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It's Not Me, It's You

Sweater? Billabong, Winners
Skirt? H&M
Boots? Zara, so old, they look like elf shoes
Belt? Garage sale
Cuff? My mama's
Hoops? No clue

This outfit isn't really my usual style. But that's the fun of fashion, everyday is a chance to be different. I do think I'll wear this skirt a ton in the summer with a hanes tank and braided sandals (the sandals I don't have yet but I will get them once the shopping moratorium is lifted in April).
Despite the very conservative length and cut of this skirt it caused a bit of embarrassment this morning. It's so full that when I sit down it catches air and bunches up... high. I think I showed the people behind me a little more then leg this morning. What can I say? I walk the line.


Dor said...

you're right, those do look like elf shoes. but what a good looking elf you are.

MisisD said...

you are funny.:)