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Fancy Friends


Dress? Parker (Same brand here, might I add not a sequin has come undone?) Shoes? Nina, thrifted 
Purse and bracelet? Thrifted

One of my very best friends spent most of the last year living really close by. And by really close by I mean, about 6 seconds away.  We respected each other's space but if there was a slow weekend, we (and the husbands) would invariably end up cooking together and making it a night. Between the impromptu dinners, the need to show each other our newest thrift finds immediately and the attempt to work out to Jillian Michaels on mute, we saw each other on the regular.
And then she moved a whole 12 minute drive away and we both got a little dramatic over the distance. Suddenly we have to make plans to see each other, it doesn't just happen naturally. But if there is one silver lining to the whole dramatic move across the country city, it is that we actually dress up to see each other. Or over dress (in sequins this time), depending on how you see it... The days of wet hair and track pants meetings are over, or at the very least, greatly reduced.
I suppose another silver lining is that I don't have to wonder where my potato peeler is... After she borrowed it for a few months, it is finally back in the drawer where it belongs. 


Ladies in Navy said...

this is so fun and you look fabulous!
kw ladies in navy

Jessica Cobb said...

I used to live eight hours from my best friend (and sister in law) and now we live about six seconds apart! I feel your pain. Also, that dress is fantastic on you!

Gwen said...

That is the most amazing dress! you look stunning!
And you should totally go hide your potato peeler at her house! ;)

Terri said...

That is a party in a dress! You look disco fabulous!

Frannie Pantz said...

I totally get it. It DOES make a difference. I love your sparkly dress and I think it is perfectly acceptable to wear it to a friend's house for dinner!

Siena in Style said...

I am in love with the dress!!
kisses from Milan

Jennifer said...

What a fun dress!

xo Jennifer

Lindsey A. Turner said...

Love this dress- so fun! you look great!


Linda said...

Goodness gracious girl. Every time I open your blog you are wearing something fly and looking like a movie star.

I agree with you that seeing a friend is the best excuse to dress up. Friends always let friends wear sequins!

JennaStevie said...

This is suuuch a gorgeous dress, the colours and sparkles are so good. That's funny that the 12 minute drive seems so long now, i wish I had someone that close!

Kate said...

Ooh, I love this dress! So fancy & fun, you look like a sunset.

Rebecca Jane said...

So many sequins = so much love

Unknown said...

I think that dress should make a comeback around New Year's - so cute!