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Saturday Chores

Boots? Cole Haan, thrifted

Growing up, Saturday afternoon at 4:30 was chore time. For years my chore was to polish all the shoes. Between my parents, my four brothers and me, there was a lot of polishing. Basically it was slave labour and my parents were mean. Ok, it wasn't that bad, I'm made of tough Dutch stock and polishing dozens of shoes didn't kill me, but I did hate it.

As we grew up our chores got redistributed and it would be years before I would touch shoe polish again. A few years ago however, I started to believe in the power of polish again. I got the Cole Haan boots above from the VV boutique. They were so new that the original leather soles were hardly worn down but the leather uppers were a bit scuffy and dirty. Nothing that polish couldn't fix. Check out the polished left boot compared to the original state on the right. Maybe it's time to reinstate Saturday afternoon chore time.

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