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Wrap dress? Maggy London, thrifted
Trench? Mackage, Winners
Boots? Aldo
Wristlet? Coach, bridesmaid gift
Bracelets? Crazy lady at The Ex (winner in the next post...)

There was a sad time a few weeks ago when I thought my thrifting luck was running out. And the thought frightened me because my conversations with friends start out with the cat summaries ( F.Y.I., Kyle is looking even fluffier lately, Stella is being very cuddly/slutty and B.E.C. ate the tulle hem off a skirt this weekend) and end with the thrift round-up. What can I say? You want to be my friend... If I lost my magic thrift powers, I would have nothing to wear and nothing to say. And girls' night would be awkward if I was naked and silent.... but it's a moot point because I'm back in the game... taking names, kicking ass. The turning point was finding this dress ... If silk is first base, leopard print is second and the wrap styling is third base; then finding the dress in my size was a home run. And getting it for $5 is like a double scoop waffle cone after the game... an ice cream cone that you deserve because you ran around the bases and burned those calories.

Wow... I'm throwing around the sports metaphors like someone's trying to steal home... too much? I'm done, I promise.







Shorts? French Connection sample
Button-up? Gap
Scarf? Winners
Shoes? Aldo (men's), thrifted
Purse? Thrifted
Moose belt? Flea market (click here for a close-up of the moose goodness)

I would like to draw your attention for a moment to the freshly painted white wall. Matt spent a few Saturdays ago painting the exterior of our house and he patiently painted around each brick and then used the roller on the brick itself. He worked for 6 hours and painted 1.5 of the 4 walls that needed to be done. The next weekend he rented an airless sprayer and finished the rest of the walls in less than 2 hours. What up Tom Sawyer?

In other news, I wore these shorts this weekend. I've read many eloquent blog posts bidding farewell to summer, shorts and breezy dresses but it turns out summer had not bid farewell to us yet. And because I'm not one of those organized people who has Sept. 21 circled on the calendar and carefully packs away all summer wear in labelled Tupperware containers on that day, I was able to just root through the pile of clothes on my chair (or was it the pile on the ironing board or the bed?), grab my shorts and I was ready to go. Once again*, being disorganized paid off...


*I only say 'once again' to make myself feel better... because all I secretly want for my birthday are those Tupperware containers... and a pen for circling dates.


Almost Vintage





Vest? French Connection, warehouse sale
Skirt? h&m
Shoes? Nine West, Winners
Clutch? Vintage eelskin, thrifted
Bangles? UO and Goodwill auction

Again, again and again... I am all ladylike up in your grill.

My mind is blowing with ideas on how to wear this vest. I could wear it with my sequined skirt and flat, over-the-knee boots, or I could wear it with some distressed, baggy jeans and leather gloves or with underpants and a samuri sword like Nicki Minaj. Good options, yes?

And this skirt is so old I can almost call it vintage h&m. I bought this skirt the first time I ever walked into an h&m 9 years ago. Back then my bestie and I took the old Corolla down to Ithaca, NY to visit her sister and she introduced us to the magical store of fast fashion. I still commend her sister's patience when she waited as we spent hours deciding what to spend our pennies on. At the time the bestie and I both worked at Tim Horton's serving coffee, raking in the cash money at $6.85 an hour, so after paying for our own gas like the adults we were, we had to make careful decisions on how to spend the rest. And yes, when I wear this skirt I feel a bit nostalgic for the teenage thrill of a road trip and for that feeling I had back then, thinking that h&m was my little fashion secret. The nostalgic feeling ended when the poor Corolla had to be retired off the road and when h&m began to complete it's world domination and became as prevalent as a Tim Horton's in Hamilton. And while I still find myself in h&m occasionally, clutching armfuls of clothing, I now thrift to get that feeling of exclusivity.

Surprisingly, I am not keeping this skirt in order to desperately hold on to a piece of my adolescence. It just refuses to destruct and the circle skirt never really goes out of fashion. And so, the original h&m skirt will stick around until it truly does become, vintage.









