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Dresses Over Pants and Other Good Things

Dress? Vintage 60's Trench? Thrifted, vintage Etienne Aigner (exact on Etsy hereLeather pants? Vince 
Shoes? Young and Tae (here! Love them!) Earrings? Vintage Sunglasses? Toms Clutch? h&m

I have been consistent in posting on the blog rather inconsistently. My apologies. A quick review of my Instagram will reveal I have been away with Matt's family and then with TXSC and now I'm just trying to get everything in order before my spring (and Matt's...) gets super crazy. I'm a little nervous about the to-do list this spring but I figure I work well under pressure. I'm no fun but things get done.

Another thing I have been consistent about is wearing dresses over my pants. Until the weather gets genuinely warm it's a good solution. Nice and toasty and I only have to shave my ankles...

I just talked about the weather, I think that makes this post complete... See you later this week though because it is my goal to post twice this week. For real;)


Unknown said...

Such a chic look and this trench is seriously gorgeous!

kate said...

I love that 60s dress!

Tanvi from said...

Love the look!

Über chic!

∞ ∞

Anonymous said...

I love this SO much!!!

ThriftyParka said...

Love that outfit! It looks very Paris street chic!

Anonymous said...

holy crow! love! how are you so impossibly chic all the time? every part of this is amazing.

Charles E. Madden said...

Hot Peacoats! I like it very much

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