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This blog is mostly about the icing; the fun stuff I find in the thrift store, at a vintage boutique or on the sale rack at Winners. But there are basics too, basics that often slide under the radar because no one notices a sweatshirt when there are sequins on the scene. Now that the weather is turning colder I have to pay attention to the basics again because I can not spend my days frolicking in a dress any longer. Getting dressed is a layers game. 
I know it is rather a basic basic but I have to say this Old Navy sweatshirt is pretty freaking good. It came off a good bolt of fabric because I have washed it many times and it has never shrunk and the seams haven't twisted at all. I have searched long and hard for a perfect grey sweatshirt and I never thought my search would end at this Old Navy version (that is now super on sale) ... But it did. And I just bought another because I know that next year I'm still going to like sweatshirts that are grey. I'm consistent like that.
The pants are ponte pants from Joe Fresh. I am nervous to be skating so close to legging territory but these have a real zipper and pockets! They are comfortable like leggings but they suck you in like a pair of spanx. Some say it's magic, others say it's just the ponte fabric. Either way, I dig them. I can't find the version I have with the front pocket zips online but these are the basic pair... I will probably get them too because they are so warm and comfy and tuck into boots. Win. Win. Win.
Finally, I wore these boots in my last outfit post. I have mentioned it before but my shoe game is not my strongest. And I am ok with this. I bought these black suede booties because they are quite comfortable, basic enough to go with about 83% of my closet and they have the dip by the ankle which makes them just a little sassier than a regular ankle boot. You should all breathe a sigh of relief because this booty purchase will ease my reliance on my oft-worn Aldo boots. 

And now is the fun part... adding layers of (crazy) stuff...


*  And since I topped my outfit of with a grumpy cat of my own, maybe consider making a donation to a local animal shelter at this time of year? A charitable spirit is the most flattering layer of all;) 
Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is a great local place rescuing animals from high kill shelters in the area and I admire the work they do. I think charitable giving is a very personal decision and there are likely many factors that influence your choices but I just wanted to highlight this great local organization!


This Happened

You may have already seen it on my Facebook or on my Instagram but I should make it blog official. I signed a lease on a small store front this week! Ah! That deserves some more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!

Funny how pretty much every friend I have told has responded with 'well, it's about time...'.


I signed on a cute, bright place downtown Hamilton that I will pack full of awesome. Some vintage, some new, some clothes, some jewels and yup, lots of awesome... The store needs work but I'm hoping to be open late November and I'm still finishing up the landscape season... so basically things are going to get crazy around here.

I'll obviously give more information once I get some big details settled but you are all invited for opening night, so get your passport in order if you have a border to cross! And if my next few posts are in all caps, I APOLOGIZE, IT'S JUST HOW EVERYTHING IS SOUNDING IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW!!!! EEEEEEEEEKKK!!!!!!


Rad Plaid


Boots? Nine West, Winners (suede here or on sale, size 10 in leather here) Scarf? h&m (here
Skirt? Winners Jacket? Costa Blanca Purse? Thrifted

I kinda feel like this giant plaid scarf is my Winter 2013 Fashion Blogger indicator. I think most seasons have some items that just scream fashion blogger. I mean, they are usually part of the general trend direction but there are always a few specific things that fashion bloggers seem to flock to and adopt en mass. When I first started blogging it was more of a look that we all went for; we belted cardigans, knotted skirts and paperbagged the waists of too big skirts and now (be in through widespread sponsorships or just the general increase of online shopping which makes items available across the board) it seems to be more about specific items; the J. Crew bubble necklace (or the knock-offs), the Rebecca Minkoff purse or the sequin lips sweatshirt... There needs to be a game show where fashion bloggers can be dated according to what they are wearing. I'm not saying I would win at this game show but I am saying I would be tough competition...

'That's so Spring 2011!'

If I wasn't so busy painting my nails three times a day, I would love to do a study on the micro (maybe not so micro) industry of fashion blogging inside the general larger fashion industry and the push and pull of trends between the two... But I've got a chip on my thumb nail, so I only have time to say that I am fully aware that the internets made me buy this plaid scarf. But it's so warm! And any fashion trend that has an element of practicality (Birkenstocks? I decided I'm on board, they are a good orthopaedic choice...) will get an extra point or two from me. I'm 30 now. I actually value function a little... 




