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Things to See On the World Wide Web

I don't think I am going to do link posts regularly but I'm in the mood, so let's just go with it...


-I guest posted for Andrea this week here. I smelled roses like it was my job, or like I was posing for a blog pic.

-I spent a few minutes behind the sewing machine and then I got Julie on the crop top bandwagon. Welcome friend!

-This vintage Carolina Herrera wool dress from Friendly Fox Vintage is what vintage dreams are made of. Those shoulders and that neckline!!!! Pass the hat around, it's my birthday in exactly a month...

-We survived another year of New York Fashion Week. And by survive, I mean, we got through the thousands of social media posts. Yeah, that might be jealousy speaking... for shame. I have to say, out of all the bloggers attending, I loved what B. Jones and my girl Jessie were bringing to the table. They wore tons of vintage and their outfits were a celebration of fashion, not labels. And not a Valentino rockstud shoe or Celine bag was spotted on either of them...;)

-I ordered these boots last week with a gift certificate and now I run to the front of the house any time I hear a vehicle slow down. So far, none of these vehicles have been the mail man, just people checking out my gardens*.

-Lastly, I love the dress and I love the blogger. You just know she has fun getting dressed in the morning.

*lies. The gardens are getting there though. Give them another year or two to slow traffic.


The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Ha...I totally agree with the fourth one...esp about the shoes and bags.

Have a great weekend girl!


Jenn said...

I'm starting to avoid social media during Fashion Week. I check out the shows on and visit a few streetstyle blogs. The sameness of the bloggers trying to get their photos taken outside the venues is pretty cringey. We should be celebrating style, not trends! Glad to know there were 2 bloggers representin'.

Ahem. I have feelings about this apparently. :)

Jennifer said...

Yes B Jones was killing it at NYFW!

xo Jennifer

Sheree said...

Thanks so much for highlighting me and my dress love! That really puts a smile on my face...;)
Have a great weekend!
Sheree xxx

Emily said...

Yes! So nice to see NYFW bloggers who weren't strutting around in those ridiculous Valentino stilettos. Refreshing to see some girls with real style.