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LOOK OF THE WEEK: Posing like a Cyrus

Dress? Diane von Furstenberg, Holt's LC
Boots? Kenneth Cole, Winners
Belt? garage sale
Purse? thrifted
Earrings? Kitchener Farmer's market

I ended up not wearing that purse with this outfit because things got a little too matchy-matchy... I haven't worn that purse for a while (look close, there's dust) but I intend to put it back into regular rotation. I love the 'carved' leather purses and the one above is actually the best quality one I've ever seen

To be perfectly honest, the purse belongs to my mother. I bought two of these purses on a thrifting adventure and I gave her this one, only to change my mind and permanently 'borrow' it back. I know, I know, I'm awful, I took back a gift that was for my mom... don't worry, I'm sure it'll come off the inheritance.

WHERE? Out for dinner and then to the local art gallery with Matt. Apparently, you are not supposed to take pictures in the gallery (I played dumb), so this is the one picture we have before the security guard came upon us mid-flash. Yeah, that was embarrassing and it should be, shame on me... They've got a really decent collection from the Group of Seven and some other really cool stuff but I chose to pose with a painting of the Hamilton Farmers' Market. Represent...
CHEAP TRICKS: The first Friday of every month the Hamilton Art Gallery offers free admission from 5pm-9pm ( It's a great date idea. It's free and you look ridiculously cultured. Good on you!


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