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See my Vest, Gorilla Chest...

Vest? Endangered Chinchilla... or just quality faux fur, thrifted from the Talize haul
Plaid shirt? Ralph Lauren, thrifted from the Talize haul too!
Jeans? Paige, Boutique Olivia
Boots? Kenneth Cole, Winners
Purse? Claudia Firenze, Winners
Earrings? Erickson Beamon for Target
Ring? gifted

This purse has been gone for a long time and is finally home again. I took it to get dry cleaned (suede attracts so much dirt) and the dry cleaners had to send it out for a month. I have no idea where this purse went to be cleaned, so I sent a note with it to tell whoever handled it be careful with it, as it is my baby. It worked, they did a good job.

Anyways, it was gone for a month on a Europe trip or something and when it returned, I didn't have the money to pick it up. So, the purse stayed a while longer until I had $45 to pick it up. That's right, $45!!!! It felt like I finally raised the money to bail my kid out of jail, hopefully this will be the only time I have that feeling.

1 comment :

Linda said...

You almost had to bail me out of jail today....I like your gorilla chest...
thanks for coming and experience retail's ugly side with us....again....