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I'm rich and Paul is a Genius!

Before Paul's skills were used...

...after Paul. My beautiful kitty, Kyle, looks so pretty and ...intelligent?

So, I'm writing this post to test out picture quality. The first few pictures I posted have crap quality so I figured out that I should resize the pictures seperately first (hence boot foto looks good) but then Paul took this picture and did something special to make it look awesome. Tell me more.... This blog is still a work in progress so I haven't made is super public yet. This way I can work through some quality issues first and then I shall release the fabulousness to the public...

Oh ya! And I'm rich! Reader's Digest sent me a huge package full of cheques, the biggest one being half a million. Suddenly everyone wants to be my friend...though that may have something to do with the vodka I carry in my purse.... Good thing I try to avoid scams (saw something earlier on this thing and apparently there is something fishy in the small print) but it does get me thinking... What would you do with a windfall of that kind?

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Paul said...

I'm blushing ;-) What would I do with $500K? Well...I'd pay down a bunch of debt, that's for sure :-(