Jacket? Pencey (more here) Top? All Saints, thrifted Jeans? Acne Boots? c/o La Canadienne, last year(here)
Clutch and necklace? Thrifted Pics by Julie

Between the ruffles on the blazer and the pick-ups on my shirt, I had a serious party going on in the back there. Or we can call all that ruffle-age my tail feathers...

I wore this a while back for a day of shopping and lunch out with Julie. Ladies of leisure we are, except when I dropped the leisure to try and cushion the fall of a teenage squirrel stuck in a tight rope situation... Yeah, attempted squirrel rescue is just another part of my day (seriously though, look at the pics Julie got of the little guy). 
Because it seems to rain when I hang out with Julie, we took shelter (and some pictures) under the overhang of an old train station. There was another guy waiting out the rain too, powering up his mobility scooter at an outlet in the station. In true Canadian fashion we both apologized profusely for getting in each others way. Thankfully there was more than enough room for blog photography, a recovering squirrel and some recharging. 

This post is turning out a little more random than I was hoping. It happens. 
Is it the weekend yet?


Split Ends


Dress? Vintage Scaasi (Here is the exact one on Etsy and here is a different colourway for a bit cheaper. Let's be twins!!!) Shoes? Guess, thrifted (similar here) Clutch? Hilary Radley Belt? Thrifted

A few things got a little facelift around here. My favourite purple wall got a fresh coat of purple paint and my hairs got a trim... Well, the one side got a trim and the other side got a chop. 
I've been pinning assymetrical haircuts on Pinterest (where else really?) like it was my job and yet, when I finally made it to the hairdresser last week, I chickened out and just got a trim. 10 minutes later I decided it was just hair and it was time to cut away the dead and just go for it. 
I love the cut but I won't lie, I had a bit of regret as I thought about my curls that had taken so long to grow... It's not even that big of a cut but it takes me forevvvvver to grow out my hair. Forever. I'm not one of those people that goes to bed with a pixie and wakes up up with a bob. Those curls were three years of hard work*.
But I gave myself a little speech about not wasting time regretting a elective haircut. As they say 'don't cry over spilt milk...' or in this case spilt ends.

*Not sure what this hard work is? Though when Matt gets a too short hair cut he earnestly tells me he is working hard to grow it back by watering it every day....


Fall Back


Boots? Steve Madden (here) Dress? Thrifted Belt? Thrifted Purse? Thrifted

I made up my mind not to enjoy autumn this year. Not that I have anything against the fall but last winter was just rough and I think the idea of going into a winter season again was messing with my mind. But the weather has been so pleasant and the colours are so distractingly vibrant and I find myself humming when I clean up fluffy piles of leaves at work and I just feel so tricked...! I can't help it autumn, you got me... again.

On this particular sunny day, Matt and I spent most of the day driving through the country and hitting up flea markets and thrift stores. It was the day before my birthday and Matt was exceptionally patient (even more so than usual) as I made important vintage decisions and exclaimed every 3 minutes over a pretty tree, a sweet puppy or a field of pumpkins. I had a giant burger with brie and I made an amazing thrift haul but what made the day awesome was definitely that it was the perfect autumn day. Just perfect weather and perfect scenery. 

Ugh, I got manipulated into liking autumn again. 


Chasing Waterfalls


Did you know... that Hamilton has proclaimed itself the City of Waterfalls? We have an escarpment that runs through our city giving us an actual uptown and downtown (we so fancy...) and thus, also giving us a multitude of waterfalls.
So, when my friend's husband Paul, a photographer at Photo280 found out about our waterfall situation, he asked if I could do some posing for him by a waterfall because there were some shots he wanted to try. Don't get me wrong, I'm not camera shy but all these waterfalls get really popular when the leaves start to change colour and I just pictured things being pretty awkward... I could just imagine lovely families coming by for an autumn hike and wondering about the poor faux model sitting in the cold stream. Hopefully they would think to throw me snacks...
Thankfully, everything turned out really well because it poured that morning and though it cleared up by the time we arrived to take pictures, the rain delayed the crowds and allowed for waterfall frolicking in complete peace.

And let's be honest, the waterfall sitting was my idea. I figured when you have a willing and talented photographer and some solitude by one of your favourite falls, you might as well commit. Something about YOLO...

