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Cover Model


Dress? Thrifted Belt? Thrifted Clutch? Hilary Radley, StyleSense Boots? Aldo Hat? Banana Republic Bracelets? Crazy lady at The Ex

Under the guise of having to work on the family Easter dinner we were hosting, Matt told me he didn't have time to do my outfit pictures. However, I thought my outfit was something different than my usual look and I would rather have fed my family under cooked chicken than gone without photos. Thankfully, I was able to coerce my oldest brother into taking pictures and in turn, I had my pictures and my family had a well cooked meal. That's my selfish story.

Sweet Matt always takes lots of photos because somewhere in the numerous shots, there has to be something usable. He takes pictures because he is a supportive of me, not because he is a photographer. Often he just holds out his arm, clicks away and then I work with what I have (ha... just like Erin does). My brother, on the other hand, really likes photography and took his time setting up shots, even directing me in front of an embarrassing amount of people. Our camera is completely different than his and some of the setting were accidentally switched on, so I think he had a frustrating time using our camera. A few photos came out over exposed because of the switched settings but I actually like all the pictures. And I pretty much had no cropping to do. It's funny that I can notice from the pictures that someone besides Matt took them. It's like seeing myself through someone else's eyes...


... apparently my brother sees me as the heroine in a Inspirational romance novel?

(Oh boy, I can't stop giggling over the the cover. Matt and I had too much fun making that...)




Pants? Steilmann, thrifted Blouse? Joe Fresh Shoes? Jefferey Campbell Purse? Thrifted Cuffs? Auction sale Necklaces? Banana Republic and Cuba

The goal was to rescue the printed capri pants. They were a case of Sunny D and a minivan away from soccer mom attire. I wanted to make them into cropped flares but alas, I can not make lemonade without lemons or cropped flares without extra seam allowance. So, I just took them in to make them slim fit, piled on the jewelry and added my highest heels. I think there is a formula in there somewhere for avoiding the pitfalls of the soccer mom look.

I clearly can't seem to stop wearing these heels. I won a gift card and stumped on what to order, I took a chance on these kids, even though they were a size small (I am usually big foot 10, these are 9). I can't believe how comfortable they are... it's like walking on a tall, fun, terry cloth cloud of goodness. Because they are so comfortable, I seem to forget just how behemoth I am when I stomp around. I was reminded when I had to lean way down to hug my father-in-law. It was awkward. And awesome... Is that saying copyrighted yet?


Peace and Epidermis


Silk blouse and wool skirt? Thrifted Shoes? French Connection sample sale Purse? Tignanello, thrifted White necklace? Thrifted Crazy necklace? Banana Republic

Maybe if I were wiser, I wouldn't have worn the tightest skirt to go out for breakfast at my favourite place. The tiny waistbands of vintage skirts have others gasping for breath as well. I'm pretty sure, the waistband was the only thing that kept my internal organs from shifting that day. Usually my epidermis holds everything together but it was a holiday weekend, so it had the day off and the waistband took over and kept me together.

Ha. That last paragraph veered very quickly into silly talk and to top it off, I just wrote the word epidermis. Never thought I would have the opportunity to do that on the blog. That word reminds me of being in Grade 1, when a bunch of Grade 8 kids went up to us and asked what we would do if our best friend's epidermis was showing. Obviously it was a trick question (especially difficult for me because I had recently immigrated and I was still learning English...) because we had no clue what an epidermis was and it sounded... kinda dirty. My best friend told them that if she saw my epidermis showing, she would laugh and run away. My tender feelings were hurt but I got over it just in time to be her maid of honour 16 years later. After all, it is my organs that are shifty, not my loyalty to friends.


Thrift Day. Should I Donate...?

Apparently, the rule when it comes to cleaning out your closet is that, if you haven't worn it in a year, donate it. I don't believe that. It's a running joke with my friends that I can hold unto a piece of clothing because 'I wore it that one time, at that one place, doing that one thing...'. Lucky me, my friends are apparently hilarious. It's true, I form deep emotional bonds with my clothing (I just have a lot of feelings, OK?) but I am getting better at deciding what to donate back to the thrift store. Here are the rules that I try my very best to apply...

