are freaking gold mines of 50% days. Some thrift stores don't do half off on the showcase, but if they do, the fancy jewellery and some better brands and vintage pieces can be found at great prices. In the thrift stores I frequent (and yes, this varies based on location), I've noticed that the every day casual wear is the most popular kind of item on half off days. This may be because not everyone thinks having a dozen sequin shirts is normal... This also leaves lots of wonderful vintage coats and leather pencil skirts in all colours of the rainbow on the racks. I think that every time I go to the thrift store, I can find a jacket or a something in the leather section, but these sections are also the most expensive, so if I am at all unsure, I put the items back. It's a lot easier to commit to an aqua suede skirt (like in this last thrift post) when it's $10 instead of $20.
5. Have fun.
Thrifting on 50% off days is busy and crazy. But that shouldn't stop you from having fun. Everything is 50% off!!! I've talked about getting into thrifting and making the mistake of seeing potential in everything and buying all. the. things. Buying stuff, just to buy stuff, is not smart and it's probably an emotional thing and yes, I struggle with this constantly. That said, take a risk on 50% off days! That crazy vintage dress that you love but it kinda scares you? Just get it! It's not a huge investment and it's a cheap and fun way to branch out your style. I bought the jacket below probably about a decade ago on a 50% off day. I loved it and I have worn it over the years but yet, it probably took me 7 or 8 years to feel like it could just be part of my regular wardrobe. I always knew it was a beautiful coat, I think I have just finally found the courage to just enjoy fashion on my own terms and not be intimidated by an unusual piece.
I recently got featured by Wardrobe Oxygen for her series on True Fashionistas and I gave the same advice concerning how one should go about finding their own style. Maybe I am just running out of things to say, but I think when it comes to both fashion and thrifting, having fun is a pretty good place to start.



Something About Nothing


Skirt? (similar here in wine, or nude/black colour block here) Boots? Holt's Last Call (similar here
Sweater? Mexx, thrifted Biker jacket? Costa Blanca (similar here) Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth
Hat? F21 (similar here) Purse? Thrifted

We had a rather boring weekend  Some overnight snow work and then a whole lot of nothing. Which is fine, a boring weekend every once in a while is a good thing. It makes you appreciate the exciting weekends and it is also a very effective cost cutting measure... or something.
Sadly, boring weekends also make for boring blog posts, especially when I can think of nothing better to say about this outfit other than that I like it. I asked Matt for an idea on what to write about and he suggested talking about 'reflections on trains'. There was a train on the tv screen at the time and there is my reflection in the window panels of these pictures so... there's that. I have no 'reflections on trains' to share with you at this moment however, maybe next time.

Happily, next weekend and the week there after look to be quite exciting. Which is a good thing because I obviously can't count on Matt for blog content. 


Rambling and Reminiscing


Coat? Vintage, thrifted Beanie? Winners (similar in black and beige) Sweater? Gap, thrifted (similar in red)
 Plaid shirt? Maison Scotch Jeans? h&m Boots? Nine West, thrifted Bag? Roots (same colour here)

I wore this on the weekend, when Matt and I drove up to Waterford to bum around and check out the antique market there. It's currently my favourite flea market; it's the perfect balance of mess and organization and the drive to Waterford is full of pretty scenery. We bought a vintage hat, a baby gift and an old register cleverly done up as a piggy bank. We were going to buy the register as a gift but in the end, we got a little attached and kept it for ourselves. That sounds pretty selfish, it probably is but I was just really happy that Matt was so into it.
I grew up going to flea markets and antique stores all the time. That gives me blogger cred right? My vintage aesthetic not being something I picked up when I started blogging but rather it was forced upon me by my parents? I remember being on the fence about our family antiquing trips. On the one hand, it felt so adult to be trusted in a store full of delicate items but on the other hand, I wished we could do the 'normal' stuff my friends and their families were doing. My friends went the water park and got to eat hot dogs and we went to a rural antique market and got to choose a vintage tool. But guess what? I still have that tool. It sits on display on the mini persian rug draped over a cabinet I have permanently borrowed from my parents. Also? That persian rug? Another gift from my parents. I might have been about 6 or 7 when I received that.

(Bottom right is the particular tool I am referring to. I put a filter on this picture just to add to its vintage charm.)

