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Talking Tough




Jersey jumperish dress? Fcuk, Winners
Jacket? Zara
Boots? Gap
Knee-highs? Primark

Beaded bangle? Primark
Earrings? Won from

I wore this to my night class last week and a college girl gave me HUGE cut-eye! There were two ways to handle the situation, the not-so-mature way or the mature way.

The not-so-mature way would have been to tell her about my huge landscaping arms that were carefully concealed in a stylish leather bomber, proceed to making fun of her outfit and then tell her that it's not my fault that her boyfriend thinks I'm hot. You do not want to engage in a verbal warfare with me, I always get the last word and I cross the line and you don't want to get in a physical warfare with me because I will sit on you.

HOWEVER, I will be 26 in two short weeks and I'm trying to become a lady my mama would be proud of. So, I imagined that the cut-eye was this girl's way of saying I looked nice and I continued on my merry way to class.

I thought the whole look was a little tougher than I normally dress (though I clearly talk smack), so I used some lighter accessories to keep it sweeter. I won these earrings from Briannelee (my luck is changing, I won something...) and I love how delicate yet very wearable they are and how they don't make my ears hurt. If you haven't checked out her blog on the information super highway, please do so. She's not your typical, daily outfit kind of fashion blogger but she always thrifts and finds the most amazing accessories and knick knacks. I suspect the foundations in her home are very strong to support all the lovely things she takes home. Thanks Brianne, you're super!


Unknown said...

LOVE this! i'm ready to pull out my leather jacket.. too bad it's still in the 90s here :(

ash said...

im in love with that jacket!


xo ash

GFS said...

hilarious! But sitting on your hater would have been much more entertaining! LOL...Cute ensemble!

Megan Wolf said...

this post is hilarious with a capital hilarious. Love it girl. first off that leather jacket? umm I die. So rock, I just love it, and I want it in my closet immediately. Second, love your hair, feeling like I need to go copy this! Third just a great overall outfit and that girl was obviously giving you an envious stink eye because she wanted that jacket in her closet as badly as I do.

Seriously though, I complete relate. I am taking some classes this semester and I'm 24 and stuck in classes with 18 year olds. No joke, one girl turned to me on the first day of class and was like "OMG is this your first day of college too? I graduated high school this year!" umm no. not my first day, thanks. Anyways, they dress incredibly different from me! not to mention I just moved from a big city (San Francisco, which is uber stylish) to Tucson (which is back country zero style) so I always get the stink eye from girls in my class! grow up! you know?

you rock this outfit. nuff said.


Linda said...

Hair Braid? Check!
Cool Jacket? Check!
Not wearing wedding rings? Check!


I agree with the girl above me.

Secondhand Stella said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.... "I suspect the foundations in her home are very strong to support all the lovely things she takes home." I totally need to email that to my boyfriend.

The earrings look so cute on you! I am really glad you like them. I LOVE your outfit! I caught a girl looking weirdly at my outfit this weekend and I couldn't tell if it was b/c she liked it or if she thought I looked stupid. Hmmmmm

Academichic said...

No wonder you got the cut-eye, you look fab! The hair braid is really making me jealous! S.

Unknown said...

They are also known as Cat eyes, she was jealous! LOL! And I can see why ;D

smalltownchic said...

You look awesome in these photos! Are you entering this week's weardrobe contest? You totally should!!!

Great post.

AsianCajuns said...

Looking gorgeous! And I totally understand that girl giving the cut-eye out of jealousy. I get those once in a while and take the mature route (surprisingly ;) I figure those girls aren't worth my time). I wish other ladies would support each other instead of getting catty when they are threatened. We would be so much closer to ruling the world and all that ;)

C said...

Rock it, Yen! Love the tall socks with ankle boots, and, of course, your killer 'tude.

Lindsay said...

hilarious. you look great. fyi, i think your sequined leggings would look great like this,,20306119,00.html#20680420

Anonymous said...

is that like the stink eye or worse? i am sure she was just jealous. whatev. you always look beyond cool to me. i love your style.

Taylor Sterling said...

I love this outfit and the braid!! So fabulous!!

myedit said...

For those who asked, cut-eye is like stink-eye but only worse I think. Hard to describe but my brother always said I was really good at it when I was a teenager. Not proud of that... too much...

Anonymous said...

You look smashing!! I love this outfit and that jacket is wonderful!!

Your post made me laugh... I would have wanted to say the first part, but you are right we should act mature. I have no doubt she LOVED your outfit and was just wishing how she should have thought to wear something like that. ;)


Invisible G. said...

Love the term, cut-eye. I'm stealing that!

The outfit would totally not work on me, but completely rocks on you!

Nice ensemble again. :)

Eva said...

I love the draping of this dress. Awesome hair, too. :)

Anonymous said...

ooh i love these photos! the draping on the dress is gorgeous, and i like it paired with the tougher leather jacket. and omg i am so in love with your hair- makes me want to go blonde! ~joelle

Ana said...

I just found your blog, and that outfit is amazing! Next time make sure you give the girl a really sweet smile, just to make her feel worse ;o)