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Year 4

And so here we are at the last year of my 4-part, slightly drawn-out, recap of my years of blogging. This last year may be the year I enjoyed blogging the most. It's a little hard to explain, especially if I hope to be brief, but blogging can be very all-consuming. In both positive and negative ways, it can easily take over your life. I got a little caught up. And then I gave myself a stern talking to, about perspective, jealousy, priorities and all kinds of other things. And then I chilled out. I want to put full effort into everything I post, I want to produce good content and I want be on my game. But it's just a fashion blog and it's supposed to fun. I've said fun a lot of times in the last month of blogging. I could stand to use a thesaurus but that sounds like work... and this is supposed to be... fun.
Style wise, I have found  myself a new bosom buddy. Blazers are where it is at. I mean, I will always love a good dress, a vintage dress especially, but blazers and jeans are in the regular rotation now. And for the rest? I'm trying new looks and taking every opportunity to over dress for the occasion. Some things will never change.

I can't deny it, I'm always going to have a soft spot for circle skirts and pink. Put them together and things get even better.  HERE

Sequin vest, my favourite drop crotch pants and my studded boots. I feel like this look sums up the level of bad-assery I have been attempting to acheive to this year. HERE

I took the sleeves off this vintage dress my mama gave me and suddenly it felt very wearable and fun. I cannot get over the amount of work that embroidery and those little pin tucks must have taken...  HERE

Well cut blazer and ripped up jeans. Uniform right there. Sadly I think these jeans might need to be retired as the holes are getting a little out of control. I'm willing to test the limits on that though... I'm sure I will keep you posted. HERE

I thought I remembered someone commenting on this outfit that I had a serious Tom Petty vibe going on here. But now I can't find that comment and I'm worried that I am at the point where I am making stuff up to create blog content. But seriously, whether it is in my head or whether somebody actually said it, I hope I am making Tom Petty proud. HERE

Leather, denim and wool... love this mix. This jacket is actually way on sale now... Can't wait to wear this whole thing again as soon as this winter departs us. I am typing this as we are getting hammered by snow. HERE

I don't think a red suit needs much of an explanation for making my favourites list.  HERE

... and because I can, here is a bonus.

This picture cracks me up. It ties for first in the category of accidentally hilarious moments Matt has caught on film. The other one is pretty awesome too... What you didn't know until this post was that I am a super hero beneath all the fashion blogger stuff. In this photo I was about to tackle someone wearing pink terry cloth trackpants. I've just got a heart for helping people...  HERE

*ugh, sorry, word verification on for a bit while I try to rid myself of a spambot who tells me I write so well, that I am so funny and that I should rent a dumpster or prune an apple tree? The flattery almost got me.



Blazer? Consignment store Jeans? Joe's Jeans, Winners (here, love them, they go from skinny to flare!) 
Sweater? Maison Scotch Purse? Zara (old, kinda similar idea but great price for suede!) 
Boots? Zara (even older) Collar? Friend's grandmother

I have had this bag for 5 years and I hardly ever use it because there is a stud missing on the other side and it drives me to distraction. I ordered some studs online (quickly... make a joke...) and they were just a bit different. And that drives me to distraction as well. 
Maybe I can make a pattern out of mismatched studs and get my leather guy (quickly... make another joke) to apply them all so they never fall out again. And then I can use this bag without getting all Mariah Carey and only allowing the camera to capture its good side...
It's worth noting that when I bought this bag during the Zara final sales, I was a little worried that I was buying into the stud trend as it was ending. 5 years later and studs are pretty much a classic. You never know what is going to stick around for longer than a season. 
Two years ago I was all like 'platform sneakers? No sir!'. And now I'm thinking I can make these work with just about everything... Oh fashion, you got me questioning my taste level... ha.


