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Don't Mess with the Zohan...

My university friend, L, is getting married in October and I am privileged to be her bridesmaid. We went shopping today to get her mom a mother-of-the-bride outfit. These m.o.b. dresses are kinda tricky, we were trying to stay away from polyester tackiness and get her a nice, long dress that is age-appropriate and still makes her feel pretty hot. First stop was Holt's. When we asked for some assistance, L's mom got the up and down and was told that it might be difficult to find a dress because the biggest they sell is size 12. Now, L's mom is a petite lady, who's a size 10 after a double cheeseburger, but that saleslady (who coincidentally was at least a size 16) made her feel like a whale. Good on you Holt's. We had money burning in our pockets and it stayed there.

After we went to Hazelton lanes and ended up in the store, Andrews. Yes, regularly we do not shop at Hazelton lanes, I realize it is above our 'social standing'. However, L's mom had a very good budget and was willing to splurge on feeling special. Most stores were a little snotty (it was my roots...), I don't really care... you're the worker, I'm the wife... be polite. Anyways, this place Andrews looked promising, the most promising of the day. We had one dress picked out to try on and L came over with a very classic but gorgeous navy dress in order to convince her mom to consider navy. We were talking about the dress when a sales lady came over, grabbed the dress from L's hands, said it was a size six, that the designer cut small and it would never fit. She then turned around and showed it to the slim customer she was serving. What? Now if you know L, you know she is not one to mince words and does not hold back. L looked at the sales snot and said 'Did that just happen?'. L then reemed her out for being rude in front of the other customer and we did an angry march out to the sound of fervent apologies. L sent a very angry email to head office and she will get a response, she always does... Haha, I just remember now that her complaints once got an offensive gym trainer fired once.

I'll admit it, I'm a snob but not when it comes to customer service. When I worked at Tim Hortons back in the day, I served every coffee with a smile, even to the lady with the Suzy Shier bell sleeves. Besides, the recession is hitting the luxury market hard, so treat every customer like they are your best customer, because they may be your last...

1 comment :

Linda said...

actually it was "Did you seriously just do that?"
You are such a good writer missy, I chuckled quite a bit.