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Whine Win


Dress? Vintage via Revolving Closet Belt? Thrifted Shoes? Guess, thrifted (similar here and here
Clutch? Thrift All second hand? What, what...;)

I'm wearing what could be described as a blanket cut into a flattering dress. Which is nice for an autumn day but then the sunshine hits you and you are sweating like you just ate some ghost peppers. The peppy flare of the skirt is also nice but then the wind hits you and you're pulling a Marilyn Monroe. Basically, cute clothes are effort! There is a reason track pant are so popular; they never let you down.

Also, it is worth noting I whined about my shoe game and low and behold I found a pair of leather, brand new, snakeskin pumps at the thrift store the very next week. And they were yellow tag and it was yellow tag day, so they were 50% off!

The lesson in all of this is obviously that if you whine, you will get what you want.


Sister from Another Mister

On Yen: Dress? Consigned, Revolving Closet Shoes? Aldo Clutch? Thrifted 
On Elisha: Dress? Thrifted Belt? Thrifted Boots? Ash

I could lie and pretend we both wore short-sleeved, short-hemmed, loudly printed 90's dresses and that it was a complete coincidence. My friend Elisha and I do show up often enough with similar outfits and this could easily be just another one of those incidences. But the truth is that we got ready together and she had a slew of dresses along and I told her not to wear the studded dress but to wear the bright one. I believe I might have even said 'we can be twinsies!'.
I can't believe I use the word 'twinsies' in a non ironic way. I also can't believe I convince my friend to dress like 'twinsies' in a non ironic way. But if you are going to go for it, you might as well commit with a fun loud dress, yes?



Leather vest? Thrifted (this jacket, sleeves cut off) Sweater? Old Navy  (here)
Boots? Holt's Last Call (very similar here)Clutch? Thrifted Cuff? Vintage, auction

This is one of the first real autumn outfits on the blog this year. But it's just an illusion because that day ended up getting really warm and I had to change to give my ankles some needed air exposure. The range of temperatures this fall is intense, it's hot and cold, like that Katy Perry song or something...

Even though I check the weather network and do the toe test every morning(stick my toes out the door without letting a cat out to get a feel for the temperature), I am often dressed wrong. I wore shorts to work outside on the coldest day of the year and I went home with no feeling in my legs. And then I wore a leather vest and leather over-the-knee boots when I could have sat on a patio with a dress and sandals. Basically if you see me out first thing in the morning, wear the opposite of what I have on and you will be dressed for the weather.
You are welcome. Dressing opposite of me is more reliable  than any weather network...




Skirt? 50's Vintage, Out of the Past (similar on etsy here and a set here)Sweater? BCBG (worn backwards) 
Pumps? Ralph Lauren (here) Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (here)

Admittedly, my shoe game is pretty weak. Especially for a fashion blogger. When I dress up I have to try really hard not to reach for my black sandals, black pumps or black booties... Such variety. Sometimes I succeed at that, and lots of times I just go for my old favourites. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I don't often thrift shoes, so if I buy shoes they have to be new and then it takes me a while to commit to something leather, interesting enough to last me a few years and in my price point. Also, I'm just too old and lazy to limp around in the shoes in my closet that don't fit perfectly and aren't comfortable. I can handle a good super high heel, but if I need to slow my roll at all because I feel like Bambi straight out of the womb, I'm out.

But you know what? What I lack in shoe game, I make up for in my vintage skirt game. Especially with a player like this hand painted, hand sequined velvet beauty. I put the crinoline from this dress under the skirt just to take it to the next level.

The crinoline is like the performance enhancing drug of my vintage skirt game, if you will...


Follow Up


Dress? Jones New York, thrifted  (kinda similar hereShoes? L'attitude Femme (similar hereClutch? Thrifted

I mentioned it on Instagram but it's worth repeating; I feel bad for the outfit (this one) that follows up that last post with the thrifted Sonia Rykiel. I mean, that one was kinda special...
But there has to be a next one, unless I were to quit and leave on a high point. But let's not do that, let's ride this blog thing out until 2035 and I have nothing left to talk about and no one cares anymore...

Carrying on, while this dress is not high end designer goodness, it has long sleeves and a short hem and that is truly my favourite combination. And even better than that, this dress is stretchy and allows for lunch, which to be honest, was hardly happening in the Sonia Rykiel. And as lunch is a beautiful thing, this dress is a winner in its own right.


The BLBD (Best Little Black Dress)


Dress? Sonia Rykiel, thrifted Shoes? Ralph Lauren (here) Clutch? Thrifted 
Sunglasses? RayBan c/o SmartBuy Glasses Pics by Elisha (love them! thanks!!!)

This dress. Thrifted.
It might be my favourite along with all my other favourites. 
I hinted at this amazing find back in the spring but the pictures on the dress form just did not do it justice. I'm glad I was able to sneak in a wear before the cold weather sticks around for good. I had to do some minor alterations to it and while I was working on it, I couldn't stop admiring how well it was made. Which makes sense because although it was thrifted for under $10 (I don't remember exactly but it was on a 50% off day), if you look at comparison prices of the same label, you better be expecting some good workmanship. I'm still not 100% happy with the alterations because that giant slit makes fitting really tricky but another rework can wait another year. Because I need a new eye wear prescription after pulling out tiny seams from the crepe back satin the first time...
I also gave myself a mini heart attack when I was working on the dress. I was about the press open the new seams and while I was waiting for the iron the heat up, I was also sweeping the floor like the super multi-tasker... Then my butt hit the ironing board and the iron tipped over and hot water spilled all over the bottom of the dress. And the crepe material immediately shrank in that area and puckered the dress. Colourful words were uttered. My butt could just have ruined one of my very best thrift finds ever.
Thankfully the material relaxed again as it dried and all is well. 

