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So Much To Do, So Little Time


If you look quick, you might think I finally let my twin sister out of the basement for a photo. On closer inspection, it's clear this is more a shoddy Picassa collage situation then a hidden relative. Though if I had a twin sister, she's probably be sweet as pie, with the voice of Susan Boyle and have all the athletic ability that has always alluded me. Clearly for self preservation, there would be a strong case for me to leave her in the basement.
Really it's just me X2 as I navigate a busy day and try to make an outfit work for different situations.



Dress? United Colours of Benetton (I spell colours Canada like), thrifted and shortened
Boots? Kenneth Cole, Winners
Scarf? ?, Winners
Belt? Thrifted
Purse? Thrifted

I spent most of Saturday helping out the ladies of The Last Hurrah in their booth at The Locke Street Festival so I was going for cute and comfort. It was the first time they (or I) had done something like this and I had no idea what to expect. When I shop I like to be left alone and I tried to return that courtesy when people dropped by. But I am actually a bit nervous about putting myself out there, so I kicked my own butt to go talk to peeps and hand out coupons on the street. There was a yoga booth beside The Last Hurrah and for most of the day, they had yogis (is that the word for people who are good at yoga?) practicing yoga on a mat in the middle of the street. If they are fine with their butts (though perfectly formed butts) in the air as families pass by, I figured I could hand out a few coupons.
And it ended up being pretty awesome and the booth was really busy. It makes me so. freaking. happy. to see people appreciate vintage clothes. I remember growing up in thrifted clothes and it was just a way for my parents to make the budget, and now thrifting and wearing vintage is something that makes getting dressed feel pretty unique.



Dress? as before
Shoes? French Connection, warehouse sale
Purse? Vintage, vintage store out of business
Bracelets? Crazy lady from The Ex
Belt? Thrifted

I had a more formal event for a few hours on Saturday afternoon so I snuck of the festival for a bit. Clearly, I had 5 minutes to change and take pictures but I knew it would be a rush to change and then change back for the festival, so I wanted to make sure I could technically change in the car without undoing my seat belt. Safety first...
A few little fancier accessories and I was ready. The lesson I learned in this outfit is that if you think you might need to slink out of a room for a few moments to collect yourself, then don't wear the highest heels and the shortest hem. Every day I get a little wiser. And I always share that wisdom with you...


Healthy and Homemade said...

Love the two different looks!!

The Pretty Pauper said...

Love the dress and handbags!!

The Pretty Pauper

upatreecupatea said...

Love that dress. What a lovely find :)

Sally said...

I'm nuts about this dress. The different stylings are phenomenal!


Sidewalk Chic said...

I love the two looks -- so cool to see how versatile this pretty dress is.
Sounds like the festival was a good time! Though I get how you felt about approaching people -- I like shopping without interaction, so I hated interrupting people's trains of thought by checking in on them all the time when I worked retail.

I'm def going to be dressing that black body-con dress up a bit more -- it's deserving of a nice stiletto, I've realized. :)

Sarah said...

Love the outfit! I'm with you on two things. I love how thrifting gives me a unique wardrobe but most importantly I'd lock my twin in the basement too.

Julia said...

Is that purse ATTACHED TO YOUR BELT. You just became my hero. For serious. I'm doing that sh_t tomorrow!!

PS Lov eyour switcheroo -- it's a fab example of making an outfit work twice.


samantha ramage said...

love that you make most of your outfits from vintage finds. they truly are one of a kind and so interesting to look at and inspiring!


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Thank you oh wise one.

That dress is really, really, really great. Really.

T said...

Love both looks - and the side by side!

Jessica said...

Your dress is too perfect - I imagine its quite versatile. I especially love how you styled it in the first outfit with that little cross-body bag!

Melissa said...

This is PERFECT!!! I love that you showed the dress two ways and both outfits are fantastic. Versatility FTW!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

whoa whoa whoa--TWO jentines? is it christmas? this is too good to be true.
on another note, the other day i tried on this kind of cool vintage polka-dot dress and kept thinking, jentine would hem this and wear it and rock it, but i must be so unimaginative because i couldn't imagine it hemmed and hence, less granny. then here you are, with another rad shortened dress.

Secondhand Stella said...

Cute dress!!! I like the pattern mixing w/ the scarf.

thelasthurrah said...

When did you find the time to take these pictures?!! YOU'RE SUPERWOMAN!!!!

KT said...

I really like the dress with the scarf and belt. The colors and patterns wouldn't be something you would automatically think to pair together but it totally works. Lovely - Katy

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your words of wisdom and I really like the ivory purse you are carrying. In short this post was the perfect boost of encouragement I need when getting dressed for both work and school in the same day. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

Laura said...

Great two looks :) Nice transition :)

L x
Half Dressed

Erin said...

I'm so happy you decided to help out, as we got to see each other and have a quick chat at the festival! I'm pretty shy too, so I understand the struggle. I loved what you were wearing, by the way, if I forgot to tell you. I didn't plan my outfit quite so well that day - I had to go home and change for a bachelorette party in Toronto and ended up arriving an hour late because of it! Ay ay ay!

C said...

So this is just about the perfect work-to-glam transition ever. They are both similar, and incorporate the same awesome piece, but each is so unique and perfect for the specific occasion!

Glad you had such fun at the fair thing!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Great conversion. I love both these looks. And you're right, it's great that people are coming to recognise the benefits of vintage and pre-owned clothes.

Christen said...

I am really loving that dress. The colors are so fun and preppy but you made it very "you" which I like even more. The sparkly belt is the perfect touch!

ROR said...

another great find girl!!

i've had this thrifted dress staring out of my closet at me for a few weeks and this weekend, i thought "jentine would just belt it and WEAR IT!". so i did and it was adorable. thanks for making me more creative. :)

The Backseat Stylers said...

OMG, I love that scarf! Something about the gorgeous.

GS said...

long time no stalk! i WISH my lack of presence could be blamed on visiting family in hamilton (and peering through bushes looking for you?) but no, sadly just school and work.
your twin has the voice of susan boyle and the athletic talent (??) of jenna jameson (sorry i read ahead to today's post) that's quite the combo. best keep her in the basement for a little while longer.
k, i thought i was the only person who liked to be left to my own devices when i shop. glad to see i'm not alone. or actually, glad to be alone.. hah. the jokes are endless when it's 1am. ANYWAY, that purse/belt hybrid thing.. did you make that? if so, you know i'm gonna ask for a DIY.

20 YORK STREET said...

Where in the world is the FCUK warehouse sale? Boy, I love those shoes! Are you based out of Hamilton?



Elaine said...

I love that you did two different looks!!!

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

natalia said...

Man, that dress is too great. I especially love the stripes-with-stripes in the first set of shots, and all the brown leather in the accessories ties it together nicely. :D

nat //
(P.S. I've got a giveaway on, if you happen to be in the mood for some free earrings...)

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like your scarf and boots