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Green silk dress? Zara
Belt? Michael Kors, Winners
Tights? ????
Booties? Max studio, Winners
Earrings? Vintage, gifted
Bracelets? Cuba, garage sales, gifts
Ring? Gifted (but from Winners, what a surprise, haha)

We went to a wedding this weekend. I know it's bad but one of the reasons I love weddings is because I get the chance to dress up. Unfortunately my life isn't at fabulous status yet, and reasons to go all out can be few and far between. I like to dress up on a daily basis( my local grocery store has often seen me at half fabulous) but a wedding allows for more extravagance, so I'll go there.

I wore a dress that I bought at season's end from Zara. That place is like a madhouse during their final sales, tables upon tables of merchandise being torn through by focused woman all vying for the $15 sweaters and $13 pants. This dress was a bit of a risk, the zipper was completely broken and it was ripped past the zipper too, so I couldn't try it on properly. I loved the colour, especially with my hair colour de jour, so I bought it. Haha, I first tried to get a bigger discount because of the broken zipper but they don't discount final sales. Hey, I tried...

I took out the zipper and put in a massive exposed, industrial zipper. It was the look I wanted, it covered the rip and it was waaayyy too easy. I have no idea how Zara expected this dress to stay on with only a tiny elastic panel on the back, so I sewed on black chiffon straps to support what I needed support.


merl said...

holy smokes dark hair batman! (I think I mixed too many quotes in that one) But I DIG. Specially with the sassy leopard belt. Can you come teach me how to sew and hem? I have THE MOST FANTASTIC EFFIN VINTAGE DRESS EVER that need some major TLC and I have feet for hands when I attempt to operate a sewing machine. Please and thank you.

Colleen said...

I'm creeping on all your old posts and am so used to the blond hair that this brown hair throws me off (in every post).

MisisD said...

Beautiful dress! Great job for fixing it up.