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Lost and Found

Jacket? Zara
Dress? Rebecca Taylor, Holt's Last Call
Shoes? Steve Madden, DSW
Brooch? Found in a parking lot!!! No stones missing!
Rings? Winners and wedding rings

I got this Rebecca Taylor dress at Last Call from the '80% off the last price' section. That rack is my favourite place on earth! Somewhere between the absolutely crazy, soiled or sadly damaged clothing there are treasures. Final price for this $450+ dress? $35!!! Patheticly enough I was horrendously broke at the time, so I had to spread that $35 between debit and credit and skip lunch. Yes, my priorities are straight... Don't worry, my finances are fine now, no need to start a special collection... I even have $2 in savings!


Danielle said...

That dress was SO worth it. I love love it, and pairing it with the tough jacket is perfection!!! I am in love with this look :)

Linda said...

So...tell much was the Zara jacket? Muah ha ha!

Elaine said...

Wow, good job on that dress!! Love that you paired the moto jacket with the fancy dress ;)


GlassesShop said...

You look so beautiful and classy!