Curls for Days


When José Eber asked to give their Trio Clipless Curling Iron a try, I said yes. Yes, because both my curling irons bit the dust in the last few months. And yes, because both of those curling irons were almost a decade old. Does that make them vintage?
So, when I compare the performance of the José Eber wand with my old, low quality curling iron, you will not be surprised when I say that the wand is far superior. Thank you Captain Obvious. It's a little like stepping out of your K car to test drive a Bentley, and declaring the Bentley to be a 'nice ride'.
But seriously, the curls are something else...
There are three attachment pieces that come with the wand, each one giving you different curl options. Most of the time, however, I like to keep it simple with a messy curl on the 25mm. barrel. I appreciate a perfectly coiffed 'do for a night out but most of the time, perfect curls on myself make me nervous. As I've said before, they make me feel like I am a Louis Vuitton purse away from being cast as the newest member of the 'Real Housewives...' franchise. These messy curls take me approximately 7 minutes to do (when I am not trying to get pictures for a tutorial that is. Seriously, this stuff is effort!...:)). Good investment of time, I think.

I know there are a multitude of hair videos and tutorials available on the internets but after doing it wrong for a bit, I did some research and now having a pretty effective hair system down pat. I figured I might as well share what I'm doing. Sharing is caring.


Before- This is my hair with an air dry. Depending on humidity, I can get a decent beachy wave to my hair but like I said, it depends on the weather forces and it never lasts longer than a day without going flat... 

- Point the wand downwards! I didn't get this at first and my curls were... very intense little sausage curls. And because the wand is so effective, those curls will stick around...
- Start the wrapping hair around the wand at least an inch or two away from your scalp. I keep my hair wrapped around the wand for maybe 10 seconds? This iron gets hot; the magic happens quickly. Don't do what this chick did... but watch the video because it is so, so funny.
- Keep hair strand flat and not twisted to keep the curl loose.
- Curl some pieces with the wand in front of the strand (image 3) and others with the strand starting in front of the wand (image 2). This keeps the curls from looking too uniform.
- I curl the pieces around my face with my hair starting in front of the wand. This keeps your hair away from your face and allows your face to shine. I'm kidding. I just like the way it looks. 
- Separate the curls with your fingers or a comb. These curls are legit, they won't fall out with a little comb through. It just helps tone down the 'done' look.

After-  Stare at yourself in the mirror and marvel over how little time it took to get all this done.


Ok, and here is the best part! That 7 minute time investment lasts me for about 5 days. Every day I spray it with dry shampoo (whatever is on sale), comb through it and carry on. The curls do drop a bit over those few days, leaving a soft, tousled wave. If it rains or I wear my hair up, I might touch up a curl or two but most of the time, I do nothing besides comb it and add a spray of dry shampoo. Towards the end of the 5 days I'll wear a beanie but beanies are cool right now, so no one knows you have 5 day old hair hiding under there!
I just used two exclamation points in the last paragraph, I need to calm down.
But seriously I haven't used my straightening iron in at least a month. And this is the least effort and the best hair I've ever had on a consistent basis. So yes, all this to say the Trio Clipless Curling Iron gets an enthusiastic thumbs up. And a ridiculous amount of exclamation marks... 



Year 3

When I look back at the pictures of year three of blogging, I see that this is the year I started actually wearing my hair down. Based on these pictures, it's also the year that I realized that fashion bloggers shouldn't smile, just smirk. I'm sure there is more to say about this year but smirks and hair down covers it pretty well for now...;) <-----That's not a smile.

Battling winter 4 layers at a time. Though I think we had a pretty lame winter that year and it made us all soft.  The parka has definitely been used a lot more this winter. HERE

A vintage dress from White Elephant and a field of dandelions. The pictures in this post turned out pretty cool, I guess as a landscaper I never fully appreciated dandelions before... HERE

Thrifted Marchesa dress and wool blazer. I included this because I clearly love that dress but also because my hair had some good volume happening. I would like to celebrate that. HERE

Everything besides the shoes are second hand... I dig the colour combination, especially when we add the blue building and yellow railings to the mix.You know I'm a sucker for a brightly coloured building. HERE

Silk kimono and floppy hat. Not my usual look at the time but it was fun to try something new. HERE