Sweater? French Connection, warehouse sale at The Ex
Jeans? Zara
Boots? Charles David, thrifted
Purse? Thrifted

A soft off-white sweater, worn-in jeans and brown boots have been part of my autumn/winter uniform for many years. Back in the day, I never imagined that I would start a fashion blog; that my level of comfort would increase and I would be too busy wearing shine, leopard overload and pleated pants to have time for my old cold weather favourite. But then I saw this perfect slouchy sweater for $25 at the French Connection warehouse sale* and I knew that I needed to revisit the look. This is the fashion blog updated look... the sweater is puddley and the boots are strappy and the purse is fuzzy. And I felt so warm and wonderful that I wore it Friday night and again on Saturday. The sweater might be my most perfect 'soft, off-white sweater' yet... I'm pathetically torn between wanting to wear it everyday and only bringing it out for very special occasions. Haven't decided yet what to do yet... this blog could very well become My Edit on Rewearing a Sweater...either way, air hugs only when I'm wearing this puppy. If I see a make-up stain...somebody gonna get hurt...real bad.


I'm an easy laugh...corn husk eyebrows...

*For those who asked about the French Connection warehouse sale... it was in the warehouse section at The Ex, behind the madness of people clamouring for $5 stretchy jeans from UB. Past that chaos was a much quieter, fantastic French Connection area. It was good...








Dress? Kenneth Cole sample, gift from a friend
Shoes? Vince Camuto, Winners
Cardigan? Thrifted
Clutch? Thrifted
Necklace? Antique market
Belt? Thrifted

My friend gave me this dress when she bought it at a sample sale from her work. I always seem to grab it when I'm in a rush because it's a perfect, chic summer dress. And then , when it's on, I remember why I don't wear it enough... the cleavage is cut scandalously low for daytime exposure. But I'm usually running late (perfection takes time), so I don't have time to fix it immediately and the dress goes back in the closet to shock me again the next time I reach for it. I finally altered it this summer and now the cleavage situation is under control. After owning it for more than 3 years, it took me five whole minutes to alter... Time well spent.

Once again, this outfit has a definite retro feel. The nipped waist, the demure cardi and the hair bump (which is actually the leftover from a 60's dress-up party the previous night... )... It's a look that is really ' in' this year. Trust me, I know, The Fashion Bosses told me so. I spent a final day at the beach a few weekends ago and I ate a lot of chips and read a lot of September issues. My stomach cramped with grease and my brain exploded with Autumn trends. What I found frustrating while reading these, is that this retro silhouette is immediately paired with 'curvy' models. Actually, that's not the frustrating part... it's more that I feel like a lot of magazines/designers are asking for a pat on the back for being so wonderfully inclusive this season. I realize a Thursday night post that is being typed with one eye on The Apprentice is maybe not a wholly appropriate time to launch into a media vs. body image rant. It's a really complicated issue. I just don't know what's better... looking in a fashion magazine and seeing a size 0 model and realizing that that isn't representative or looking in a fashion magazine and seeing a size 4 model with an admirable chest and being told that this is a curvy girl. Is this making any sense? All this thinking... brought on by a pretty dress.



Stories and Giveaways


I have been wearing (and bragging about) my bracelets from The Crazy Lady at the Ex a lot lately. I bought my first bracelets of my collection 4 years ago and every year since, a few more have been added. Sometimes, I can't make it to The Ex but one friend or another has always made sure that the tradition of bracelet hoarding can continue. And I love that I've started this tradition because now quite a few of my friends have bracelets, and it feels like it's my awesome little secret that I don't mind sharing.
I've told the story of the bracelets before but I can repeat. The lady who sells the bracelets is a touch nutty but she is super passionate about her jewelry. Apparently she inherited a factory full of antique paste stones and findings (oh to frolic in this magical factory...) and makes the jewelry to sell at local fairs. I've asked for her email to get some more bracelets and I got a business card (with scissor marks, no less) with a phone number. Old school... I can respect that.
And now I want to share the love by giving away 2 original Crazy Lady bracelets that I picked up last week. I love the story behind these bracelets and I'm excited to share something so unique. BUT, before you can enter to win, please read my story... it's funny.