Sometimes I think our childhood was so weird but yet it was stable, loving and normal for us at the time. There is nothing better than sitting around with my brothers and reminiscing. I also love listening in on Matt's siblings when they fondly talk about their experiences growing up. It's just so different. Matt's stories are less about antiques and more about camping trips, dirt bikes, mullets and shooting arrows into the greenhouse across the street. 
There is something about swapping tales with your brothers and/or sisters. Repeating the familiar stories that only siblings can know and completely understand. One tale turns into another and another and hours go by... I've heard a lot of the stories by now but I think they get better and more dramatic every time.

This post took an oddly nostalgic turn. All because I got excited seeing Matt enjoying himself poking around a flea market. Just as excited as Matt will be when I take up archery and share in that childhood pastime of his.
Or I could just cut my hair into a mullet. 


Thrift Along

Last week, inspired by Those Tricks, I decided to do a live thrift on my Facebook ('liked' me yet?). I wanted to give a complete picture of what I take in the change room, give my reasoning for saying either 'yay' or 'nay' and have an interactive element giving you a chance to voice your opinions as I try things on. 
I kinda messed up a bit. I didn't realize until later that I had put the first post under my personal Facebook and the next pictures under my blog Facebook. So, that was a little confusing. I also ran out of time because there wasn't enough time to do my full circle of the store plus update it all on Facebook as I go along. Technology was messing with my thrift flow. I missed so many sections!
Oh well, it can only improve from here. Anyways, I just wanted to give you a chance to peek at one of my thrift trips from selection to purchase.

Here is what I brought into the change room... 


1. J. Crew silk and wool baseball style jacket for $14.99. I was torn on this one. It was in perfect condition and I loved how the baseball jacket was reinterpreted in luxe fabrics but... I wasn't a huge fan of the silk layers across the front. The price tag was also a little iffy for me. 
2. Vintage wool blazer with notched shoulders for $5.99. The notched shoulders on this jacket were awesome but the sleeves were a little roomy and I am not a huge fan of more cropped style of jackets on my body. Spoiler alert: I didn't get it and every time I look at that picture now, I feel regret. Those shoulders are too cool...
3. Wool Joseph sweater for $9.99. I wasn't familiar with the brand Joseph until I got home and did some research (it's a few hundred dollars for a sweater and now I can't stop thinking of this one...) but I could just tell from the way the wool felt, that it was a great quality sweater. 
4. Metallic H&M dress for $9.99. I like the pattern and shine of the fabric but I was unsure about the cut of this dress. It's not really my usual style. Also, paying $10 for second hand H&M goes against my internal thrift rules.
5. Chocolate brown lambskin bomber jacket with a faux fur collar for $19.99. I thought the cut of this jacket is a little short for my body but the lambskin leather is sooooo soft and gorgeous. 
6. Teal suede skirt for $19.99. This was a cute and wearable skirt. The elastic along the back of the wasit was a little stretched out though and $19.99 is a little expensive.
7. Brocade jacket (with a matching skirt that would never, ever fit me) for... maybe $9.99? I forget. Either way, this jacket was actually a designer sample and pretty awesome. I loved the fabric and the fit but I also love breathing and that wasn't happening at all in this jacket. Sadness.
8. Leather Nine West boots for $12.99. All green tags were 50% off so they were $6.50. They were barely worn and super comfortable. 

So, what did I end up with? (sidenote: I had a $5 off coupon because I donated a bag of used clothing)


I bought the Joseph sweater because it is a great quality basic to have. I also bought those leather ankle boots but with the 50% off tag, this shocks nobody.
On the way to the cash, right before closing, I also found a Gap 'love' sweater with a quirky little side pocket. It was $7.99 and I didn't even try it on. I just hoped for the best and took it home with me. It fits perfectly and after washing it, I've already worn it twice in the last week. .
I should also note, as I was attempting to live thrift on Facebook, my friend texted me to take home the lambskin jacket for her. Sadly, the body was too wide on her body and I now need to return it. This puts me in a difficult spot... I should return the jacket because I would prefer it to be a bit longer and it's still $20. But, it is in my house now and it is quite nice. Ugh, I dunno, I need to just be strong and return it... 
What do you think?