Wearing silk Gucci pants (deeply discounted...) in a totally casual way. That's the fun of fashion, mixing it up and enjoying new combinations.  HERE


It Seams I'm Weak

Jacket? Reaction, Kenneth Cole* Skirt? Donna Karan, thrifted (yes, this is my ultimate find)
Boots? Aldo  

I don't go to Winners (U.S. translation: T.J. Maxx) as much as I used to. After I wrote my shopaholic's post, I've really put an effort into shopping with intention, instead of emotion. I still let myself go a little crazy at the thrift store but I am much better at recognizing and curbing the constant need to shop. I'm probably always going to shop more than the average person, I just don't want it to be some reckless activity anymore.
That said, despite the progress I've made, I realize that all my best intentions come crashing down when I set foot in either Winners or Holt Renfrew Last Call (U.S. translation: Off Saks). I can look you in the eye as I open the door to enter the store and tell you that I won't buy anything because I have no money, and then 30 minutes later I am in the change room with a haul of discounted Maison Scotch, convincing you that if I just buy these things I will be sooooo good for a week, a month, a year...
The other day I had to run an errand for someone at Winners and from the 'safety' of the mens' section, I could just spot the end-of-season sale racks in their glorious mess. Now, the only thing I love more than Winners, is Winners during the end of season sale. They cram everything together and there is a lot of junk and broken things but there are also deeply discounted hidden treasures (these boots for example). And so, I broke down and I went back a few days later, brought a giant arm load of clothes into the change room and after thinking it through, I went home with this jacket.
I lost this round to my shopaholic self, but the cobalt colour and perfect seams make me feel like I actually won...

* I can't find this blazer online but there were still a size 6 and a size 10 (I'm wearing a size 8) to be found on the end of season sale racks at the Ancaster Winners... a.k.a. the best Winners of life. Insider secrets right there...


Year 2

I remember this second year of blogging being really stressful. This was the year that I figured out wedding dress making, landscaping, school and selling your house simultaneously lead to an unpleasant Jentine. Matt hung out with our 60 year old neighbour on his front porch a lot that year because I was either busy or crying over my sewing machine. Dropping dress making was one of the best choices I ever made, though it took me a while to admit that. 
Other than that, I feel like I dressed more feminine and put together that year (could be my imagination). Now I prefer a bit of slouch and mess but things were pretty ladylike back then. 
Not ladylike? This t-shirt. Ha. I ranted like a champion on that post. 

This is just a cheap polyester dress from the thrift store but with a few knots and some brooches (pinned to my bra actually...), the whole look of it is changed. This dress continues to survive closet clean outs based solely on this picture. HERE

Vintage sequin vest and Rag and Bone pants. This vest has been good to me over the years. HERE

I wouldn't say this is my favourite look ever but I kinda like how I just went for it and wore a double leopard print and threw in a animal print purse too. I remember a couple magazines showing double leopard that fall and feeling quite ahead of the curve. No big deal. I'm pretty sure I inspired them...;) HERE

A good, no great, vintage dress never looks dated. That's how I feel about this dress. HERE

A thrifted, hand-made, bubble hem, plaid trench. Enough said. Also, some of my favourite pictures ever on the most perfect autumn runway. HERE

A vintage DvF is pretty much a thrifter's dream. My friend found this one but one day I will find one myself. Until then, I guess I have a few great thrift finds of my own to distract me... HERE


Tinsel Hearts


Jacket? American Retro, Winners Pants? Maison Scotch (Lots of good sale options here... love the quirky stuff) Boots? Joe Fresh (similar but even cooler here) Purse? c/o Jess Rizzuti (here) Beanie? Asos (here)
Pics by the wonderful Julie. xo

You know, earlier this week I was all like, 'meh... Valentine's Day'... I mean I have a healthy liking for chocolate, red, pink, sparkles and hearts but it can all feel a little manufactured and fake.
Then the night before, I randomly painted hearts on my left hand (I didn't even attempt the right) and I think the fumes got to me because I suddenly decided that Valentine's Day was something I wanted to do this year.
So at 3:17 p.m. on Valentine's Day, I was in line at the Dollar Store buying a tinsel heart to hang on the front door. This heart cost me $1.25*. It now has to hang on the door for at least a week to get maximum return on investment. And I continued my Valentine's Day activity by distributing some chocolates and writing some cards. Matt was gone so I'm planning on making a fancy dinner this weekend. And if I don't make dinner it's no big deal because when you've planned to do nothing, anything exceeds expectations.
And while Valentine's is probably never going to become some huge deal in my life, it's kinda nice to celebrate love and friends. Tinsel hearts are pretty cool too.