But it was too close of a call, ironing and sweeping will be kept as separate activities from now on. 


Things to See On the World Wide Web

I don't think I am going to do link posts regularly but I'm in the mood, so let's just go with it...


-I guest posted for Andrea this week here. I smelled roses like it was my job, or like I was posing for a blog pic.

-I spent a few minutes behind the sewing machine and then I got Julie on the crop top bandwagon. Welcome friend!

-This vintage Carolina Herrera wool dress from Friendly Fox Vintage is what vintage dreams are made of. Those shoulders and that neckline!!!! Pass the hat around, it's my birthday in exactly a month...

-We survived another year of New York Fashion Week. And by survive, I mean, we got through the thousands of social media posts. Yeah, that might be jealousy speaking... for shame. I have to say, out of all the bloggers attending, I loved what B. Jones and my girl Jessie were bringing to the table. They wore tons of vintage and their outfits were a celebration of fashion, not labels. And not a Valentino rockstud shoe or Celine bag was spotted on either of them...;)

-I ordered these boots last week with a gift certificate and now I run to the front of the house any time I hear a vehicle slow down. So far, none of these vehicles have been the mail man, just people checking out my gardens*.

-Lastly, I love the dress and I love the blogger. You just know she has fun getting dressed in the morning.

*lies. The gardens are getting there though. Give them another year or two to slow traffic.


Ballin' and Bowlin'


Jeans? AG, consigned (similar here and on super sale here) Trench? Banana Republic, thrifted 
Shoes? Sixty Seven by MTNG c/o DNA shoes Hat? Vintage Bowling bag? Borrowed from Modify your Closet

So... I went bowling this weekend with my very own (borrowed) bowling ball and vintage tooled leather bowling ball bag...

It all started when I went to see Melanie at Modify and to drop off some clothes to consign. We chatted about the usual stuff; vintage clothes and weekend plans and as I headed out of the door an hour and a half later,  she urged me to borrow this amazing vintage bowling bag for family bowling (I say family bowling like we go all the time, we don't. This is the first time.) the next day.

I assume the lady who had this sweet bowling set before was named Betty as both the ball and the bag are engraved as such. But for me, Betty just became the name of the ball. And to be honest, having Betty around was stressful because she didn't improve my game at all, she got stuck up in the back dregs of the alley (twice!) and one time she just disappeared! My sister-in-law found her back after a bowling alley employee had taken her when he attempted to redistribute some balls (stop giggling, what are you, 12?).

Terrible scores and near ball losses aside, I was happy to borrow this beautiful set. I felt like I had swagger. I felt like Justin Bieber did when he finally grew some peach fuzz on his upper lip.

I was, literally, balling.


Dressed Up and Somewhere To Go


Tuxedo pants? French Connection (similar here and here) Lace top? Vintage, Netty Vintage
Pumps? Ralph Lauren (the best pumps ever, worn way too much, here

This weekend I went with a friend to a private party for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

I could leave the post like that just so you think we roll private party style.

But... we dressed up, took a bus into Toronto and stayed at the party for a maximum of 15 minutes. Turns out we are way too cool for private parties. Or, this particular one just wasn't our scene... Either way, we went on our way and had our own fun. We met a fake James Franco, saw a real Daniel Radcliffe and reprimanded a lady who then identified Daniel Radcliffe as 'the guy from Lord of the Rings'... There was more to the night than fake and real movie stars (I was high-fiving random tall people? really?) but I don't get to name drop often so, there you go... 

Oh yes, and this is what I wore for said adventures. I liked it. 


Fancy Friends


Dress? Parker (Same brand here, might I add not a sequin has come undone?) Shoes? Nina, thrifted 
Purse and bracelet? Thrifted

One of my very best friends spent most of the last year living really close by. And by really close by I mean, about 6 seconds away.  We respected each other's space but if there was a slow weekend, we (and the husbands) would invariably end up cooking together and making it a night. Between the impromptu dinners, the need to show each other our newest thrift finds immediately and the attempt to work out to Jillian Michaels on mute, we saw each other on the regular.
And then she moved a whole 12 minute drive away and we both got a little dramatic over the distance. Suddenly we have to make plans to see each other, it doesn't just happen naturally. But if there is one silver lining to the whole dramatic move across the country city, it is that we actually dress up to see each other. Or over dress (in sequins this time), depending on how you see it... The days of wet hair and track pants meetings are over, or at the very least, greatly reduced.
I suppose another silver lining is that I don't have to wonder where my potato peeler is... After she borrowed it for a few months, it is finally back in the drawer where it belongs. 


The Capital


Skirt? Vintage Holt Renfrew, Modify your Closet Shoes? Coach 
Necklace? Vintage, gift from my mama Clutch? Thrifted

Matt, my oldest brother and I went up to Ottawa this weekend to visit my little brother, who is not little, but will never stop being my little brother. My mom wanted to to make sure he was going to bed on time and eating enough vegetables. I'm sorry to report back that the answer is negative to both of those concerns. But besides proper sleeping habits and proper nutrition, he's doing really well and it was a cool thing to see him in his new surroundings.
Disappointingly enough, with all the picturesque places around in downtown Ottawa, we ended up taking very quick outfit pictures behind a school in the suburbs. Sometimes you just make do...

Besides I am just way too cool to pose in front of all the touristy sites in the city...;)