It's cheap, it's cute but I haven't worn it in forever. DONATE. Sometimes you are just over it. And if it's not a great quality piece, it's not worth hanging unto until the next time that trend rolls around or until you decide you like it again.


I bought this little summer dress at Winners years ago. It's sweet and fun but not particularly outstanding and I haven't worn it in forever. I have just let it sit in my closet for years because I might wear it... someday. In the meantime, I rediscovered my love for thrifting and I have added scads of much better dresses to my closet. Sure, I have a tiny emotional attachment to it. I spent almost all of my high school and university in pants (no one really wore dresses regularly... seriously. Does anyone else remember that?) and this was one of the first dresses that I bought, not for a wedding, but just for the fun of of it. Now I wear dresses all the time and it's time I just let go of this neglected one.

It just doesn't fit. DONATE. I am so guilty of hanging unto clothes because 'they will fit in 5 lbs'. I don't want to donate them because that would be admitting defeat in the face of those 5 lbs. I reason with myself that it's OK to leave too small clothing in my closet because my shape does change during the year. My job is definitely more physical in the summer and it does have an effect but my body doesn't go up and down a few sizes over the course of a year. I think that is the biggest part of letting clothes go that don't fit; it's about being honest with yourself.
It can sound so simple but any women knows that clothing, sizing and fit are an emotional muddle. Be honest, and if something doesn't fit, let it go to someone who can enjoy it instead of letting it take up valuable real estate space in your closet. (I know this is targeted more to clothing being too small but the same goes for clothing that is just too big and not worth altering.)


This leather skirt is like the upgraded version of your regular thrifted leather skirt. The leather is like butter (butta! I tell you!) and it's high waist and slightly longer hem make it quite sexy in a sophisticated way. But the truth is, I can only fit into it after I have the flu and even then, I can't even sit in it. I actually can hardly catch my breath to talk either. I think that's a sign. I either need to shut up or donate the skirt. It's gone. Buh-bye! I like talking too much...

It just doesn't make me feel good. DONATE. We all have clothes that have nothing inherently wrong with them but they just don't make us feel good when we wear them. It could be a fit issue, a fabric that itches or maybe you saw something in a magazine (or on a fashun blocher?) but when you tried the trend, it just didn't feel like you. Donate it! There is someone out there who loves itchy wool (I do...), who has the right hips for that skirt or is actually into The Rolling Stones and didn't just buy the t-shirt to impress a boy.


I really need to let go of these wide-leg Karl Lagerfeld jeans. They could be really nice... on someone else. I don't really know exactly why I don't like them but every time I wear them, I feel uncomfortable. It's something about the crotch, the hem length, the thighs... I have been hesitant to let them go because I (years ago, during my expensive denim phase) paid over a $100 for them. I might as well have used some $20 bills to line the kitty litter... That said, they are never going to be worth the money to me so I might as well let someone else enjoy them.

It's quality, it fits, I like it but I haven't worn it in forever. WAIT. I have a hard time letting a good piece go, even if I don't wear it much. Because I spend so much of my time in work clothes, I don't have enough hours to wear all the crazy that is in my closet. Some pieces might not be my style aesthetic right now but I could very well like them again in a year. After all, it was only a few years and wrinkles ago that I felt brave enough to wear a dress. Just looking back through the archives of the blog (you know, just a Friday night activity...) I can see how much my style evolved and changed. I don't know what I will be liking and wearing next season.


I bought this skirt in university and I remember waiting a long time for the price to fall into my student budget. I loved the tweed and I thought the sequin bow was sick (it was 6 years ago, I probably talked like that). I still like this skirt and though I haven't worn it in two years, I can't bring myself to give it away. It's a nice pencil skirt with a sequin bow. Is that ever going to be 'out'? Didn't think so...
Good quality classics that fit well, should also be stored instead of donated. A nicely cut blazer, a trench, wedge shoes... These things always go through the trend cycle and when they come back in, don't you wanna yell at your Lucky Magazine that you already have a trench and you don't need to buy a new one for $356? I love yelling at my Lucky magazine... except I am usually yelling 'Hire me!'.

I am dreading going into our bedroom now. There is a closet full of clothing that needs to be re-examined under the harsh light of my donation commandments. I better get it done or face the consequences of being a blogging hypocrite.

