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Very randomly crossed the border to Buffalo on an adventure with my buddy 'S' today. I know her from the fashion program at Ryerson and she is moving to England tomorrow!!! But before she left, we (by we, I mean she) decided we needed to go to Target to check out the McQueen collection. The first Target had nothing and the second Target only had two little racks worth. The Buffalo store obviously had a limited edit of the collection but we were still really disappointed. I suppose I'm easy to disappoint, as polyester often gives me hives and pleather makes me cry... However, I expected more, it's Alexander McQueen! Cheap fabric choices and unkind tailoring made most of what I saw of this collection look like Le Chateau's ugly cousin.

All was not lost, for the Erickson Beamon/Target jewelry collaboration was much better ( To soothe the hurt over the McQ disappointment, I got a pair of earrings and 'S' got a cocktail ring.

Yup, this collection is not for the faint of heart. And these are fairly tame pieces. The very sparkly costume jewelry collection looks like someone went over board in the craft room at summer camp... but in a totally awesome way. Some details were cheap looking but overall it's worth getting your hands on. My favourite was a necklace with a giant glittery wrecking ball. The picture below does not do it justice but it is really big. Unfortunately, it's $50 and with the crappy exchange rate... not really worth it.

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