I know I call her the crazy lady and she is... but she is also quite sweet. A week ago I was at The Ex and as I walked up to her booth (actually, I ran... and pushed people out of my way), she pretty much grabbed me and told me she loved my outfit (this one). We chitchatted about how I love the bracelets she makes, how she makes jewelry not for the money but for the creativity and then I told her not to retire...please.
She complimented me and told me I looked like a movie star... I humbly murmured my thanks and my ego grew as I thought 'I've heard that before'. On the frequent, flattering movie star comparison scale, I often get compared to Katherine Heigl... but as frequently, I get the Courtney Love comparison. Oddly enough, it's usually guys who tell me that as a conversation opener... hmmm.
The lady grabbed her husband and they debated over who exactly I looked like. And the name that came out of this debate was...Jenna Jameson. And now, like Katherine Heigl, I will submit my name for an Emmy nomination because I kept my face perfectly in control when that elderly couple sweetly told me I looked like the world's most well known porn star. I think they meant someone else because I'm pretty sure the likeness I bear to Jenna Jameson stops at the bleach in my hair...

And that's my story... now you may enter the contest to win these two completely unique bracelets (you win both because they shouldn't be separated) made from antique findings. We can be bracelet twins (obviously fraternal not identical)!
To enter...

1. Spin in a circle clockwise twice, touch your nose and chew gum while tweeting 'Who's your daddy?'.

Just leave a comment. One entry per person. Contest ends Sept. 20, 2010.

As always, thank-you for every bit of support you give this blog!
xo Jentine


Contest Closed


So Much To Do, So Little Time


If you look quick, you might think I finally let my twin sister out of the basement for a photo. On closer inspection, it's clear this is more a shoddy Picassa collage situation then a hidden relative. Though if I had a twin sister, she's probably be sweet as pie, with the voice of Susan Boyle and have all the athletic ability that has always alluded me. Clearly for self preservation, there would be a strong case for me to leave her in the basement.
Really it's just me X2 as I navigate a busy day and try to make an outfit work for different situations.



Dress? United Colours of Benetton (I spell colours Canada like), thrifted and shortened
Boots? Kenneth Cole, Winners
Scarf? ?, Winners
Belt? Thrifted
Purse? Thrifted

I spent most of Saturday helping out the ladies of The Last Hurrah in their booth at The Locke Street Festival so I was going for cute and comfort. It was the first time they (or I) had done something like this and I had no idea what to expect. When I shop I like to be left alone and I tried to return that courtesy when people dropped by. But I am actually a bit nervous about putting myself out there, so I kicked my own butt to go talk to peeps and hand out coupons on the street. There was a yoga booth beside The Last Hurrah and for most of the day, they had yogis (is that the word for people who are good at yoga?) practicing yoga on a mat in the middle of the street. If they are fine with their butts (though perfectly formed butts) in the air as families pass by, I figured I could hand out a few coupons.
And it ended up being pretty awesome and the booth was really busy. It makes me so. freaking. happy. to see people appreciate vintage clothes. I remember growing up in thrifted clothes and it was just a way for my parents to make the budget, and now thrifting and wearing vintage is something that makes getting dressed feel pretty unique.



Dress? as before
Shoes? French Connection, warehouse sale
Purse? Vintage, vintage store out of business
Bracelets? Crazy lady from The Ex
Belt? Thrifted

I had a more formal event for a few hours on Saturday afternoon so I snuck of the festival for a bit. Clearly, I had 5 minutes to change and take pictures but I knew it would be a rush to change and then change back for the festival, so I wanted to make sure I could technically change in the car without undoing my seat belt. Safety first...
A few little fancier accessories and I was ready. The lesson I learned in this outfit is that if you think you might need to slink out of a room for a few moments to collect yourself, then don't wear the highest heels and the shortest hem. Every day I get a little wiser. And I always share that wisdom with you...


