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Opinion: Dropped Crotch Pants

OK, to start, I used the word crotch in the title...are you giggling yet? I am. How is any fashion item with the word 'crotch' in it marketable? Dhoti pants is a nicer way to say it, but I actually don't know how to pronounce that, so we're back at dropped crotch pants...

What do I think of these pants? I've seen some pics of stylish girls wearing them and they look good. But that probably has nothing to do with the pants and everything to do with the fact that their thighs don't touch... Oddly enough, these are one of the only pants that would completely hide close talking thighs but if you aren't a size 0, don't attempt.

Harem pants are more wearable, I might even fit in with the football crowd in Hamilton. After all, harem pants could be seen as a variation on track pants. I actually seriously love the pants above from Ralph Lauren, the whole look is hot and the record number of sequins worn in one outfit is a record I'd be proud to hold.

In conclusion, Harem pants? yeah-ish...Dropped crotch pants (how many times can I write crotch in one post?)? nay. I'm pretty sure if I wore dhoti pants around here, I'd get jumped and then beaten with Hamilton Ti-cat foam fingers....


Kees said...

Poor Hamilton....taking a beating....

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