How do you decide what stays and what goes?


Sisters From a Different Mister


Jeans? Hudson, thrifted Shirt? h&m (I just got it for $7!) Blazer? Braemar, thrifted
Shoes? LuLu's, giftcard Hat? Joe Fresh Purse? Tignanello, thrifted

For the first and second anniversary of ye olde blog, I wrote and wrote and wrote... Morgan was much wiser. For her first blog birthday, she hired a clown, ordered cupcakes (or are macaroons the cool party treat now?) and challenged her readers to do a Morgan and Lua inspired post for a chance to win some carefully selected jewelry. I entered because I am a fan of winning and because I figured I would be a shoe-in for victory. After all, Morgan and I are two peas in a fashion blogger pod. We couldn't be more alike.


We both like beverages. Granted, hers come steaming in a mug (and cannot be consumed until she has taken a perfect picture of it steaming on a ledge) and mine come in a can with the questionable addition of aspartame. But they are both drinks... and we like to drink said drinks. Our beverage love will unite us forever.


We both understand the importance of a wide brimmed hat to keep up an air of mystery. Perhaps we over share on our blogs and tweeter our every move (I just ate Triscuits and cucumber people!) but in real life, eye contact is not necessary.


Both Morgan and I have the honour of having a necklace named after us. Hers is the Morgan necklace lovingly made by Lisa of Tree and Kimball. Mine is the I am Going to Take Advantage of the Fact that I Am the Only Daughter with Four Brothers and Raid My Mother's Collections necklace. It's lovingly stolen from the aforementioned Mother of mine.


Most importantly, Morgan and I know that if all else fails, throw a noble dog named Lua in the picture. Better yet, add a matching panama/fedora hybrid (?) on her head. Some call matching pet outfits, ridicuolous; in the blogging biz we call it 'upping the game'. If you want to be a winner, you gotta act like one.



Wall of Perfection


Sweater? Vintage, handknit Perry Ellis, from Out of the Past Jeans? Gap Shoes? Ralph Lauren, DSW Pony hair clutch? Thrifted

We took pictures inside because there was hail storm outside. That is why I asked Matt to hang the wallpaper as soon as we picked it up two weeks ago, you know, in case of hailstorms. I love how the wallpaper turned out, it comes across a little optically challenging in the pictures but it was actually just what the room needed. We've been in the new house for about 5 months now and we are slowly making it ours. When we were viewing the house, the previous owners had a life sized Merlin figure where the chair is now. Merlin was holding a glowing blue ball. Go ahead and take a moment to make a blue ball joke; I will abstain, my mother reads this blog.

I had been using red as an accent colour in the living room until this little girl from our church called and asked us to buy some flowers for a class trip fundraiser. I don't usually have house plants but she was sweet and that is how we ended up with two huge pink hydrangeas. The pink flowers look so pretty on the mantle that suddenly I find myself start thinking that maybe pink would be a good spring/summer accent colour and I can save red for fall/winter. That's a nice thought but the reality is that I have problems keeping the house in any kind of order, let alone keeping the house on a seasonal decorating schedule.

These pictures are a perfect example of the secret lives of bloggers. Outside of the 3 foot radius past this wall, our house is a mess. Spring is the busiest work season for both Matt and I and I always seem to forget how physically exhausted I get after a day of landscaping. Combine the exhaustion (and the lure of the world wide web) with the inevitable dirt that gets dragged in the house after I come home from work, and we have ourselves an unkempt homestead. And just because I am being so real with you that it is unreal, I will also admit that sometimes Matt and I fight. But other than that, we live a perfect life. Real perfect.



For Your Entertainment

I talked about my over-designed dress that I made in 2nd year (7 years ago already!) in my last post. My lady friend, Linda just did some searching and found and scanned this old runway shot of that dress. Lucky you!


It's pretty fuzzy but you can see that everyone is looking in the opposite direction. Dang it! This was going to be MY moment to shine and no one is paying attention! Could it be because the dress is rather ugly? Yes...perhaps that. Or could it be that Anna Wintour just showed up late?... Either way, the dress was obviously unable to capture the audience.

