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Fall Back


Boots? Steve Madden (here) Dress? Thrifted Belt? Thrifted Purse? Thrifted

I made up my mind not to enjoy autumn this year. Not that I have anything against the fall but last winter was just rough and I think the idea of going into a winter season again was messing with my mind. But the weather has been so pleasant and the colours are so distractingly vibrant and I find myself humming when I clean up fluffy piles of leaves at work and I just feel so tricked...! I can't help it autumn, you got me... again.

On this particular sunny day, Matt and I spent most of the day driving through the country and hitting up flea markets and thrift stores. It was the day before my birthday and Matt was exceptionally patient (even more so than usual) as I made important vintage decisions and exclaimed every 3 minutes over a pretty tree, a sweet puppy or a field of pumpkins. I had a giant burger with brie and I made an amazing thrift haul but what made the day awesome was definitely that it was the perfect autumn day. Just perfect weather and perfect scenery. 

Ugh, I got manipulated into liking autumn again. 


eelsay said...

I love days like that, good for the soul.


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Busted! How love how you've styled your dress. The boots are awesome!

Jennifer said...

Sounds lovely!
That dress is so pretty!

xo Jennifer

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

This dress is sooooo cool! Loving it with the belt.

xo Ashley

Tomma said...

Great dress! The autumn leaves are the perfect backdrop for the dress!
Also Happy belated 30th Birthday!

Liz said...

You look gorgeous. Autumn is my favourite season so I love being out and about too, Liz xxx

Unknown said...

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