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Chasing Waterfalls


Did you know... that Hamilton has proclaimed itself the City of Waterfalls? We have an escarpment that runs through our city giving us an actual uptown and downtown (we so fancy...) and thus, also giving us a multitude of waterfalls.
So, when my friend's husband Paul, a photographer at Photo280 found out about our waterfall situation, he asked if I could do some posing for him by a waterfall because there were some shots he wanted to try. Don't get me wrong, I'm not camera shy but all these waterfalls get really popular when the leaves start to change colour and I just pictured things being pretty awkward... I could just imagine lovely families coming by for an autumn hike and wondering about the poor faux model sitting in the cold stream. Hopefully they would think to throw me snacks...
Thankfully, everything turned out really well because it poured that morning and though it cleared up by the time we arrived to take pictures, the rain delayed the crowds and allowed for waterfall frolicking in complete peace.

And let's be honest, the waterfall sitting was my idea. I figured when you have a willing and talented photographer and some solitude by one of your favourite falls, you might as well commit. Something about YOLO...

Thanks Paul!!!

p.s dress is old Zara... also worn amongst autumn splendour here way back. 


Andi said...

what a cool photo shoot! These pictures are gorgeous. I'm glad the crowd weren't there yet, it could get kind of awkward!

Adelyn Sterling said...

cool photos! Glad you missed the crowds!

Jennifer said...

These photos look like they are from a book!

xo Jennifer

ParisGrrl said...

Love all those pics, but the last one is definitely a keeper!

GFS said...

GOTH DARNIT! (Trying to watch my language since having the kid).....These pics are epic!

You so fancy!

ThriftyParka said...

Freeoww!!! Awesome pics! I can almost feel the waterfall spray!

Gorgeous dress and model!!

Leah said...

These photos are amazing! You are the perfect muse ;)

Ladies in Navy said...

this is so beautiful!
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous said...

Money shot!

<3 Gia

Naomi said...

Stunning work, both of you! Your dress is lovely~


The Occasional Indulgence

Vanessa said...

These photos are incredible!

paulwyatt said...

Thank you so much for the chance to work out some great shots! These photos were a blast to shoot!

Thanks for your kind words and your enthusiasm... even if that means sitting in a stream in a silk dress.

DressUpNotDown said...

Yay...we get to see the waterfall shoot! I so want to sit in a waterfall wearing a silk dress now! *sigh*

Unknown said...

It's trash-the-dress, blogger edition!
These shots are great. I love the last one; way to own the shoot!

Franziska said...

I swear, these are the coolest pictures I've seen on any fashunblog. ever.

Amy said...

Wow--these photos are absolutely stunning. You look beautiful!

xo Amy

Unknown said...

Oh man, I am so behind on blog reading, but I just had to say that these pictures are GORGEOUS. That dress is just absolutely perfect for the setting!