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Dress? Vintage, Revolving Closet Belt? Vintage Shoes? Coach  (similar hereClutch? Vintage Anklet? Vintage

This dress is pretty unusual. It's cotton and made in India but the shape is slightly kimono-esque and the pattern is like a mix of a Hawaiian and a south western print. And then, on top of all of that, the top has beads and crystals sewn unto it too. A bit of an identity crisis happening on this here dress and I can relate to that on many days... Such is life*.
I started out the day wearing the dress with bare legs and sandals but as the temperatures fell and then the rain fell too, I added black pants and switched to my beloved pumps. And you now what? I actually liked how it looked with the pants way more. I felt more pulled together? One of the few times that a drop in temperatures worked in my favour... Actually, it also worked in my favour because the house was so crisp that both cats slept snuggled close to me when I had a nap. If you have read my blog for any length of time you will know that I constantly lose the fight for the cats'affection to Matt, so the cat  nap and the outfit change both made my day a little brighter... despite the chill. 


* my mom says this. I am becoming my mom. I'm kind of ok with this, she's cool. 


ThriftyParka said...

There is nothing nicer than being closely snuggled by cats while drifting off to sleep. Huzzah for outfit changes and crisp weather!!! Stunning kimono thing!!!

Mimsie said...

That's a great look, and you are right, the pants complete it.

Unknown said...

Both ways look awesome...I Wasn't sure if it would be possible for the dress to look better style differently, but I'm even more in love with the second look!

Jodi said...

Fantastic outfits!! I love this top- the color is so beautiful and is great how you wear alone or with pants... HAWT

Unknown said...

So great when things can adjust to the weather! I especially love the first look - those colors are just so perfect for summer!


Porcelina said...

Gorgeous dress, love the styling here - first class! x

Unknown said...

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