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Who Won What

Thanks to everyone who entered the Spellbound headband giveaway! Some of you peeps had some great answers, I was giggling to myself behind the computer (or as the teenagers would say, I was lol-ing... oh no, I can't believe I just wrote lol on my blog...). The winner is Lovers, Saints & Sailors and she plans to wear it to the office as a proud statement that her love for florals knows no boundaries. I like that. I could easily see the peony headband being worn to a wedding or a garden party but there is no reason why your co-workers shouldn't see something so special as well.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors, please email me! I hope you send a picture of yourself at work in the headband or better yet, get your boss to pose with you for extra points!


1 comment :

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

I won! Man oh man! I swear I will do you proud. I'm planning a guerilla office photo as I type this.

Thank you so much!