Thankfully I didn't have to use any runway photos for my graduating portfolio. I got to use some fancy artsy pictures that a student photographer took of me that year as part of his final project.


We can discuss if it is unprofessional to have pictures of yourself in your own design portfolio another day but right now, we can discuss the how good lighting can make a bad dress look interesting. No big deal, it was my first time being photo shopped too. I got skinnier arms and perfect skin out of the process.

This dress is a fine example of a fashion student's work. It wasn't terribly sewn or anything; it is just so... much. I love tulle! I love sequins! I love pink! I love yellow! I love crumb catchers! Let's put it all in one dress! Wheeeee! Best of all was the fact that the bodice of the dress was supposed to be two puzzle pieces. I am sure there was some deep symbolic meaning to that. Maybe it was representational of Matt and I or Linda and I or of fries and ketchup... all things that just fit together perfectly. Those stupid curves of the puzzle pieces ended up being nearly impossible to sew and they didn't even come across clearly. I thought my clever puzzle detail would make it a hit on the runway... and that was obviously not so. At least I got some fun pictures out of it...

This is the part where you tell me that my taste level has clearly improved since second year university. And then it's the part where I respond that I have learned to edit down what I like. Finally, we make a bad pun over the blog being called My Edit. And then we go enjoy what is left of the weekend!



Deep Thought and Immaturity


Dress? Zara (perfect timing for EBEW) Jacket? Zara Belt and clutch? Thrifted Shoes? Vince Camuto, Winners Necklace? Flea market

Maxi  Everybody, Everywear

Last week, I ended up going to a fashion show fundraiser put together by the fashion students at a local college. In many ways it felt like I was back in my own fashion student days at Ryerson... except this time I was better dressed. I'm not bragging, it's just true. It's hard to describe exactly what makes the atmosphere at most student fashion events so similar. I mean, we can talk about the obvious elements that are always seem to be consistent; a plethora of black clothing, a school director with dark frames and a severe haircut and lots of air kissing. It was the energy that felt the same though. An energy of electric excitement with a touch of cockiness. Back in design school, we thought fashion was everything and we were going to conquer the world, one over-designed piece at a time. That is not to say that there weren't talented students last week and I certainly had some classmates with amazing skill but nobody does overdone like a fashion student. I thought my second year evening gown was the most. innovative. dress until I saw it walk down the runway under some bright lights. Remind me to show you sometime... it's worth a laugh. Maybe it was different for others but when I was in school, fashion was a fantasy and then we graduated, and fashion became a reality. A complicated reality... But that feeling of fashion invincibility was there at the fundraiser last week. I miss feeling like the fashion world was one big opportunity but 5 years after graduation that time has passed. I was never a good airkisser anyways; I like big hugs and lipstick marks left on cheeks.


And then to kill the serious portion of this post, I will admit that I have the maturity of a 5th grader. We drove by the harbour and I saw these domes from afar and specifically asked Matt to take my pictures by the boobies. And that is exactly how we chose our picture location.


Take Two


Skirt? Joe Fresh Shirt? Black Rainn, Winners Shoes? Mea Shadow (here, for a lot more than I paid for them), Winners Purse? Tignanello, thrifted Silk Scarf and bangles? Thrifted (one bangle came undone mid shoot...)

This is one of the very few times I asked my crew to re-shoot an outfit. In the morning we happened to take pictures in the 5 minutes of dark calm before a thunderstorm. We just ignored the lightning that started (don't worry, we were safe... I had my least favourite assistant hold a metal umbrella in the clearing) but then realized later that every shot was grainy because of the intense cloud cover. So we took the minute of time we had in the afternoon (when it got sunny and warm... it felt like... what is that thing called? Oh ya! Spring! ) and took pictures as lots of people walked by and stared.

Usually I am not crazy like that. I try to avoid lightning strikes and prying eyes but I had to put The Blog first today. The biggest risk I take on a regular day is not vacuuming the cat hair off the stairs and taking the chance that company might just drop in. I also like taking risks at Winners sometimes... I visited these shoes many times over the last months, patiently waiting for the price to fall from $129 to $25. Some people bungee jump while I wait for price drops. Who's exciting now, huh?