Lace, Lace Baby


Dress? Vintage Victor Costa, thrifted ( Some etsy finds here and here. Also, this VC here is blowing my mind!) 
Clutch? Thrifted Necklace? Antique Avenue Shoes? Lauren Ralph Lauren (here)

I bought this amazing vintage dress about two years ago at Talize. It was $29.99 and I got a 25% discount because there was a hole along the seam and someone had hacked through the neckline and the sleeves. I've already ranted on that before but it never hurts to get repetitive... who cuts into vintage perfection so recklessly? Anyways...
I planned on wearing it to my brother's wedding in Holland two summers back but when I actually read the invitation, I realized it was a beach wedding. Yay for reading comprehension...The following fall I happened to thrift the modern version of this dress. How crazy is that? It's also a Victor Costa lace overlay dress with sheer sleeves... It's a bit more wearable because the silhouette is less dramatic and the back isn't as open, making the bra situation much easier (sidenote: when I wear something with a low back, I use a bra like this. Very handy.). Despite all that, the vintage version takes the cake. The workmanship and the material is way better in the vintage dress. They just don't make them like they used to when I walked uphill to school both ways in 5 feet of snow...

I just spent some time researching Victor Costa and it turns out that this dress is not from the 50's as I originally thought. It's probably from the 70's or 80's but made as a 50's replica. Apparently, Victor Costa was the unapologetic king of knocking off the big designers like Dior and Scassi. At the time, copying haute couture and making them available at reasonable (still high end but obviously not couture) price points was a novel idea. I'm learning...
All that rambling to say that after two years of owning it, I finally fixed the hems and the seams of the dress this weekend a few hours before a wedding we attended. I'm great with a tight deadline. And yes, I felt kind of fabulous. A full lace skirt will have that effect.


Beanie Baby

The other day, a friend and I were discussing the difference between a toque and a beanie. I mean, I know that the toque is kind of a Canadian symbol. Every joke about Canada starts with a toque, adds a pinch of maple syrup and ends with Nickelback... (ummm... when I typed that out I realized how awkward that sounds as a combination. Carrying on...). I just thought that maybe the beanie referred more to the looser style of knit hat?
According The Google however, it's a beanie in America and a toque in Canada.
Whatever we are calling them, I'm a big fan. And when it's cold out or when my hair is a mess, I have a something on my head. So, right now, that's about 81% of my waking hours.


1. maria paola calugi (very similar in red, black or white)
2. Joe Fresh (on sale in store)
3. Asos (here or red/blue mix here)
4. Joe Fresh (on sale in store)

After careful consideration and long hours of internal debate, I placed these as my top four winter hats. 

What about you? Did the beanie trend bite you... or is this not a trend to you but simply a winter essential?

*Lipcolour? Arbonne Nectar


Well Suited*


Jacket? Thrifted Vest? Thrifted Pants? Pink Tartan, Winners (similar but with a crazy waistband:)) 
Shoes? Ash, Winners (burgundy or magentaWatch? c/o Daniel Wellington (here) Clutch? Hilary Radley

Pant suits might be my new thing. They are just so sharp and I would be down to rock one in every colour. Since I have only ever worn a red suit, I have a lot of work to do before I tackle the whole colour wheel. 
And besides just suits of every colour, I decided, after watching this Solange video 17 times in a row, I want to wear a patterned pant suit as well. I`m going to thrift it. I tried to find one two days ago and I was unsuccessful. I`ll just have to try again until I succeed. I have thrift determination like that...

I should mention Matt is a little sick of the Solange song. Apparently 17 times of the same song was his limit. I`m sure he won`t get sick of pants suits though. Good thing too, because I have a colour wheel to finish... 

*In addition to the colour wheel, I will see how many bad pun titles I can think of every time I wear a  suit. 


It's in the Bag


Oh those 'what's in your bag?' posts...

They fascinate me because it feels like you are getting a little peak into someone's private life. Growing up my mom's purse was jam packed with what was needed to run our household. It was also completely fascinating and... strictly off limits. So getting a look into what people carry around always feels like I am doing something sneaky.
But every time I look at a purse post, I always wonder... where is the junk? And why is everything in your purse perfect and new? Doesn't that stuff get beat up?
So I gathered a few of my day-to-day purses (yes, I switch them up a lot), emptied them all on my bed and tried to put together a fair representation of what I carry in my bag. I always have my wallet, at least one lipgloss and my iPhone with me but the other stuff is not always a guarantee.
Of course, if I really need something, it's probably in another purse...

