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Storage Solutions not from Ikea

I love my house, it's got charm and character in spades. However, it's a super old house and apparently they didn't have Ikea in 1880 because the storage options are crap. No closets anywhere, the only thing the house came with were a wall of built in book cases. We bought a huge wall closet but it's still not enough room, especially for me. It is genetically ingrained in me to own a lot of stuff and I have to get creative to find everything a place to call home.

So I filled the built in shelves in the living room with shoes, purses and artifacts from a life across three continents. It works. Putting six pairs of shoes on the dozen or so shelves, left room on the shoe organizer for six pairs that I took from the shoe shelf in the front hall. My hall is in the process of being redone (work has stalled at the tail-end because of Matt's hockey injury), so soon I will have a brand new hallway with less clutter than I ever imagined. And if whatever is on TV gets boring or gross (ie. the Bachelor kissing ) I can turn my eyes 27 degrees to the right or left and admire my shoes and purses on the shelves.

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