Cloudy with a Chance of Betty Draper






Vintage, thrifted
Shoes? French Connection, at the warehouse sale at The Ex
Clutch? Thrifted
Bracelets? Crazy lady at The Ex
(a giveaway coming up perhaps?)

This dress totally reminds me of Betty Draper from Mad Men....
...except I've never seen Mad Men and I have no clue who Betty Draper actually is. Please don't shun me...

When I first put this dress on, it was a touch chilly and a blazer could have been a wise idea. But I knew I would be inside and the day would warm up... never mind, I actually just didn't want to cover up the sleeve detail with a blazer. No one puts baby in a corner and no one puts great drapey business sleevage (a technical term, really... though spell check says no) in a blazer. Last year I foolishly debated cutting this dress shorter... so glad that never happened. I love this dress. Love it. Even though the lining is cut super high and tight under my arms and I can't move freely. Vintage dresses always have high arm holes, I guess they never considered that a beefcake with pipes would be wearing this dress in the future. Yes, I'm the beefcake... better recognize.



Season's End?






Jeans? J Brand, Holt Renfrew Last Call
Blazer? Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Sweater? Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Shoes? Aldo, thrifted
Hat? h&m
Bag? Vintage Roots, thrifted
Bracelets? Crazy lady at The Ex and Winners

I nearly left this blazer at the thrift store because I was having hoarding guilt. I usually have inner dialogues as I try to justify yet another article of clothing but this time I got to test a friendship with my outer dialogue, as I explained to my friend why I needed this jacket. I don't remember the exact words but I'm sure it went something like this ... 'It's plaid, it's wool, it's in perfect condition, it's $7, it has suede elbow patches and it has horsey face buttons.' I should have started with the horsey face buttons because that's all it took...

We went to The Ex this weekend and it was a little shock to have to wear pants again. After two dismal summers, we finally had a pretty hot (just right, not too hot) summer and I have taken full advantage, busting out skirts and dresses at every opportunity. You may have noticed...

Then we had a mini cold snap and I put pants on and I get reminded that I have... thighs. Don't judge... you never forget a body part? I like my legs and my waist and I may have shown them off plenty this summer in dresses and putting on pants was an anatomy lesson. I have a waist, legs AND thighs. I may have spent all summer ignoring their existence but it's hard to ignore them now. This isn't a body bashing post... I am generally quite happy with what I have but we all have tripping areas, don't we? I kind of wish it was always warm and I could wear dresses all year and frolic in flowery meadows but then I'd have no use for wool, plaid blazers with horsey face buttons. And that would be a great pity.
P.S. Thanks to Sarah from Wearing it on my Sleeve for featuring me... I divulge one of my more embarrassing moments and discuss what's in my fridge (not a lot sometimes...). Click here to find out more as I make my rounds on the world wide web.


True Blue







Dress? Gap
Shoes? Aldo (men's), thrifted
The rest? Thrifted

4 posts in 5 days? I'm impressed... are you?

These pictures look...fake? I had to tweak the colours a bit because the pictures were taken at night and the dress was photographing black, though it's actually navy blue. But I assure you, these are real pictures. Judging by my lacklustre blog layout (errrrg...), I'm sure most of you realize that I don't have the skillz to photoshop myself on an etch and sketch arch. Didn't I tell you I keep it real like J.Lo.?
I got this pretty silk dress last winter during the end-of-season sales at the Gap for $17. My friend borrowed it for a wedding recently and made fun of me because the tags were still on. I really like the dress and I guess it's been waiting for a the right occasion. And then I realized how stupid that is. I need to stop waiting for that special day and instead make every day special. I'll pause... go ahead, grab a pencil and write that down. It'll make a good inspirational magnet or message tee.

So, I had the epiphany and decided to take my message to heart. That's how I ended up looking this good to see my dental hygienist. And while she did a great job of polishing up my pearly whites (you know how some hygienists are rough and it hurts getting your teeth cleaned? Not so this time...), I am not thrilled that I have to see her again in a few months to get the stress chip fixed on my front tooth. I don't know how I'm going to top this look next time I go... I should probably stress out about it and chip my tooth further.