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Whine Win


Dress? Vintage via Revolving Closet Belt? Thrifted Shoes? Guess, thrifted (similar here and here
Clutch? Thrift All second hand? What, what...;)

I'm wearing what could be described as a blanket cut into a flattering dress. Which is nice for an autumn day but then the sunshine hits you and you are sweating like you just ate some ghost peppers. The peppy flare of the skirt is also nice but then the wind hits you and you're pulling a Marilyn Monroe. Basically, cute clothes are effort! There is a reason track pant are so popular; they never let you down.

Also, it is worth noting I whined about my shoe game and low and behold I found a pair of leather, brand new, snakeskin pumps at the thrift store the very next week. And they were yellow tag and it was yellow tag day, so they were 50% off!

The lesson in all of this is obviously that if you whine, you will get what you want.


Jane {torontoshopoholic} said...

um this is fabulous. that is all I can say. Love it.

Jennifer said...

Haha I like the description of your dress!

xo Jennifer

MisisD said...

love the prints and all the details. Totally put together and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wahhhhh!! I want those shoes! :_0
Xoxo Whiney Gia

bluehuewonderland said...

This is great mix, perfection!

blue hue wonderland

Kimmielovesparis said...

Cute dress...but the shoes...they're beyond. LUV THEM!
Another fabulous outfit.

Ladies in Navy said...

this is really so gorgeous
kw ladies in navy

Think Twice Style said...

I hate to be a cheese ball and say that this look is "fierce," but it is. Love it!

Unknown said...

Came to your blog via thriftanista. So glad I stopped by.... Love your blog!! This dress is really gorgeous!!


Secondhand Stella said...

Ah, I love love love this outfit!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this outfit. The 2nd picture...looks like you've discovered some creeper following you around (!)

Naomi said...

What a gorgeous outfit!! Love it all~

The Occasional Indulgence

Unnati said...

How did you do your nails? I love the textured look!

Anonymous said...

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