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Year 4

And so here we are at the last year of my 4-part, slightly drawn-out, recap of my years of blogging. This last year may be the year I enjoyed blogging the most. It's a little hard to explain, especially if I hope to be brief, but blogging can be very all-consuming. In both positive and negative ways, it can easily take over your life. I got a little caught up. And then I gave myself a stern talking to, about perspective, jealousy, priorities and all kinds of other things. And then I chilled out. I want to put full effort into everything I post, I want to produce good content and I want be on my game. But it's just a fashion blog and it's supposed to fun. I've said fun a lot of times in the last month of blogging. I could stand to use a thesaurus but that sounds like work... and this is supposed to be... fun.
Style wise, I have found  myself a new bosom buddy. Blazers are where it is at. I mean, I will always love a good dress, a vintage dress especially, but blazers and jeans are in the regular rotation now. And for the rest? I'm trying new looks and taking every opportunity to over dress for the occasion. Some things will never change.

I can't deny it, I'm always going to have a soft spot for circle skirts and pink. Put them together and things get even better.  HERE

Sequin vest, my favourite drop crotch pants and my studded boots. I feel like this look sums up the level of bad-assery I have been attempting to acheive to this year. HERE

I took the sleeves off this vintage dress my mama gave me and suddenly it felt very wearable and fun. I cannot get over the amount of work that embroidery and those little pin tucks must have taken...  HERE

Well cut blazer and ripped up jeans. Uniform right there. Sadly I think these jeans might need to be retired as the holes are getting a little out of control. I'm willing to test the limits on that though... I'm sure I will keep you posted. HERE

I thought I remembered someone commenting on this outfit that I had a serious Tom Petty vibe going on here. But now I can't find that comment and I'm worried that I am at the point where I am making stuff up to create blog content. But seriously, whether it is in my head or whether somebody actually said it, I hope I am making Tom Petty proud. HERE

Leather, denim and wool... love this mix. This jacket is actually way on sale now... Can't wait to wear this whole thing again as soon as this winter departs us. I am typing this as we are getting hammered by snow. HERE

I don't think a red suit needs much of an explanation for making my favourites list.  HERE

... and because I can, here is a bonus.

This picture cracks me up. It ties for first in the category of accidentally hilarious moments Matt has caught on film. The other one is pretty awesome too... What you didn't know until this post was that I am a super hero beneath all the fashion blogger stuff. In this photo I was about to tackle someone wearing pink terry cloth trackpants. I've just got a heart for helping people...  HERE

*ugh, sorry, word verification on for a bit while I try to rid myself of a spambot who tells me I write so well, that I am so funny and that I should rent a dumpster or prune an apple tree? The flattery almost got me.


Jennifer said...

Haha love that last photo! I crack up at my own bloopers too!

xo Jennifer

DressUpNotDown said...

Well you do write so well, and you are maybe you should rent a dumpster? I'm betting you can prune the apple tree yourself. :o) I love seeing fashion bloggers favorite a little more insight into their creative minds. I love your vintage embroidered dress so reminds me of one I had that I finally admitted that it was too painful to wear. The arm holes were too small and cut into me to the point of distraction. :o(

Ladies in Navy said...

lovin the first picture with the pink skirt
kw Ladies in Navy

thislittlehouse said...

I recently found your blog and I'm a new follower, these post couldn't have been timed better! I feel like I've had the best insight into your blog! Your style rocks and I look forward to your future posts.

gleeps said...

It's been so much fun to see your outfit picks for "Best of MyEdit". Hope you'll never tire of blogging because I'll never tire of marveling at your creativity, eye for color and juxtaposition, and the funny things you have to say about what you wear. Bravo, Jen!

Loulou said...

Haha, hilarious about that last shot! Love all the outfits you showed in this post, especially the Tom Petty look. And sheesh, I'm with you regarding the weather!

Unknown said...

I think you should do a whole post devoted to blooper photos :)

It's cold and gray here in the UK and need some cheering!

Heather K. said...

I think we come from the same style jean (gene)... I mean, you're way cooler, but we're kind of the same.

Last pic, hilar.

Unknown said...

This was when I started following you!

Liv.vie in Love said...

All I can say is thank goodness you started blogging. I couldn't imagine my life without your witty blog posts and awesome fashion choices...and I actually have quite a fulfilling life going on here...But your blog makes it so much cooler.

So thank you!

Liv.vie in Love

Lucy said...

I absolutely love that red pantsuit--such a standout look!

tasha said...

OMG I am totally in love with the Sequin vest and cargo pants look. Super chic. Congrats on 4 years =)