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Sequin Sensations

Ahhhh!!! The glare is hurting my eyes! Went out for dinner with my shopping soulmate, M, and our respective husbands and evidently, we both decided on sequins. We went to Oliver's (, and since it's pretty upscale, we went all out. Don't worry, Matt had some gift certificates, so the budget clamp-down for the month of March is still intact. I am by no means a food reviewer but the trout I had was phenomenal and M's husband is probably still talking about the lamb. Good stuff.

Sequined bolero jacket? Line, Winners
Purple silk shirt? Liz Claiborne, Winners
Black cords? Pea in a Pod
Black booties? BCBG, DSW
Statement necklace? Holt's Last Call...ugh, why didn't I buy one too????
Baby? Girl!!! You heard it here first!!

M is having a bebe and I can't wait to see how she maintains her style throughout the upcoming months. It's gonna be interesting because Canada does not have a lot of affordable, chic maternity wear and also because she's tall. Finding work appropriate maternity pants with 34 inseams was a two day adventure. And after all that, she still ended up ordering them online from the States and paying ridiculous brokerage fees. But whatever she wears, she'll work it out, she always does.

Oh ya. I have the same purple shirt. Both bought in the same week off Winners final clearance but we bought them separately. Told you she is my shopping soulmate...

Sequined dress? French Connection, Winners
Grey suede belt? ?, Winners
Tights? ??
Leather booties? Maxstudio, Winners
Earrings and ring? gifted

This dress has these amazing, huge sequined and beaded flowers on it. So much handwork went into the beading that I feel guilty for getting it for only $25 at Winners. FC clothes do tend to lose sequins like crazy though. The one kind of sequin has too sharp edges that cuts through the thread so I went along all the seams and re-enforced each sequin. Now, instead of losing sequins like Hansel and Gretel on a forest walk, I lose them like Cinderella running down the palace stairs.

I know wearing the belt interrupts the pattern and makes it harder to appreciate each flower but I'm just not a tunic/shift dress kinda girl. Something about emphasizing the bottom half...


Danielle said...

what a great dress! you look like you had so much fun! :)

Linda said...

Ugh! Sequence....will you ever fall out of love with Shiny things?