To be fair, looking at this post, my purse content seems a little lacklustre. I think my purse could use a sparkly notepad or fancy mints to jazz it up... For real.


1. My Jess Rizzuti purse (c/o here). Other purses in the rotation include my Roots bag and this thrifted bag.
2. Sunglasses. Two pairs (Moschino and Betsey Johnson). Not because I need options, though it's not a bad idea, but because there is usually a pair lost in an inside pocket somewhere for an indefinite amount of time.
3. My iPhone with an Iconemisis (c/o here) cover. I love the cover but it's super slippery, so I can't use it if I am drinking wine.
4. Vintage tooled leather wallet. I believe this was stolen from Kendi's donate pile when I was there two years ago. I've used it since and if definitely has wear. I guess that as much as I am constantly switching purses, I'm the opposite about ever switching up wallets. I like to wait until stuff starts falling out...
5. My Roots toque. Because roots (for my naturally (?) blonde hair) and cold ears need to be covered.
6. A smattering of lip products. I always have a Bath and Body Works lipgloss on me and probably a nearly empty tube of it lying around too. And then a bunch of lipsticks that naturally accumulate in the deep pockets of my purse. 
7. Tylenol. Because sometimes my head hurts.
8. Anti-bacterial gel. This kinda just hangs out in my purse. The only time I really use it is after I go thrifting...
9. Gum. It might be full, it might be empty. 
10. Tampons or pads. Though, like I said, when I actually need these products they are undoubtedly in another purse. 
11. JUNK. This is the part that I feel gets left out of every purse post. Unless I am the only one with crap in their purse. In this case, my junk pile includes a stub of a Winners gift card (long gone sadly), a couple Shopper's Drugmart receipts, a pay stub... you know, the usual suspects. Sometimes I'm a little embarrassed at how long random crap stays in my purse. Sometimes I'm a little embarrassed that the pile of randomness is actually much bigger than what is shown here.
But most of the time, I know that letting my purse serve as a junk collector is perfectly normal... 


Fancy Huh?


Dress? Vintage, consigned at Modify Your Closet Boots? Holt's Last Call (similar in faux, suede and leather)
Clutch? Gucci, thrifted Cuffs? Vintage, auction

This fantastic vintage (freaking handmade!) dress was originally intended as my 'no matter what, I am wearing this' New Year's Eve dress. And then, despite the no matter what, I ended up wearing yoga pants that night. 
Instead I wore it this last weekend for a family dinner at a nice restaurant. It's a pretty special dress but this restaurant is so fancy that the water in your glass never gets below 2 cm. from the edge and I knew it would be the right occasion. I just wish these pictures did the details of this dress more justice. The bow across the front, the bow across an open back but especially the sparkly fabric... We found a door to match the dress and the Gucci clutch (I make this a habit here and here) but it was hard to capture the shine.

I present to you a slightly awkward selfie that shows the sparkle a bit better under the interior light.


This fabric is just something else. Contrary to what might be your initial assumption, it is not a sequin dress. Instead it's like the whole dress was painted in shiny puffy paint and then someone took a pizza knife to it in a grid pattern. Are you feeling me?

You probably need to see the dress in person. The pictures and now the words (pizza cutters?) are coming up short...


Fringe Factor


Boots? c/o Aldo (here) Jacket? Costa Blanca Fringe vest? Thrifted Shirt? Thrifted Beanie? Joe Fresh 
Jeans? Citizens Bag? Roots (same colour, new collection, big or small. )

I left a suede fringe jacket behind at the thrift store this week. I convinced myself I didn't need it and besides, it wasn't 50% off day. 
Foolish really... Everyone needs a fringe jacket.
I felt regret when I got home; such regret that I tweeted about missing it. Regret is not real until it is acknowledged on social media. 
And then I remembered that I had thrifted a fringe poncho years ago and in a moment of inspiration, I just crossed my fingers and cut that poncho into a vest. You won't be shocked to know that a fringe vest  is far easier to wear than a fringe poncho. You also won't be shocked to see me wearing this vest/jacket combo all the time from the point forward. All the cool points I lost growing up (bowl cut, pink glasses, a rented TV to watch the Olympics (long story) , 9:30 curfews (another long story) and this list could go on...), I have officially made up for with this fringe. 

I hope.