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Teen Spirit

Plaid shirt? Thrifted (similar here) Jeans? Rich and Skinny, thrifted (hereTee? Old Navy (here)
Beanie? Asos (here in differentt colour) Boots? Aldo (similar, pretty and kinda pricey) Necklace? Thrifted

My oft worn denim oversized shirt is out of commission. I broke a few buttons on it and though fixing it has been at the top of my to-do list, it seems Facebook creeping is more important than putting pretty new wooden buttons on my favourite shirt. Happily, I have this new plaid shirt to tide me over.

The grungy plaid shirt trend is one of the first trends to come back that I can remember living through the first time they were in. I was in elementary school watching the cool older kids in high school smoking cigarettes by the buses in their plaid shirts. I even had some plaid shirts myself... but no cigarettes.

And so it begins. Because fashion is cyclical, I am going to spend the rest of my life telling teenagers that 'I remember wearing that the first time it was in style'. And maybe if they seem to be interested (or are just polite), they will then allow me to regale them for hours with stories from high school. And stories about cats...

P.S. And the fun pics are from my friend Paul of Photo280... Just wait til later in the week because he had me in a cold waterfall in a silk maxi dress.


Anonymous said...

This whole outfit looks so cozy and cool.

Jaclyn said...

Love the outfit. Plaid is so easy and versatile. The last photo is gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Love it! Plaid shirts are the best thing ever, especially if they're flannel.

Jessica said...

The link that you posted for a similar shirt is of a men's plaid shirt. Do you think that yours is a men's shirt? - it looks to have more of a waist, but I will start looking in the men's section otherwise.

jentine said...

Jessica- Yeah, I thrifted this one in the men's section... They had the oversized and true flannel feel I was looking for.

Amber said...

I love the last photo of you hanging from the tree - too cute!! I'm so excited plaid is back around too =)

Ladies in Navy said...

this is fall perfect
kw ladies in navy

Jennifer said...

Yay for plaid!

xo Jennifer

DressUpNotDown said...

In photo #3, your eyes, oh how that hat lets the focus be on your beautiful eyes.

I breathed the word "Wow" when I saw your boots. Yeah, wow!

Wait! Cold waterfall? Silk Maxi Dress? You are such a tease. :o)

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