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In Sync

Top? Thrifted Birks? here (I know, I caved, so comfyyyyyy...) Clutch? Vintage (similar here)
Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (here) Hat? Joe Fresh (similar here)

I think this hat has taken a fair share of abuse these last few summers because I noticed this time around that it was starting to droop a little. I think the point of this hat is sun protection and glamourous mystery. But with the brim losing some of its structure, the wind would catch the hat and re-arrange it into something hardly resembling glamour...
But I run this blog and that gives me the power to not put any sad hat pictures up. So if you only see me on the internet, you might think 'wow, Yen looks so mysterious.' But if you saw me in real life on this particular day, you would have thought 'wow, Yen looks like a droopy lampshade.' 
Maybe it's time for a new big sun hat, so that my online and real life can be in sync again...


Leah said...

LOVE this outfit! The hat is perfectly floppy.

Anna Demko said...

You are rocking this outfit!

Happy Medley: Currently Loving Link Up

Sydney said...

Well - love a good hat. Good for you that you can rock them so well! I think this one is perfectly floppy. :

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