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Dresses Over Pants and Other Good Things

Dress? Vintage 60's Trench? Thrifted, vintage Etienne Aigner (exact on Etsy hereLeather pants? Vince 
Shoes? Young and Tae (here! Love them!) Earrings? Vintage Sunglasses? Toms Clutch? h&m

I have been consistent in posting on the blog rather inconsistently. My apologies. A quick review of my Instagram will reveal I have been away with Matt's family and then with TXSC and now I'm just trying to get everything in order before my spring (and Matt's...) gets super crazy. I'm a little nervous about the to-do list this spring but I figure I work well under pressure. I'm no fun but things get done.

Another thing I have been consistent about is wearing dresses over my pants. Until the weather gets genuinely warm it's a good solution. Nice and toasty and I only have to shave my ankles...

I just talked about the weather, I think that makes this post complete... See you later this week though because it is my goal to post twice this week. For real;)


Miss (Mis)Match

Dress and jacket? Vintage Pants? Mother (here) Bag? Thrifted Boots? Franco Sarto, thrifted

Not going to lie, I was pretty proud of this outfit. The boots are a new thrift store find and though I got them for $13, the original Winner's tag for $130 was still stuck to the sole. And speaking of Winner's, I found these Mother denim jeans there for a steal of a deal and they are black, snug, comfy and wonderful and I wear them very, very often. I've worn the ballerina-esque dress before in one of my favourite outfit posts and I was pretty pleased to pair it with this super worn army jacket that is tagged as being from 1954. I have tried to sell this jacket in the store a few times, but I always take it back home because I can not bear to put a tag on it and actually sell it. 
This is what I love about getting dressed; ripped jeans, boots, a leopard bag, a dance costume (?) and an army jacket should not work together but somehow they all just do... And maybe they actually don't work together and in 2037, I will look back at this and laugh but I'm willing to take the risk;)


It's My Party and I'll Overdress if I Want to!

Dress? Vintage (On Etsy look at this crazier one) Shoes? Nine West
Clutch? DSW (I justed listed a pretty sweet hard shell bag here!!!) Lipstick? Rimmel, Bordeaux (here)

I got this dress last year when I had a chance to pick through a Korean singer's massive collection of clothing. It has a drapey top, a fit bottom, a thigh high slit and best of all, some amazing sequin business happening. It's hard to describe exactly but the sequins are more of a flat shape than most sequins are and so the pattern has a luxe look to it...? Or maybe I just wanted to call my dress luxe.

It's taken me a year to find an occasion to wear this but I figure what better occasion than the opening of the bigger The Edit. If you are going to be over dressed, it might as well be to your own party, or whatever... be overdressed anytime...
The grand re-opening of The Edit was last week Thursday. I was not as nervous as when I first opened a shop in 2013  (whoa, just re-read that post and cried all over the keyboard...) because it's all a bit more familiar now, but I still had some butterflies in my stomach ripping the paper off the shop windows at 6:59 p.m...
And then from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. on Thursday the shop was packed. I honestly was not expecting such a great turn-out. I mean, my mom wasn't even around, so I could not even count on her to buy a brooch and help me make my sales goals... But so many people came out to check out the place and support both myself and Beka (a local gem of a lady friend who is also selling through the shop now!) and I  (we) are super freaking grateful.
After the opening party, we went next door with a few friends for a drink (yeah, The Edit is right beside the super cool Black Sheep which is both good and bad...) and then back home. I was so very tired but yet so completely wired and overwhelmed that I could not sleep. I tossed and turned until 4 a.m., then I got up and did the only quiet chore I could think of; I folded the laundry. At 5:45 a.m. I figured the buses were running along the main roads and it was late enough to walk to the shop and clean up after a good party. I just needed a good brisk walk and some time to process it all. To be honest, what I really wanted was my mom and a good cry in her arms but scrubbing the shop floors had to do instead. And when I say that I wanted to cry, I mean it like a good cry, a grateful cry.
I say it all the time, and I hope I never lose this feeling, even when it all gets 'old' but it is so humbling when people care to support your endeavour.
Grateful. Humbled. Tired.
All the feelings over here...