Thanks Paul!!!

p.s dress is old Zara... also worn amongst autumn splendour here way back. 


This is 30


Skirt? Vintage, vintage Shirt? Denim, Gap Shoes? Ralph Lauren Necklace and clutch? Thrifted

This half painted wall has served me well for outfit pictures in the past. It had just started to rain and in an attempt to get pictures done before the inevitable downpour, we ended up there again. Our camera seems to be giving up the ghost and continually jams, so I should just be happy we got some pictures because I really wanted to share this rather fabulous skirt.
I can't help but think that this skirt deserves more though... I'll just say it. The movement of this skirt and the amazing floral appliqué deserve to be captured by a street style photographer. Preferably as I am rushing into a Paris fashion show, talking on my phone (busted... no one talks on a phone any more) and being important.
While obviously this skirt (or I, myself) did not make the Paris fashion show cut, this is the skirt I wore during the day of my 30th birthday yesterday. And yes, as much as I want to pretend turning 30 is not a big deal, it still kinda feels like it any ways.

I have lots of thoughts on turning 30 but it's Canadian Thanksgiving today and there is family to see and food to eat. I will say that I had a few moments yesterday where I was verklempt with gratefulness. I think as I get older, I realize more and more that being a human being is hard. That life in general is complicated and messy and happy and sad and crazy and boring and every adjective out there really. But I am so blessed with my family and my friends; I am so blessed in general. Yeah, maybe my camera isn't working so well (in the grand scheme, not a major thing but an annoyance) but there is often a guy behind that camera who, despite the fact that he cares little for photos or for fashion, takes the time to snap a few shots for me... And there is a friend who listens when I ramble on about dreams or when I then, in turn, ramble on about my fears in realizing those dreams. And there is a mother, who gives me the best hugs, and who can still laugh even when it's not funny.
My skirt is great but my people are even greater;)


No Skirt, Long Jacket


Jacket? Vintage, thrifted Jeans? h&m, thrifted Pumps? Ralph Lauren 
Necklace? Thrifted Bag? Thrifted

I found this mint vintage jacket for $4 at the thrift store. Based on the prices on all the other jackets on the same rack, I would assume that it was either priced wrong or someone thought it was so ugly that only a $4 price would get it out of the store. That happens sometimes when good vintage gets priced absurdly low because it's not Gap or American Eagle and is therefore weird and unworthy. And when that happens it's actually a beautiful thing...
I've only had the jacket for a few days and I have already worn it all buttoned up as a dress and now again casually with some beat-up denim. I am quite happy with this purchase.
And based on the fact that I slung the jacket over a rack at a vintage store the other day (big mistake, don't do this...) and someone else admired it and tried it on without me even noticing, I would say I have at least two people who agree that this jacket is a beauty. The other person is my mom. She told me that she doesn't always love all of my fashion choices but this one was a good one. Mother approved. Bam.

(The vintage store I was at was Netty Vintage in Brantford, it is my favourite vintage place... Sadly, Netty is closing its doors on Oct. 31st so you should go soon to get some amazing (really) deals and to say hey to Jacqueline, who is a top notch lady!) 


Teen Spirit

Plaid shirt? Thrifted (similar here) Jeans? Rich and Skinny, thrifted (hereTee? Old Navy (here)
Beanie? Asos (here in differentt colour) Boots? Aldo (similar, pretty and kinda pricey) Necklace? Thrifted

My oft worn denim oversized shirt is out of commission. I broke a few buttons on it and though fixing it has been at the top of my to-do list, it seems Facebook creeping is more important than putting pretty new wooden buttons on my favourite shirt. Happily, I have this new plaid shirt to tide me over.

The grungy plaid shirt trend is one of the first trends to come back that I can remember living through the first time they were in. I was in elementary school watching the cool older kids in high school smoking cigarettes by the buses in their plaid shirts. I even had some plaid shirts myself... but no cigarettes.

And so it begins. Because fashion is cyclical, I am going to spend the rest of my life telling teenagers that 'I remember wearing that the first time it was in style'. And maybe if they seem to be interested (or are just polite), they will then allow me to regale them for hours with stories from high school. And stories about cats...

P.S. And the fun pics are from my friend Paul of Photo280... Just wait til later in the week because he had me in a cold waterfall in a silk maxi dress.