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After the Fall

Jacket? Apricori, Winners
Tank? Mossimo, Target
Jeans? Seven, Winners
Boots? Modern Vintage, Winners
Purse? Elliot Lucca, Winners
Necklace? Me and my dad chose it out at Winners
hmmm... a bit of a weird tinge on pic

Um yeah... the knees of my jeans do kinda look like they have been attacked my a dog. In my defense, I fell. I bought these jeans to be my new pair of favourite jeans, you know the pair you wear to death... Too bad for me, a week after I bought them I fell face first down a hill. True story. And it's a long fall from my height. The rip was huge and obvious, so I used a cheese shredder to blend in the accident. It works. Though I think when the sun comes out to play, these may become the perfect pair of cuffed shorts.

1 comment :

Danielle said...

I am SO lovin this look, totally classic, yet so bad at the same time :)