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Ballin' and Bowlin'


Jeans? AG, consigned (similar here and on super sale here) Trench? Banana Republic, thrifted 
Shoes? Sixty Seven by MTNG c/o DNA shoes Hat? Vintage Bowling bag? Borrowed from Modify your Closet

So... I went bowling this weekend with my very own (borrowed) bowling ball and vintage tooled leather bowling ball bag...

It all started when I went to see Melanie at Modify and to drop off some clothes to consign. We chatted about the usual stuff; vintage clothes and weekend plans and as I headed out of the door an hour and a half later,  she urged me to borrow this amazing vintage bowling bag for family bowling (I say family bowling like we go all the time, we don't. This is the first time.) the next day.

I assume the lady who had this sweet bowling set before was named Betty as both the ball and the bag are engraved as such. But for me, Betty just became the name of the ball. And to be honest, having Betty around was stressful because she didn't improve my game at all, she got stuck up in the back dregs of the alley (twice!) and one time she just disappeared! My sister-in-law found her back after a bowling alley employee had taken her when he attempted to redistribute some balls (stop giggling, what are you, 12?).

Terrible scores and near ball losses aside, I was happy to borrow this beautiful set. I felt like I had swagger. I felt like Justin Bieber did when he finally grew some peach fuzz on his upper lip.

I was, literally, balling.


Jennifer said...

That is an awesome bag!

xo Jennifer

Cathy said...

Love LOVE that bag!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

That bag makes me wanna start bowling...I say start although I have in fact bowled before...but I mean start as in serious hard core bowling.


pghbekka said...

I am totally in love with that bag! So is my bowling ball, Helen.

You look gorgeous as always!

Nicole said...

Love that bag. Had to chime in to say my dear grandmother (named Betty) was a league bowler, and she had the sweetest bubble gum pink ball and personalized bowling shoes. She would love this bag, too!

Gwen said...

You look too cool! I heart this outfit so much! Shame the ball was no good, maybe that's why Betty got rid of it? Or maybe it was smaller than the other balls, bowling balls seem to have gotten bigger with the years, or is that just me?

his_girl_friday said...

Those are the best pants, and that bowling bag is super cool! Super cool, I say! Betty is the best name for a ball.

Leah said...

Those pants look amazing on you!

Anonymous said...

Love those shoes! Alas I can't get them - they seem to have sold out (oh and I'm from Australia) - any thoughts on if they might still be available? Cheers and thanks hx

Jentine said...

Anon- are you on Instagram? The brand that makes these has been communicating with someone else who is looking for these shoes too after I posted a picture on Instagram. Maybe that will work?

abby said...

That bag is adorable. Winner!
xx Abby | a geek tragedy

Sophie said...

Another killer outfit. You can do casual so much better than me!

Unknown said...

Polka dots and a red beret? Irresistible! Love this insouciant look

Unknown said...

Oh my word, those jeans are perfect! What can be better than denim and polka dots? Answer: nothing!


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