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Sequin jacket? Identify, Winners
Silk blouse? Kensie, The Bay ($ clearance)
Silk pants? Jeremy Laing, Holt's Last Call
Embroidered velvet clutch? thrifted
Patent pumps? Taryn Rose, Winners
Earrings? gifted
Head band? from my wedding...not a tiara.

Went to a gala know, just scoot over to a gala on a weeknight, that's how I roll. It was fun; great food, a little bit of networking, a few pomegranate martinis... I was planning to debut my incredible Elie Tahari one shoulder dress but I got burnt across my shoulders, despite the copious amounts of sunscreen I applied. Nothing unclasses a nice dress faster than a bad tanline. It's a bit homewrecker chic...
Wore my Jeremy Laing menswear trousers instead. They are just black pants but something about the cut and the 'too long to be short but too short to be long' hem gives them some swagger. Or maybe that's just me swaggering because I got them on super sale for $18, down from $560. Seriously $560. I mean they are silk, nicely finished and lined but that's a little steep... Hence the discount rack? Jeremy Laing spoke at our fourth year final show and he was a little critical of the Canadian fashion market. Good encouragement to a graduating class, eh? I do like his stuff though.

One more picture to show the sequins on my jacket and my pretty baby boy, Stella (oops!). He went missing that night ( I hate the fact that we let him out but he's an alleycat and his heart is still in the streets) and I couldn't sleep all night worrying about him. Thankfully, he came back the next day. My heart can't take too many scares like that...

Grrr... I still feel like I'm struggling to get good clear pictures up. It's hard if you're not computer smrt. Click to enlarge for details I guess...


Danielle said...

You look fabulous, so chic!

Linda said...

You need some computer help? You could just tap me on the shoulder for 1/2 hour until I answer you...:)
I like the pants, you are so good at finding good deals. I cant really handle the holts last call...

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