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Oh Schnitzel!

This weekend, after a very successful fitting and Winners excursion with 'L', Matt and I went for supper at The Black Forest Inn ( Everyone must have been craving schnitzel this weekend because it was packed. People were playing cards waiting for a table. For $40, Matt and I both had a drink and a huge supper. Seriously, it was a lot of food, we rolled home...

The experience at the Black Forest Inn taught me two lessons.

Lesson 1. Being a polygamist makes your life more difficult.

Matt and I were told we would have to wait at least 40 minutes for a table. However, because we were only a party of two, they found a spot for us within 25 minutes. We were paying our bill, when a group of four, who had been waiting before we even came in, was finally seated. So, take only your favourite wife along because the wait is intense.

Lesson 2. Traditional German clothing is very figure friendly!

Most of the waitresses wore the traditional dirndl. These dresses disguise wobbly bits under full skirts and aprons, while nipping in below the bust and giving the girls a boost. Stacey and Clinton, take note! Dirndls (no idea what the plural is) are so much prettier then the orange bootie shorts and super-duty nylons worn by the waitresses at a certain family restaurant, Hooters. No wonder the wait was so long for a table at the Black Forest Inn.

Ok, fine, the waitresses weren't quite this blonde and the necklines much more modest but you get the idea...