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LOOK OF THE WEEK: 18 'til I Die

Brown leather bomber? Danier
Sparkly V-neck sweater? Michael Kors, Winners
Jeans? Citizens, Winners
Boots? Modern Vintage, Winners
Belt? Banana Republic Outlet

WHERE? Bryan Adams concert. Life does not get any better than walking to your local concert venue in ferocious heels, and scalping tickets to see your childhood hero. Ever since one of my brothers (no names) brought home the tape of 'Waking up the Neighbours' (?), I have been hooked. It's a super fun concert to go to, no frills, just him singing (yes, live!) songs that you know every word to. Fashion update on Bryan? Like usual he's rocking jeans and a black shirt. No surprise there. I doubt his waist size (28...maybe 30) has even gone up in 20 years.

CHEAP TRICKS? Wait until the show has just begun and the crowd is gone from around the venue. Approach scalper (he's probably already approached you) and casually ask who's playing. The show has started and the scalper just wants to go home. Decide beforehand on your budget, only withdraw that amount and stick to it. You can bargain him way down because he either sells the tickets to you or gets nothing. We got our $70 apiece tickets for $60 total. I've done this for Britney, Brooks and Dunn, Maple Leafs... Matt went back the next night to see Motley Crue for $20. He has no shame.