*sneakily played Dollar Store, adding that extra quarter...


Year One

So, in a week it will be officially 4 years ago that I started my blog. I have a lot of feelings about this. I have a lot of feelings about everything, so this is no surprise... I wrote this long post after the first year of blogging and I think a lot of it still holds true. Though obviously in three years much has changed in the blogging landscape... I'll try to keep it short this time.
87% of the time, I love blogging and 13% of the time, I wonder what the bad word I am doing. That 13% mostly happens in the winter too... ugh, winter, why are you so cold and grey? Sometimes the politics, statistics and the business of blogging can muddle my feelings but the one thing that never changes for me, is the love I have for clothing. Some people like music, cars, hockey... I like getting dressed. And it's pretty cool to be able to share that with an audience and to connect with people who feel the same way. I'm not a blog superstar, a photography expert (though we've gone for 4 years without a DSLR and I think we make do pretty well...;) pat on back.) or a social media guru... I'm just a girl who likes cats, thrift stores, good sales and rambling on about little bits of my life. And as long as I am having fun and enjoying myself, than I hope you are enjoying reading here as well. And I thank you for reading here. 

Who knows what the future holds... Hopefully exciting stuff. And more cats.  

I just want to take a little look back and pick a few favourites from each year. Maybe a 4-part looking back post is a bit gratuitous but... I have no excuse... I just thought it's kinda cool to look back, see how my style has changed (and my writing) and to see so many pieces that I still love and wear. 
Again, thanks for reading, commenting, liking and for being pretty freaking cool!

(Thrifted vintage Ungaro skirt and the perfect wall as its colour compliment. This will sound so cheesy but this outfit and these pics were the first time that I just felt it all came together. HERE)

(Elie Tahari dress I found for about $35... I've worn it to many weddings. That is my Mama's necklace and I could stand to borrow it again soon. HERE)

(Of course I had to include my favourite floor length sequin skirt and a field of cows. HERE)

(Zara dress, thrifted blazer and the leafy backdrop of the Hamilton escarpment. HERE)

(Tried and true mix of casual and sparkly. And a giant bun of fake hair. HERE)

(Thrifted sequins and playing around with Christmas lights. That's the wallpaper we put up in the living room of our old house. Awww... fond memories of that cute little place. HERE)


We're in the Band


Jacket? Vintage, Netty's Vintage (similar on etsy here) Jeans? Acne 
Boots? Holt's Last Call (leather meow here or fauxDenim shirt? Vanilia (similar here
Clutch? Thrifted Watch? c/o BCBG Bracelets? My Oma's and a gift

At this point my over-the-knee boots, denim shirt and black jeans have pretty much become a blank canvas for crazy jackets. In this case, the crazy jacket is a super boxy, vintage marching band jacket with... shoulder tassels. Because shoulder tassels make everything better.
I got this jacket at Netty's Vintage, the vintage shop in Brantford I recently raved about. In an attempt of self control, I limited myself to buying one piece. I originally had a lace cardigan in my hand. It was adorable, versatile and super wearable, seriously there is a lot that can be done with a lace cardi... but then, I couldn't stop thinking of this jacket. When it comes down to the choice between versatile and crazy, my heart belongs to crazy. Especially in a vintage store. I'll save versatile choices for the mall. The food court specifically. Mrs.Vanelli's pizza goes with everything...


And just so you know, this is how much snow we got. Last week's foray into spring is a distant memory.