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Dress? Bought via consignment Boots? Steve Madden (similar here and here
Hat? Vintage via LoveCharles on Etsy Purse? Vintage 

Sometimes when I get dressed I like to keep it complicated. If there is a piece that challenges me, I have a lot of fun trying to make it work. I think that is one of the reasons I have the blog, it's a fun push to try new things and take chances.
I see that crazy velvet jacket with a fur peplum and despite the fact that it is quite ridiculous and I can hardly even do up my seatbelt around it, I love figuring out how I can wear it out with confidence.

And then on the other hand, you have a dress like this. So comfy, it has a flattering fit and probably even (get ready to be shocked...) machine-washable. And it feels like I am cheating because it is just too easy to get dressed.
I guess that is just me, complicating simple things since 1983. Well, maybe since 1985, I think I was a pretty easy baby actually...


Evening Walks

Skirt? Vintage Tank? h&m Boots? Steve Madden (wear them so much, similar here
Bag? Vintage Earrings? Flea Market find (similar on etsy here and here)

The other night Matt and I went for a neighbourhood walk. Exciting stuff. Actually it kinda was because we saw a little guy sniffling on the boulevard over a bike fall and so Matt walked his bike home for him. And then because of that bike detour, we passed by a house that had a cat and a raccoon hanging out nearly side by side on a front porch. Not going to lie, my mind kind of exploded over a cat and a raccoon co-existing peacefully... I obviously wanted to take both home but Matt is a dream stealer.
Sigh. I miss that sometimes... Going for walks. We used to do that all the time and now we're both quite busy and stressed and on the one hand, we are blessed to have to have employment and ventures that keep us busy but on the other hand, I do miss walks. And blogging regularly. 
But I'm still enjoying both neighbourhood strolls and blogging. Especially when I have a pure early 90's bikini babe skirt that I just need to share. I might have less time to take pictures in front of good walls and to watch budding animal friendships but when I can fit it in, I'm going to seize and appreciate the opportunity...


Little Bear's Porridge

Dress? Thrifted Belt? Vintage Shoes? DVF Purse? Thrifted

Some days getting dressed is a little like Goldilocks settling on a bowl of porridge.

Me 'Hey Matt, what does this look?'
Matt  'It looks nice.'
Me 'Eh, maybe not... I'm just not feeling the colour. It's like the colour makes my roots more noticeable or something. Don't you agree?'
Matt 'Um, sure...'

Me 'Hey Matt, how does this look?'
Matt 'It looks nice.'
Me 'I don't know, the neckline is a little itchy... I never noticed that before but today it's like I can't even breathe...'

Me 'Hey Matt, how does this look?'
Matt ' It looks nice.'
Me 'Ugh, the zipper is just killing me. I'm feeling kinda bloaty and I just can't handle that zipper digging into my side. Do you know what I mean?'
Matt 'Sorry, what were you saying...?'

And of course those days happen only if we're in a rush... Everything I try is too tight, too loose, too colourful, too sombre, too long, too short or I don't have the right shoes... That's why I'm happy for this dress. Originally bought kinda on a thrift whim, it does not cease to put a smile on my face. Swingy, sassy, silk and comfortable (ugh, lost the alliteration on this...), it makes me feel fabulous and more importantly, it gets me out the door almost on time....


Quick Change


Dress? Vintage, Revolving Closet Belt? Vintage Shoes? Coach  (similar hereClutch? Vintage Anklet? Vintage

This dress is pretty unusual. It's cotton and made in India but the shape is slightly kimono-esque and the pattern is like a mix of a Hawaiian and a south western print. And then, on top of all of that, the top has beads and crystals sewn unto it too. A bit of an identity crisis happening on this here dress and I can relate to that on many days... Such is life*.
I started out the day wearing the dress with bare legs and sandals but as the temperatures fell and then the rain fell too, I added black pants and switched to my beloved pumps. And you now what? I actually liked how it looked with the pants way more. I felt more pulled together? One of the few times that a drop in temperatures worked in my favour... Actually, it also worked in my favour because the house was so crisp that both cats slept snuggled close to me when I had a nap. If you have read my blog for any length of time you will know that I constantly lose the fight for the cats'affection to Matt, so the cat  nap and the outfit change both made my day a little brighter... despite the chill. 


* my mom says this. I am becoming my mom. I'm kind of ok with this, she's cool. 


In Sync

Top? Thrifted Birks? here (I know, I caved, so comfyyyyyy...) Clutch? Vintage (similar here)
Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (here) Hat? Joe Fresh (similar here)

I think this hat has taken a fair share of abuse these last few summers because I noticed this time around that it was starting to droop a little. I think the point of this hat is sun protection and glamourous mystery. But with the brim losing some of its structure, the wind would catch the hat and re-arrange it into something hardly resembling glamour...
But I run this blog and that gives me the power to not put any sad hat pictures up. So if you only see me on the internet, you might think 'wow, Yen looks so mysterious.' But if you saw me in real life on this particular day, you would have thought 'wow, Yen looks like a droopy lampshade.' 
Maybe it's time for a new big sun hat, so that my online and real life can be in sync again...


Inspired Effort

Sweater? Vintage, Revolving Closet Shorts? Siwy Boots? Joe Fresh 
Bag? Some brand from Winners but this Etsy shop has many like it...

Merl launched her fancy pants eco website recently and styled an editorial of her sister (there are two Merls!...) in all white looks using primarily thrifted and vintage pieces. I just love the shoot, it's so crisp and yet dreamy (words, why are you failing me?) and I love the summery white looks. Duly inspired I decided I was going to create my own all white summer look this weekend... 
And then nothing was looking quite as chic as the editorial, so I just ended up with a sequin sweatshirt and some denim shorts. Because when all else fails, I sequin...

I do feel however, that I am having a bit of a style transition. When I have a free day I would like to do a major closet overhaul. I'm a big believer in keeping beautiful pieces to wear in different ways as the years pass by but I think there is a lot of fluff in my closet that I would like to cut out. I'm not changing my style completely, just streamlining some things and thinking more chic and less trendy. Maybe because at 30, I am all grown up now... and nothing says grown up like denim shorts and sequins, right?